Ailibote WiFi Extender

The Ailibote WiFi Extender has four external antennas that are helpful to extend the wifi coverage all-around your home. With the assistance of the central processor, you can extend the wireless coverage to hard-to-reach areas. The coverage of the Ailibote wifi booster can reach upto 3280 square feet of area. Thus, it has the ability to connect up to thirty-five devices at one time. Additionally, it helps to deliver ultra-stable bandwidth that is mainly used for video conferencing, online gaming, and even enjoying 4K HD video.

Moreover, the Ailibote wifi extender offers you five different modes or Ethernet ports as well. These modes are repeater mode, access point mode, client mode, bridge mode, and router mode. These different modes help to meet the different demands of the wifi booster easily. Also, the wireless extender is stable, powerfully pairs up with a 2.4 GHz processor, and provides 300 Mbps of high speed with stability into the wifi signal that covers the entire house.

Features of Ailibote WiFi Extender

These Ailibote WiFi booster features will help you to conclude the extender in a simple and effective way. If you are looking for a stylish, compact, and powerful wifi booster then check out the features of the Ailibote range extender.

  • The Ailibote wireless extender is designed to boost the coverage of the wireless network up to 3280 sq. ft.
  • It also has integrated with four robust antennas that help to deliver a stable transmission rate of upto 300 Mbps in 2.4 GHz.
  • It seamlessly expands the wireless coverage by connecting to smartphones, web browsing, Alexa Echo, smart TV, Google Chromecast, ring, Firestick, and many more.
  • Besides, the Ailibote extender is easy to set up and can be manageable in a few quick and easy setup steps with the use of the WPS button.
  • Additionally, the wifi booster is highly compatible which means it can be used with any 802.11 n wifi router or gateway to smoothen the WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols.

So these are the high-tech features of the Ailibote range extender. We hope that by reading the above-mentioned features the image of the extender will be clear in your mind. Also, if you want to know how the Ailibote extender works then keep reading.

Ailibote Wireless Extender Installation

The Ailibote range extender is the modern device of today’s generation. It provides a convenient and studious way to extend the range of your existing wifi. To begin, just walk through the step-by-step Ailibote Wireless Extender instructions that are discussed below.

  • The process of the extender installation starts with the unboxing of the device.
  • Then plug the Ailibote extender into an electrical outlet or a wall jack.
  • For a smooth installation, we advised that you finish the basic setup in the same room as your existing router.
  • To determine if your home router supports the WPS setup, then complete the setup or the installation with the WPS method.

For more information about the installation, it is recommended to use the Ailibote Wireless Extender installation manual.

How to set up Ailibote Wireless Extender?

There are two simple methods to set up the Ailibote range extender. You can set up the extender either via a website-based configuration device or by using the WPS method. Just check the steps for both methods.

Ailibote Wireless Extender WPS Setup

To determine the Ailibote Wireless Extender WPS Button setup method, you need to be sure that your home router should also support the WPS feature. If your current router doesn’t have or support the WPS button then you have to attempt another method. But, if both the extender and the router support the WPS button then this will be the easiest and the safest method that you can try with both devices. The steps are discussed below, check them out.

  • First of all, look for the WPS button on the main and the backside of the home router.
  • To set up with the WPS button, you need to press the WPS button on the Ailibote extender.
  • Then hold the WPS button on your home wifi router.
  • After doing so the WPS LED will be lit up solid green when you establish a safe connection between your home wifi router and the range extender.
  • If your router supports the 5 GHz band and you want to extend this band then repeat the WPS process.
  • Now unjoin the Ailibote wifi extender and take it to a new place.
  • Make sure that the new location should be in the middle of your host router and the area with a poor wifi location.
  • The location should be chosen within the range of the existing wifi router network.
  • Plug the extender into a wall jack and wait for the LED to light green.
  • Once the LED is powered then you can use the length of the router LED to help you to choose an appropriate location where the extender to the router connection is optimal.
  • If the router length LED lights are amber or green you found a good location for the extender.
  • If the LED turns red then plugging the extender into an outlet closer to the router and trying again to move the extender closer to the router will improve the connection. But it will impact the coverage of the extender. Once you’ve found a good location for your extender then connect the wireless client device to the extender with the use of the new network name.
  • The Ailibote extender will use the existing wifi name and then follow the on-screen prompts of your mobile phone or your PC.

These Ailibote Wireless Extender operating instructions with a WPS button will help you to set up the wifi booster in just a couple of minutes.

Ailibote Wireless Extender quick setup with manual instructions

The use of the browser website-based configuration into the setup of the Ailibote range extender is another option. This method is secure and you can use it when your router doesn’t support the WPS button feature. So here are the steps: just go through the points that are mentioned or discussed below.

  • This process will begin when you plug the Ailibote range extender in and wait for the power light to be solid.
  • We recommend the wifi repeater should be placed near or close to the mediocre router during the setup.
  • It is also advised to be patient as this procedure may take some of the minutes.
  • Thereafter, connect to the default network (SSID) of the Ailibote repeater.
  • The default network name (SSID) will be located on the back of the router.
  • After that, log in to the admin console by opening a preferred or safe search portal (web browser)and entering the Ailibote Wireless Extender IP address.
  • If you’re connected to the range extender then you can access the Ailibote Wireless Extender login page.
  • By default, the credential is the Ailibote Wireless Extender username and password.
  • The username and the Ailibote Wireless Extender admin password.
  • After completing the credential details, you walk through the online instructions so that you can manually complete the setup of the Ailibote range extender.

This is how the Ailibote Wireless Extender setup will be completed by taking a couple of minutes. You can also get deep information from the Ailibote Wireless Extender user manual if you want to know more about the setup and the login of the range extender.

Ailibote Wireless Extender Troubleshooting Tricks

So here we’ll discuss the crucial steps for those problems which might create a disturbance while you are setting up the device. Carefully read the steps that will help you to troubleshoot all the problems regarding setup, installation, or configuration process.

Why is Ailibote Wireless Extender keeps disconnecting?

It is a very certain issue that can cause a sudden interruption in the network of the extender. Well, there can be two reasons behind this and the main reason can be the SSID wireless network of the range extender is the same as the name of the host router. So here are the two recommended suggestions to overcome this error with your extender.

  • To overcome this problem with your range extender, you can reset the extender and create a separate host network connection with your separate SSID.
  • The next solution is to check the signal LED when it seems Ailibote Wireless Extender not connecting to the internet or internet signal drops then there are only two solutions.
  • First of all check for the RE LED, if it does not lit up or abnormal connection with the end devices then it appears that you are unable to connect to the network of the wifi signal.
  • So in that case, you need to move the Ailibote extender closer to the router. If the problem still continues, then locate the wifi booster to a better place.
  • The problem is caused by long distances or poor environmental conditions.
  • So you need to place the extender in the middle distance between the router and the dead zone.
  • Another situation is when the signal LED lights are lit up and the end device is manually connected to the network. But the router is still unable to connect to the connection of the extender. You can contact the support team of your home router.

When all the options fail to conquer the problem then you can also try to do the Ailibote Wireless Extender firmware update. It will surely help you to solve the troublesome error.

Why is Ailibote Wireless Extender not working with my existing router?

During the Ailibote Wireless Extender configuration process, if you are unable to find the host router’s network then you need to check out the below-mentioned points.

  • If the host network of the router is a 2.4 GHz network then you need to make sure that it should be broadcasted and unhidden.
  • Also, recheck the network name and the Ailibote Wireless Extender default password, and ensure that it can be used with your mobile phones or laptops.
  • Verify the channel of the host router and try to connect with different channels.
  • If you are using the 5 GHz network then make sure it can also be supported by the Ailibote extender.
  • If required then you can also try to change and work with different networking channels.

If you want to gather more information then review the Ailibote Wireless Extender quick start guide and your home router as well.

What are the steps for the Ailibote Wireless Extender update?

Well, you can install the Ailibote Wireless Extender firmware from its download center. To reach the download center of the wifi booster, you need to first select the model of the range extender. Follow the instructions underneath to update the firmware of your extender.

  • Ensure that the latest firmware file is matched with the hardware version.
  • Also, make sure that it provides a stable connection while upgrading the firmware. The connection between the computer and the Ailibote extender should not be interrupted.
  • Make sure the connection should not be wireless. You can use any wire to continue the connection between two devices while upgrading the firmware.
  • Do not forget to take the backup of the configured settings of the extender before you complete the Ailibote Wireless Extender firmware download.

Before installing or proceeding with the steps for the firmware update, it is advised to check the Ailibote Wireless Extender user manual pdf.

How to do the Ailibote Wireless Extender reset?

You can reset the extender in those circumstances when you forget the password of your configuration interface. So here are the steps for the Ailibote Wireless Extender factory reset.

  • Turn on the power of the unit.
  • Take a paper pin or a clip to hold or press the reset button.
  • Locate the button in a hole on the side of the Ailibote wifi booster.
  • Hold that button for 10 seconds.
  • The LED on the extender will turn red and the unit will start rebooting itself.
  • Wait for a few seconds until the extender completes the rebooting process.
  • Thereafter, open the preferred internet browser, enter the Ailibote Wireless Extender default IP and complete the configuration of the extender.

This is how you can do the Ailibote Wireless Extender reset password reset. It will help you to recover the data when you reset it step-by-step.

Ailibote Wireless Extender Review

The Ailibote wifi range extender is the new generation wireless device carrying the latest and modern technological features. It is made to cover the long-range distances of 3280 square feet in a jiff. Along with that, it is easy to set up and controllable. You will receive an Ailibote Wireless Extender user guide with the unit. It helps guide or instruct you to set up the device in an appropriate manner and provide detailed instruction. Along with the full coverage, it has the capability to connect more than thirty devices at the same time. If you also want a WiFi extender with such features then it will be compatible with your need.