Aeotec Range Extender 6 zwave extender

Wireless internet is a simple necessity that we all enjoy at all facets of our lives every day. Even though this piece of technology as a whole is not quite perfect as of yet it does make our lives a lot easier and a lot less clogged up with wires. If you have been using a wireless router or any other wireless internet connection device. Then you will more than likely be familiar with the problems associated with them. In this article will talk about aeotec extender 6 setup, Installation, troubleshooting, review.

The internet lag issues, the range shortage, and disconnection that interrupt work as well as entertainment. To counter all this we bring to you one of the most pristine range extension devices available in the market. Yes, we are talking about the Aeotec z wave extender 6. Let’s know what it is all about.

Aeotec zwave 6 range extender specifications and features

It is a compact 4.5×3.1×2.6 inch with a light weight of only 3.2 ounces. It is obviously a plug-and-play device that comes in packs of two and can be setup 3asily and then connected into places that you need the connection to be extended to. This device does not have any external antennae which do not hinder its abilities in anyway while also enhancing the way it blends with the background.

It is a smart device and compatible with Z wave smart gateways as well as smart device control software such as smart things from Samsung. This device is very compatible and can be used with almost any of the recently available routers in the market. It’s design makes it very minimal so that it does not block the space for sockets on either of it’s side. A very good choice when you do not want extra room to be taken up by comparatively large extenders.

How to Setup Aeotec 6 extender?

The setup procedure of the device is also very simple. Although the devices come in packs of two you need to only apply the setup to one of them. The other one will be able to set itself up. If you are using a router that comes from one of the z wave products. Basically, you need to do is to add the new device into the software that controls the devices, and then it will set itself up. Then you will only need to replace it into the place you need the network to be extended to.

In case you have been using a router that is not from the company mentioned above you will need to run the setup manually. It is quite simple too.

  • All you need to do is plug the device into a power socket.
  • Then simply proceed to connect it to your laptop or personal computer. Bring up your browser and then go to the setup page by typing the IP of your extender into the address bar.
  • Login using the default credentials. Then simply put in all the details of your router as prompted to allow the extended to connect to your router.
  • After that you can simply plug out the extenders and then continue to plug them into the place where you need the network to be extended to.
  • After that you only need to plug in the second extender in range with the one you just set up. It will automatically connect to it and set itself up. Then you can unplug it and connect it at a new place too. That’s how effective and simple the method is.

What is Z wave network?

This is the official application for the z wave technologies and you can download it off of any of the application stores online. Use it to make your interaction with your extenders easier. You can add or remove the devices that are going to be connected to your extenders as well your router.

Another perk or having this application on your device is how easy it makes for you to download. Install the firmware upgrades as well as bringing the simple tasks such as the factory reset and problem diagnosis to the fingertips. We shall see how we can do that shortly. This can also be used to check the network strengths as well as to determine the best place to plug your extender for the best kind of range.

Factory reset, firmware upgrades and diagnosis Of aeotec extender 6 setup zwave

If you ever wanted to factory reset your device all you need to do is to go to the application and then proceed to the settings. After that simply find the reset to factory settings and button while the device is plugged in. It will complete the task in no time. This can also be done using the offline setup link. Also, you need not worry about the firmware upgrades as well.

All you need to do is go to the updates section in the application and then press on the check for the upgrades option. You will be displayed with the firmware file that you can click once to download and install. You could also try out the automatic updates install option to free you of that fuss too.

There might be a few problems coming your way during the prolonged use of the devices. All you need to do is use the diagnostic tool on the z wave application. It searches for any existing issue and displays a set of solutions that you could use and solve the problems. It is as easy as that. What more could you ask for.

Aeotec 6 Zwave review.

The Aeotec Z wave extenders are premium devices with an exceptional and compact design. They produce a satisfying range as well as perfect ease of usage. They can be setup up in minutes as well as reset to their original state in no time. The support application only acts as an extra pivot to help you do everything required from the comfort of your smartphone in your hand. I would highly recommend getting a pair back home. Now setting them up to finally say goodbye to those wifi dead spots once and for all.

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