360 S5 ROBOT Vacuum features, troubleshooting, and review

In the 21st century, everything has been made digital and accessible. The constant improvement in technology is the main reason. Every day there are new technological advancements taking place. From large-scale industries to small houses, everything can be controlled with a touch of a button. Today we are going to look at the advancements made for household work. Why make compromises when it comes to house chores and work?
Cleaning a house can be very tiring and time-consuming. You may say a Vacuum cleaner makes cleaning easier. Yes, it does, but most people are living a busy life where they do not have the time to clean. If only there was a way where you could clean your house without actually doing the work. You also must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the 360 smart life S5 Robot Vacuum.

More information about the S5 Vacuum

The 360 S5 Robot Vacuum cleaner is an automatic Vacuum cleaner that can be using by anybody. Tired of entering a dusty house. You also don’t have to worry about dusty floors with this automatic Vacuum cleaning robot. You can continue with your work and this robot will do the cleaning for you. All you have to do is download the 360 s5 robot Vacuum app, connect with the Vacuum and you are good to go.

Can’t afford a maid service? This device also has been highly rated and is very affordable and does not need additional subscriptions. With their new LDS Lidar sensors and SLAM algorithm, the 360 S5 automatically draws highly accurate maps. This ensures maximum coverage and higher efficiency in cleaning. The 360 S5 can be managed easily with the app and is highly user-oriented. The 360 S5 being app-defined makes cleaning smarter and easier.

Features of the 360 S5 Robot Vacuum

1. Automatic Mapping and wireless cleaner

The 360 S5 lidar mapping technology for its use. This also allows the device to automatically scan its surroundings. With the help of the app, the device scans rooms individually and makes its own floor plan. It is also possible to clean different rooms at different times. It is possible to connect the 360 S5 to wifi. The Robot Vacuum can be connected to up to three different wifi, this way there is no issue of the Vacuum being disconnected or getting a loss of connection.

2. Management through 360 Robot App

The 360 Robot app gives the user complete control over the robot. With this app, you can split the rooms into zones which are known as intelligent zoning. After the initial mapping process, the app allows you to either merge or split rooms into different zones. The app allows you to also create dead zones or no-go zones. These zones will not be touched by the Vacuum. These zones can also be changed depending on the user. Don’t want your robot Vacuum to run at unnecessary times. using this app you can start cleaning.

The cleaning can be scheduled time-specific and even day-specific. This means that you can make the Vacuum clean daily or once a week or you can even customize it. The app also allows just for a specific room to be cleaned. This way, there won’t be any unnecessary loss of battery and the Vacuum won’t lose charge easily. You can also clean a specific room twice. A cleaning plan can be created to ensure thorough cleaning. As previously mentioned, you can create zones once the map is done building by the robot Vacuum.

With the help of a cleaning plan, these zones can be cleaned depending on the preference of the user. If and when the power becomes low, the 360 S5 has automatic recharge and resume feature. This means that the robot Vacuum will automatically go to the charging station once the battery is low. Once it has changed completely, the robot will continue cleaning where it previously left off. This is a smart feature that makes cleaning faster and the user does not have to go through the process of cleaning the same path again.

3. Suction modes and Cleaning

The 360 S5 smart vacuum cleaner ensures powerful cleaning and has different suction modes. With 4 modes being quiet, standard, powerful, and max cleaning mode. Depending on your cleaning plan, any of these modes can be used. The robot Vacuum has multiple proximity sensors which also allows it to tackle obstacles and avoid contact. The Vacuum is also equipped with 4 anti-drop sensors which use the latest drop-sensing technology which prevents the Vacuum from falling off edges and staircases.

Moreover, the Vacuum can clean to 20mm or 0.8 inches below it which also has a self-adjusting main brush. This makes it easier for the Vacuum to clean uneven surfaces if any with ease. The 360 S5 also has a carpet detection feature and will change modes accordingly. When the Vacuum senses a carpet, it will change to a higher mode of suction to provide deep cleaning. Once the Vacuum is out of the carpet, it switches back to its previous suction mode. You can even control the robot Vacuum by means of Alexa or Google Assistant. Voice control allows the user to switch it on and off or even adjust the power of suction.

4. Noise Reduction and Navigation Intelligence

The wireless S5 Robot Vacuum has a dual noise reduction duct. The first noise reduction duct decreases the noise caused by the air moving through its duct. The second noise reduction duct decreases the amplitude and frequency which is cause by air vibration. This is also complete with the help of acoustical absorption materials.
Using AI, the Robot Vacuum can communicate with the user. It can let the user know if it is stuck which happens rarely. This AI also allows the Vacuum to recognize restricted areas set by the user.


You have to first download the 360 Robot App on your mobile device. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. Then connect the S5 Robot Vacuum for a charge near an outlet. After it has charged, you can connect the Vacuum to your device via wifi. Open the app on your mobile device and type the necessary credentials. You may have to create an account if you do not already have one. After login, you also have to select the model of your Vacuum which is the 360 S5.

The app and the device will try to communicate with each other. Once they successfully paired, you can now use the robot Vacuum. Allow your robot Vacuum to begin from the charging station and it will create a map simultaneously while cleaning. Once the map is create, the user can make zones or select rooms to clean. Remove any cables from the floors or mark a no-go line around the dedicated area. The 360 S5 smart robots will take some time during the initial cleaning as it has to map out the house. It will find a better and more efficient path to clean once the house has been mapped.


The product has a 12-month warranty and product support. The product is mostly available on Amazon and the product can be return or replace within 30 days. The 360 Robot app also has a support feature that will redirect you to a Facebook group. Here you can also  convey all your problems and ask for support.

There is a quick 360 S5 vacuum troubleshooting guide in the app that allows for minor problems to be fix.
For After-sales service, you can write an email to [email protected]. Queries regarding hardware service and warranty can be asked via email.


I live a very busy schedule and I come back home very tired. I live alone and I do not want to hire a maid. So, I went on Amazon and started looking for the automatic Vacuum cleaner. After searching for a while, I came across this device, the 360 S5 2020 model. The first thing I did was look at the rating and to my surprise, this was highly rating. Of course, there were reviews that said otherwise. After that, I went through the product and I was completely mesmerize. This product has so many features that I had never even heard of.

I thought of giving this robot Vacuum a try and I bought it. This is also very easy to use and does not have a lot of instructions. The 360 s5 smart robot vacuum cleaner review is very perfect giving by ever Now I use this on a daily basis and have different cleaning schedules and plans for my house. It has mapped my house perfectly and cleans very nicely. I would suggest the new buyers to not look at the negative reviews because this product is incredible. There were problems like the S5 robot Vacuum won’t charge or not charging, the S5 robot Vacuum not working properly or also it stopped working stated on the site. I have not face any 360 Robot Vacuum problems and I am very satisfy with the product.

Some Common Questions And FAQ

We will see the most asked questions and queries about the 360 S5 Robot Vacuum. Similar questions will be grouping together.

1. 360 S5 Robot Vacuum not charging, 360Robot Vacuum won’t charge, S5 Robot Vacuum stopped working?

Ans. Make sure that the charging dock has been connects properly and it has been switch On. If you are using it on another floor, connect the S5 Robot Vacuum to the charging dock.

2. S5 Robot Vacuum Discovery Troubleshooting?

Ans. Try to reset the device by pressing the power button and also the home button for 3 seconds.

3. 360 S5 Vacuum battery reset, How to fix 360 S5 Vacuum?

Ans. For any hardware issues, contact your seller for service.

4. 360 S5 not running on schedule, 360 S5 schedulers not working?

Ans. In case your schedule is not working, delete your pre-existing schedule and create a new one.

5. 360 S5 wifi not working, 360 S5 not connecting to wifi, 360 S5 will not connect to wifi?

Ans. Make sure your wifi is within range of the 360 S5. If you are using a 5GHz bandwidth, the S5 360 Robot Vacuum can’t connect to a 5GHz wifi channel, only a 2.4 GHz channel wifi. If you are not running a 5GHz channel, try resetting your router or robot Vacuum.

6. How to connect 360 S5 to wifi?

Ans. Using the 360Robot App, you can connect the 360 S5 to your wifi

7. The cloud cannot talk to 360 S5 Robot Vacuum?

Ans. Also make sure you have connected the 360 S5 Robot Vacuum to the cloud to communicate with it. If communication is still not possible, disconnect and connect it to your cloud.

8. 360 S5 App not working?

Ans. Download the latest version of the app and see that your phone is compatible with the app.

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