Alcatel Router HH41NH

The Alcatel HH41NH 4G LTE is a high-performance 150 Mbps wireless mobile hotspot modem. It usually provides a secure broadband internet connection while using WiFi or an ethernet cable connection. This 4G LTE unlocked worldwide router is universally compatible with WiFi network devices which only supports 2.4 GHz. Usually, the Alcatel HH41NH wireless router only supports a 2.4 GHz network and an enhanced 150 Mbps WiFi network range. It virtually supports any operating WiFi device. The combined high-speed LTE download speed is 150 Mbps. However, the 250 square feet WiFi network coverage is also provided. The Alcatel router HH41NH Link Hub delivers the maximum connection of up to 32 client devices. The two LAN ports are established on the bottom panel that allows the wired device to access the WiFi connectivity.

The Alcatel router HH41NF link hub is a perfect & most suitable option for home & business. The Android App, ios app, Computer or Laptop, MAC is the optimum controller type. The 802.11bgn wireless standard is powered by that absolutely amplifies the WiFi network range. Many indicator LEDs are also established on the front panel that delivers the location & issue-related information.

Alcatel Router HH41NH Link Hub Description

If you absolutely use this wireless mobile hotspot modem then you need to know about all the information related to the HH41NH Link Hub.

Power button

The power button is placed on the front panel of the cat4 router. This power is regularly more useful. If you need to turn Off the device then smoothly press for 3 seconds and then immediately release it. If you need to turn On the device then smoothly press only 1 second.

WPS button

The Wi-Fi-protected setup(WPS) button is also placed in the right-hand panel. This button is extensively used, if you need to connect the extender then sleekly press, and then the extender is connected. Afterward, the network coverage will absolutely boost.

Reset button

The reset button is placed on the right-hand panel, near the WPS button. But this button is very small. You necessitate a paper clip to smoothly press this button. This button is thoroughly helpful when the mobile hotspot modem is not functioning.

LED lights

The Alcatel 4G LTE router is powered by many LED lights & it blinks various lights. If the power LED is solid blue then your device is powered ON. The WPS LED solid blue then WiFi is surely enabled. If the LED flashing blue that means the WPS connection is available. The Network LED is solid blue then it is connected to the 2G/3G4G Ethernet. If this LED is solid red that means no SIM Card available.

Incredible features about the Alcatel Router HH41NH Link Hub

The Alcatel 4G LTE router works with a 4G SIM card. To get the WiFi network connectivity with this Link Hub, you must install the SIM card. The powerful & adjustable external antennas are built-in that amplify the signals. The incredible features of the Alcatel router are exhibited here.

1. Amplify WiFi range With External antennas

The HH41N 4G LTE wireless router enhanced 2 external antennas. But these antennas are more influential & more effective. With these antennas, this smart hub thoroughly delivers a stable wireless network signal. The outside antennas of the Alcatel router positively enhance the coverage & signals.

2. Multiple LED indicator lights

The front panel of the Alcatel router hotspot has multiple LED indicators. The power, Wi-Fi, Tel, Network, Signal indicator light is surely established. If the WiFi connection is not stable then the Wi-Fi indicator LED shows the red light.

3. Supports any device

The Alcatel 150 Mbps wireless router completely supports any operating device. You simply connect any operating device to this 4G LTE link hub. It provides Ethernet or WiFi connectivity for all the operating devices. Every networking device such as Computer, Laptop, Mobile phone, Tablet, Gaming device, etc simply connects to this device.

4. Effortless control with Android App

The control of the Alcatel WiFi router is simple. Simply use the Alcatel Wi-Fi Link App and then seamlessly control your Link Hub. With this App, you control the mobile hotspot modem virtually anywhere & anytime. Furthermore, you also do the configure of the 4G LTE Unlocked router in an easy manner.

Hardware Installation of the Router Alcatel Link Hub 4G LTE

If you wish to access the WiFi network connectivity on your tablet then you must install it. Because without installing the wireless mobile hotspot modem it does not deliver the WiFi network connectivity. The installation steps of this Link Hub are presented here:

1. SIM card installation:

If you properly install the Alcatel router then the first & initial step is to install the SIM card. Because without a SIM card it does not provide WiFi network connectivity.

  • To install the SIM card, you require to take the packaging box and then confirm the accessories. Inside the packaging box, you will find out the Alcatel HH41NH router, SIM card, power adapter, external antennas, & quick installation guide.
  • Then, unbox the SIM card and verify it is working or not.
  • To install the SIM card, you have to remove the SIM card slot cover into the Link Hub.
  • Now, take the SIM card and then insert this SIM card into the router’s SIM card slot.
  • Finally, place the SIM card slot cover into your position.
2. Connect the power adapter
  • After installing the SIM card, then you have to deliver the power.
  • Then, find out the power DC port, this port is surely located ON the rear panel.
  • Now, unbox the power adapter and gently plug it into the power adapter. The other end is absolutely applied to the near power circuit.
3. Installing the external antennas

To get the powerful & constant network signal, you properly install the Alcatel HH41NH antenna.

  • Before installing the external antennas you ensure the wireless router is powered OFF and the power adapter surely disconnects.
  • Then, open the LTE cover of the LTE router on both sides.
  • You have to lose the screws and then apply the antennas in the antennas position.
  • Then external antennas pointed upward, you should tighten the screws to get the reliable network signals.
4. Connect client device

To properly install the Alcatel 4G LTE router you need to connect your client device to this network.

  • Initially, activate the WiFi on your Alcatel 4G router.
  • Then, find out the SSID & network password of this router, this information is printed on the router label.
  • Then, connect your client device with the Link Hub with the SSID & password.

Login steps of the Alcatel HH41NH WiFi router

The Alcatel wireless router delivers a high-speed network signal. If you manage the setting of this router then you must get the Alcatel router login page. If you think about how do I login to my Alcatel router, then through the IP address, you securely get the login page.

  • Launch the web interface on your client device that securely connects to the Alcatel WiFi network.
  • Then, using the Alcatel manual and find out the Alcatel router IP address. The IP address of this Link Hub is
  • Enter into your web interface address bar and sleekly press enter.
  • Promptly, the login page is displayed on your client device window.
  • To successfully log in to the router, you thoroughly need the login username & password. This information is printed on the router label.
  • Then, insert the admin Alcatel router login password & also insert the username.

Eventually! The login steps of the Alcatel 4G LTE Unlocked router is seamlessly achieved.

Alcatel Link Hub 4G LTE Router Manual

The Alcatel HH41NH wireless router completely delivers the network signal 150 Mbps. If you wish to know the whole information about Link Hub then you can usually use the Alcatel HH41NH manual because it implements all the relevant information regarding this device. Moreover, in the 4G LTE router user mind many questions come such as how to change password on Alcatel router, how to reset Alcatel router, how to manually install the 4G LTE unlocked router, how do I access my Alcatel router, and more. Then, you discover all the answers in this manual. Moreover, it also provides further information like Ethernet/ wireless connectivity technology, control Method is App, surely supports 802.11bgn, 150 Megabits per seconds data transfer rate, fully supports any WiFi device, and more.

Router Alcatel HH41NH Link Hub Configuring steps

If you wish to perform the Alcatel router configuration then you simply perform. The Alcatel WiFi Link App and IP address provide the option to configure the 4G LTE router.

1. With Alcatel Link App

If you wish to configure the Link hub then you simply perform the configuration. For this, use the Alcatel Link App and then simply do configuration.

  • You use the router’s manual because in this manual you simply find out the QR code.
  • Then, you ordinarily phone’s camera and scan the QR code. As soon as you scan the QR code the app will automatically install it.
  • Then, quickly open this app and agree to all the provided “terms & conditions.
  • Now, register the account with the username & password. If your account is already then you need to login in with the Alcatel HH41NH default password.
  • Then, connect the 4G LTE router with the Alcatel router by using the “add device” or “+” icon.
  • Navigate the setting and quickly perform the configuration with the prompted app instruction.
2. With web page
  • To configure the router through the web page then you ordinarily use any web interface such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer.
  • Then, insert the Alcatel wifi router login ip,, and the login page gets it.
  • Then, log in to the account with the mentioned below login instructions.
  • After that, use the “wireless setting” and then promptly do the configuration.

Congratulations! The configuration steps of the HH41NH Link Hub 4G LTE Unlocake router are surely finished.

Troubleshooting guide of the Alcatel HH41NH WiFi router

Many times the range of this networking device is decreased then you cannot get the gaming experience & streaming video. To quickly resolve the range issue the Alcatel router troubleshooting commands are here:

  • If the Alcatel wireless router is not turning ON then you should monitor the power adapter connection. Many times the power adapter connection is loose then your router doesn’t receive the power. To fix the issue you should tight lug the power adapter to the WiFi router.
  • If the Link Hub delivers the interrupted network signal that means the issue is that the antenna installation is faulty.
  • Then, you confirm the antennas are installed in a proper manner. If the antennas are not properly installed then it does not catch the new & strong signal.
  • The Network LED of the Alcatel router is solid red then the major issue is NO SIM card is available. Then you insert the SIM card in their SIM card slot.
  • Many times the Alcatel router login problem caused you to monitor the web interface. Many times it is not updated then the login page is not recieve. The major cause is incorrect passwords.
  • The Alcatel router is not working then the cause is incorrect position. Then you replace the position of this router. If the router is not working then you smoothly press the small reset button and securely perform the reset.

Review of Router Alcatel Link Hub 4G LTE

In my opinion, the Alcatel HH41NH review is thoroughly amazing & the most suitable networking device for all the operating systems. Because it provides an accurate & higher WiFi network range with a 2.4 GHz frequency band. You accomplish 150 Mbps WiFi network speed through this mobile hotspot modem. The best thing about this compact hotspot is that it seamlessly handles wired networking devices. The Alcatel wireless router is sleek & compact in size, the design is very unique. The major benefit of this router is you virtually place this networking router anywhere. The Alcatel company is manufactured by the 4G LTE Link hub. Usually, the 4G LTE router is most reliable for the tablet, iPhone, & android phone.

The feature of the Alcatel WIFi router is the WPS button that usually allows the Wireless range extender. With this button, you simply expand the coverage. On the right-hand panel, the PS & reset button is also placed. To configure this router, the Alcatel Link App is definitely useful. Simply use this app and thoroughly perform the setup. Thus, the Alcatel HH41NH router is a brilliant device for all operating devices.


Q1. What is the power source of this router? Specifications?

The power source of the Alcatel 4G LTE router is 5 V, 2A Micro USB. The specification of this router is; Ethernet or wireless connectivity technology; control method is App; 802.11bgn network standard; and more.

Q2. Does the Alcatel WiFi router work Without a SIM card?

No, the Alcatel 4G LTE networking router does not work with a SIM card. It delivers WiFi network connectivity through the SIm card. Then SIm card is a must to get WiFi network connectivity.

Q3. Which SIM card does the Alcatel HH41N router support?

The Alcatel wireless network router usually works with the SIM card. Then it supports 2G/3G/4G SIM cards. You surely insert any SIM and then enjoy the network connectivity.

Q4. Does 4G LTE Link Hub support TTL changes?

Yes, the Link Hub router definitely supports the TTL. to briefly know the information you should read the manual.

Q5. What is the default admin password of the Alcatel router?

The default admin password of the Alcatel networking router is admin. This admin password is usually helpful to log in or configure the router.

Q6. How do I fix the red light on my Alcatel router?

If your router blinks a red light that means the issue is caused. If you absolutely fix the Alcatel router red light issue then you have to restart your router. Also, monitor the connection many times if the connection is faulty.

Q7. Does the Alcatel Link App work well?

Yes, the Alcatel Link app totally works well. It is easily obtainable in the play store, you install it and then perform the setup in a hassle-free manner.

Q8. Is the Alcatel HH41Nh router good for mobile phones?

Obviously yes, the Link Hub is commonly good for all mobile phones. Some users use this device only for mobile phones.

Q9. How do I reset my password on my Alcatel 4G LTE router?

If you wish to reset the password, then you ensure your device is powered On. Then gently press the reset button for a few seconds. After some seconds you release the button and the LED is blinking then the password is surely reset.

Q10. Can I update my firmware on my Alcatel HH41Nh router?

If you wish to update the firmware version then you usually use the app of this device. Then visit the home page and select settings. After that, simply update the firmware with the provided update option.

Q11. Does the Alcatel router work with Tmobile sim?

Yes, the Alcatel 4G LTE Link Hub unlocked wireless router surely works with Tmobile SIM without any interruption.

Q12. Why do I need to buy the Alcatel HH41GH Router?

To enjoy the WiFi network connectivity across your residence then the Alcatel router fulfills the WiFi network needs. Then this router is very important to fulfill the need.

Q13. Can I change the Alcatel router setting?

Yes, you simply modify the setting. But for this, you need to login to the router, with the default ip you easily perform the login. Afterward, simply change the router’s setting to easy-manner.

Q14. Does This router support a Range extender?

Yes, it seamlessly supports the range extender. Because the WPS network connectivity is there that allows connecting the range extender to this network device.

Q15. When does the HH41NH router lead turn flashing blue?

The WPS connection is available then the LED of the Alcatel 4G LTE router is flashing blue.