Amarey A980 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Setup, Troubleshooting And Review

The amarey is a smart navigating wireless robotic vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It moves around the floors and cleans the dust and dirt. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for the home. Generally, amarey is a brand name that manufactures the top-notch quality vacuum cleaner. It fulfills all the cleaning requirements needs and provides super fast cleaning in a minute. On the other hand, the Amarey A980 robot vacuum cleaner can support the 1400Pa suction power which can be able to automatically adjust the suction strength when working on carpets. It abolishes all pet hair and dust, dirts from your footboard. The main advantages of the a980 robot cleaner is it is connected with wifi. This vacuum cleaner handles tile, hard floors and carpet.

The Amarey robot vacuum cleaner easily manages and setup with the app. It acquires three cleaning modes which are automatic, spot and max vacuuming to fulfill your different needs. This vacuum cleaner has a high capacity lithium-ion battery of 2600mAh and a charging base which runs for up to 120 minutes.

How to install the amarey A980 robot vacuum cleaner?

The amarey vacuum cleaner is a best choice for cleaning the home floors and carpets. If you want to enjoy the benefits of a vacuum cleaner then firstly you need to install it. If you want to install the amarey a980 robot vacuum cleaner without any hassle, then follow the given below steps.

  1. The initial steps, unbox the vacuum cleaner from the packaging box.
  2. Then, install the rolling brushes, the amarey has rolling brushes by which it cleans the floors.
  3. Here, insert the battery and charge the battery.
  4. You set the tire, by which it moves around the home area.
  5. In the end, power ON the amarey vacuum cleaner and wait until the power light stops blinking.

Now the amarey a980 vacuum cleaner installation steps are complete. You waily setup the vacuum cleaner and enjoy the benefits.

Setup the Amarey A980 vacuum with the App

If you want to setup the Amarey vacuum cleaner then it is very simple. It takes 2-3 minutes to setup the vacuum cleaner. You easily setup before reading the manual. However, manuals provide half information by which users face issues. You want to properly setup the a980 robot cleaner then you follow the steps. There are some steps, which are as follows.

  • The first and foremost step, install and download the “amarey pro” app from the google play store and app store in your mobile phone.NOTE: You also use the mobile phone camera to scan the QR code for installing the app.
  • Then, power ON the amarey vacuum cleaner and wait until the power LED stays solid.
  • After installing the app, Launch the “amarey pro” app.
  • Here, sign-in the account, you fill the username ID and secret password, click “sign-in”.
  • Now, display a page. In this page appears the option “want to add a device” then click the section “add device”.
  • Then, the device list appears on the page, you select your amarey a980 vacuum cleaner name.
  • Now the amrey robot vacuum cleaner connects the app, you easily manage and control the vacuum cleaner through the app.
  • Here, display a page “connect device to wifi”. Then you click the tick option and select the frequency band, click “next”.

Now the steps of the amarey a980 robot vacuum cleaner setup is properly done. There were some of its steps, you can easily follow these without any trouble.

Troubleshooting Tips for amarey A980 robot vacuum issue

Amarey robot vacuum cleaner is cleaning all the area of the home. It cleans edge-to-edge and removes the dust and dirt from the carpets. But sometimes amarey a980 not working properly there are some issues. We easily resolve the issue with troubleshooting tips.

1. Amarey a980 vacuum cleaner does not work

If the amarey vacuum cleaner does not work, then there are some troubleshooting tips.

  • The first tip, make sure the main power of the amarey is “ON” position. The power of the amarey is on the bottom side.
  • You need to verify the battery of the amarey is fully charged.
  • Make sure the lithium-ion battery of 2600mAh in the Remote Control is OK.
  • If the vacuum cleaner does not work then you should reset it by turning off and then turning ON the switch.
2. Amarey robot vacuum cleaner indicator light solid red

The amarey a980 robot vacuum cleaner indicator light lit up solid red, then there are troubleshooting tips.

  • The amarey side brush maybe is stuck, you need to clean the side brush properly and hold the power button of the vacuum cleaner to restart the amarey a980.
  • Sometimes the rolling brush of the amarey is stuck, you need to remove the brush and clean the brush in the right manner.
3. Amarey a980 vacuum indicator light blink red

If the vacuum cleaner indicator light repeatedly blinks red and does not stop that means the Amarey cleaner is not working. There are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Maybe, the amarey bumper is stuck, you verify the bumper is resilient or not.
  • Sometimes the battery level is low, then indicator light flashes red. You need to check the battery of the amrey and charge the amarey.
  • Many times the Amarey anti-drop sensor is dirty, by which it does not work properly. And the indicator flashes red. You need to remove the dirt from the sensor.
4. The amarey a980 robot vacuum cleaner suction power is feeble

Sometimes the suction power of the amarey vacuum cleaner is low and does not work. There are troubleshooting tips.

  • Firstly, you need to verify the suction inlet of the vacuum cleaner is blocked by obstruction or not. You need to take out the dustbin and rolling brush, clean the suction inlet.
  • The dustbin may be full, you need to take out the dustbin and empty the dustbin.
  • Sometimes the filters of the amarey is blocked, you clean the filter through the cleaning brush.
5. The amarey a980 vacuum cleaner can’t be charged

If the robot vacuum cleaner is not charged, then it will not work, there are some troubleshooting tips for this.

  • Make sure the charging cord is properly plugged into the electric outlets dn turn on the button.
  • Verify the light of the charging dock is white.
  • Please dust off the charging connecting points of the charging dock and bottom of the amarey a980 robot vacuum cleaner with a dry cotton cloth.
6. The remote control is failure of the amarey a980 robot vacuum cleaner

If the remote control of the robot vacuum cleaner fails, then there are some troubleshooting tips for this.

  • Make sure the 2600mAh battery is installed properly.
  • Replace remote control with new battery.
  • Verify the main power of the vacuum cleaner is turned ON and the battery is fully charged.
  • Use dry clothes to wipe the e Infrared Emitter on the amarey remote control.

Amarey A980 vacuum cleaner Review

The amarey a980 is a marvellous vacuum cleaner. It arounds all the homes and clean the dust and dirt from the floors and carpets. It has suction power that quickly absorbs dust in hidden places and provides super cleaning. The amarey vacuum cleaner is easily managed and controlled with the amrey pro app. This cleaner supports three modes like edge,spot and auto. You can use any mode and easily set with the app. The amarey cleaner works with the alexa and its control type alexa, remoter and app. This cleaner can work for 120 minutes without any pauses. It also works with the wifi network connectivity. It is easy to connect the wifi with the app. The Amarey robot cleaner inside the battery, by which it moves all the corners of the home. so that it is a masterly vacuum cleaner for cleaning the floors and carpets.


Can I reset the amarey a980 vacuum cleaner?

Ofcourse yes, you easily reset the robot vacuum cleaner with the home and spot clean button. For this, locate the home and spot clean button. This button is on the top side, here press and hold the button for a few seconds. Now, you hear a beep then release the button. The reset of the amarey vacuum cleaner is successful.

How do I update the firmware of an Amarey robot vacuum cleaner?

To update the firmware of the Amarey vacuum cleaner, then install the app. After installing the app, open it. Then go to the setting and select the option “firmware update. Now you click the option, now the firmware update process is started, you don’t turn off the device.

How to login amarey robotic vacuum cleaners?

If you want to login the amarey vacuum cleaner, you need to install the “amarey pro” app on your mobile phone. Then open the app and display a login page. Now, you type the default login username ID and password. After that, tab “login”.

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