AFULILI Wireless Display Dongle

AFULILI Wireless Display Dongle helps us to stream videos of high quality from our mobile phone to second screens like television and projector screens. We can easily connect this display dongle with an HDMI port as well as wi-fi. The feature of connectivity through wi-fi makes it very easy to connect. There is no need for wires to connect this display dongle.
We can easily stream the content that is stored on our PC or mobile phone on tv. There are many internet services that are also supported with AFULILI Wireless Display Dongle. We get internet services like Hulu, Google TV, Skype, Pandora, and YouTube, etc. We can also control this display dongle with the help of a remote.

AFULILI Wireless Display Dongle Setup

At the point when you will buy AFULILI Wireless Display Dongle. From that point forward, you should know the course of its entire arrangement. In the event that you don’t know about this cycle, you will become more acquainted with about it in this article. You simply need to follow the cycle appropriately given in this article.

Above all else, we will learn about the procedure to associate the AFULILI Wireless Display Dongle. Follow the cycle offered underneath to know this interaction,

Associating the Dongle

  • To begin with the interaction, first, you need to take two links. Subsequent to taking these links you need to associate them with the dongle.
  • Now assuming you need to associate this dongle with your TV, then, at that point you need to discover the HDMI port that is given on your TV. After you will get the HDMI port on your TV, then, at that point you need to associate the dongle with the HDMI port.
  • Once you will do this, from that point onward, you need to associate the connector’s USB link with the opposite finish of the USB link of the dongle.
  • After you will finish this interaction. Then, at that point you need to take the link of the Wi-Fi end and spot it at the spot from where it will get a decent Wi-Fi association.
  • Now, you need to go to your TV info and afterward set it to the HDMI. You should do this in light of the fact that the AFULILI Wireless dongle is associated through the HDMI port.

At the point when you will finish these cycles, you will see on your Television screen that the guidelines for setting up the AFULILI Wireless dongle are given. These directions of arrangement are shown by the dongle on your TV screen.

Setting up AFULILI Wireless display Dongle

  • Before beginning this cycle, you need to place your dongle in flight mode. So consistently try to keep your dongle in flight mode prior to beginning the arrangement interaction.
  • After doing this, you need to find the secret phrase and the id of the SSID of your dongle. You will get this by checking the TV screen’s top board.
  • Once you will do this, then, at that point you need to take your iPhone or Android telephone from which you need to see the substance on our TV. At the point when you will open your cell phone after that you need to open the settings menu of your cell phone.
  • After opening the menu of settings, you need to discover the “wi-fi” menu and afterward open it to continue further. Then, at that point you need to choose the organization of wi-fi, you need to look for the name of the AFULILI Wireless dongle and interface it with your cell phone’s wi-fi.
  • To associate it you should enter the secret word of the dongle’s wi-fi. Subsequent to interfacing you should do the confirmation of your cell phone through which the dongle’s wi-fi is associated.

Along these lines, this was the interaction to associate your AFULILI Wireless Dongle with your cell phone through wi-fi.

Showing the content on the TV screen

  • To do this, as a matter of first importance, you should open the settings of your cell phone through which your dongle is associated. To do this you need to look over the screen of your cell phone and open the settings menu.
  • Now, after you will open the settings menu on your cell phone. Then, at that point you need to discover the choice given for “screen reflecting” and afterward select it.

At the point when you will choose this alternative that, you will actually want to see the substance that is on your cell phone on the TV. On the off chance that you should stop this interaction, additionally you can in like manner stop the screening by choosing the choice given to stop the screening.

AFULILI Wireless display Dongle Troubleshooting

Now and again, a large number of us deal with issues while utilizing the Display dongle. In this way, here we will realize that how to takes care of these normal issues that come before all of us.

In case you are dealing with issues. Then, at that point the principal thing you need to do is to ensure that the AFULILI Wireless Display dongle is associated appropriately with the TV’s HDMI port. You likewise need to genuinely look at the dongle’s association with the cell phone, in the event that your dongle isn’t associated with the cell phone, you cannot utilize it to see the substance.

After you will associate the Display dongle, then, at that point you additionally need to ensure that your showcase dongle isn’t excessively far from the screen on which you need to see the substance. You generally need to keep the dongle inside a distance of 7 meters.

On the off chance that you can interface your Display dongle with your TV or some other screen. In any case, in the wake of interfacing the Display dongle likewise the substance isn’t apparent. Then, at that point in the present circumstance, your gadget should be refreshed to its most recent firmware version. In this way, you should initially


What is the memory storage capacity of this display dongle?

We get a memory storage capacity of 128 MB on this display dongle.

Is Netflix supported with AFULILI Wireless display dongle?

Yes, Netflix and many more internet services are supported with AFULILI Wireless display dongle.

Can we use remote to control this display dongle?

Yes, we get a remote to control this display dongle at the time of purchasing.