Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen

The Echo dot is being manufactured by the “Amazon Co. Ltd” company itself at their facility in Washington DC. The product (Item Model Number- L4S3RE) got launched the previous year in September 2020. Colours such as “Charcoal”, “Glacier White” and “Twilight Blue” are available for the 4th generation Echo variant. The price of Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen depends upon the type of configuration you choose, such as “Echo + Echo Dot”, with “Free Ring Smart Bulb” and with “Wall Mount.

Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen is available for sale at (ASIN- B085HK4KL6) costing 199, 99, and 129 US Dollars consecutively. Quick recommendation, as it’s an Amazon exclusive product so you better buy it from the official site itself. They not only provide an exclusive service but also supply a warranty of more than 1 Year on the item. Additional warranty is also supplied, in case of seasonal on-sale purchase (2 Years or 3 Years). To get a vivid view of the product from up close, watch some cool videos of the unit on the Amazon YouTube channel.

Structural details of Echo Dot 4th gen by Amazon.

All the variants look similar to each other, either with the accessories or without them. The Echo weighs around 2.14 pounds and has a 5.69 * 5.69 * 5.3 inches dimension setup. The unit is made of partly metal and partly plastic material. The round upper side is fully covered by the speaker at a 180degree angle. The base has a flat metallic finish which helps it stand firmly at any place, an LED light also blinks throughout the base panel flashing different colours on command acceptance. The blink “Blue”, “Orange” and “Red” colours showcasing various meanings.

Other than that, the speaker is cushioned with a soft covering material to produce an elite class sound, besides 4 buttons. They are Sound on/off, Microphone and Power on/off, which helps in manually operating the device from above. A power port is built at the back along with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The bottom consists of a mounting port that stabilizes the Amazon echo while clipping it to the wall. For more information, call the number given in the manual and a company agent will answer all your quarries.

Unboxing the Amazon Echo smart home hub.

The delivery of this gadget is super fast, as it’s always in stock and available for sale. The device will reach your pinned location within 1 to 2 days, as there are plenty of warehouses in every country out there. Open up the rugged packaging done by the brand and take out the blue box from inside. Read out the quick details printed on it, if you want. Pulling up the lid, you will see the main Amazon Echo coming out, along with a white/black power adapter (Quick charge – 30W) and a start-up manual. Power prong depends upon your based country location. You only need the online billing document to claim a warranty, as it’s an Amazon exclusive item. If anything, other than this is missing from the box, let the customer service team know about the issue.

Features of smart hub Echo dot 4th gen by Amazon.

  • The smart Echo supports dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity and works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bandwidth. The Wi-Fi network of 802.11a, b, g, n and ac services are supported by the Echo dot. The device also runs on the latest Bluetooth software, the advanced audio distribution profile (A2DP) helps in endless audio streaming on your gadget.
  • Use the device hand-free by activating the audio/video remote control profile (AVRCP) and dictate commands in both Spanish and English. The smart hub has 3 woofers installed within it, the main woofer (76.2 mm) and 2 semi woofers (20 mm) that generates premium quality sound (deep/solid bass and dynamic range). The multifunctional buttons are designed to get used by physical touch. You can also listen to your favourite music by using a wired earphone or connecting the Echo to a bigger woofer.
  • smart home hub

    The smart home hub is a one-way ticket to enjoy your free time. Utilize the device by using the voice command feature and it will run your instructions within a second. Amazon Alexa can basically run any smart device is connected to the main server beforehand. Change music, turn on lights, lock doors, turn on AC, TV, etc. functions without even moving from your place. Alexa has a long-range hearing technology as well and it also indicates every order acceptance via its body.

  • Smart activities such as messaging, calling, alarm setting and others can also be done by the Echo dot 4th gen. The device has single voice acceptance technology that prevents it from being accessed by someone else. The brand has maintained a next-level privacy and security protocol and they tend to update it on a monthly basis as well.

Installing the Amazon Echo dot 4th gen smart home hub.

  • After unpacking the device, provide it with a stable power connection using the given charger. Firstly, place it in a location that is close to the main router, you can fix the unit using the main mount and screws to the wall after you are done setting it up. Once it’s powered up, the device will say that is ready to pair in 3 different languages.
  • Amazon Alexa app

    Download the Amazon Alexa app and sign in using your login credentials. Use the same email and password that you use in your Amazon account. The Echo dot will be displayed on the screen, asking permission to get installed in the app. Press “Continue” to resume the operation twice and set up your home Wi-Fi network accordingly. Correctly type in your Wi-Fi password without making any mistakes and press “continue” on the screen.

  • Now, directly connecting to the Echo dot will take a few minutes on the server. Once it is online, select the home position the device is kept in and go on customizing your Amazon gadget. Teach her to follow your specific voice by reading out aloud the speaking instructions on the screen one by one. After these are done, you enter the mainframe of the device and now you can set timers, alarms, play music, know weather reports, etc. by just asking for it. There is absolutely no need to touch your device physically once you are inside the server.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to reset, restart the Amazon Echo dot device?

To restart the device, just unplug and plug in the device from its charging station including a 30-second gap. This refreshes the system and clears all the junk files as well, powering off the Echo dot sometimes provides the server with a bit of rest too. To fully reset the device, tap and hold onto the microphone and volume buttons for more than a minute. The light on the Amazon Echo will flash an orange colour indicating a factory reset response. Doing this puts the gadget back to its default settings and clears all the previous stored memory from the server as well. You won’t lose your login details but you will definitely need to set it back up from the beginning as Alexa has forgotten your voice too.

How to update firmware on the Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen?

Usually, the Amazon Echo updates the firmware all by itself, if connected to an unstoppable home Wi-Fi network. The update takes place during your sleep hours, and you open up to the newest version without even knowing. Although, to manually check for updates, visit the “Settings” option on your app and scroll down to select the “my device” option. Click on “software updates” and it will showcase the latest version, if available. Download and install the newest version from there itself, the security patch arrives every 2 months.

How to solve the slow responding problem by Amazon Alexa?

Web connectivity is the prime reason, for this kind of trouble. The positioning of the device should be towards the router on its facing side. Keep it too far away from the router or modem, which displays this issue particularly. A safe distance of 30 meters and not more, from the wireless connection, can be withheld by the device. Give it a restart and make sure you put away all the obstructions that come within the linking range. Mostly various electrical interferences in the pathway create such trouble.

What to do if your Amazon Echo smart hub doesn’t work?

The main reason that creates such trouble is the router or modem. Check with your Internet Service Provider and ask him to fix the issue from his end, if required. Generally, the faulty power source on all these gadgets can also slow down the connectivity, make sure the power remains unchanged as well. Lastly, a far distance between both the devices can deliver this problem too. Keep them nearby, to enjoy a much faster and smoother experience on the Amazon Alexa.
Bigger hindrances such as walls and curtains can devour this error too, steer clear of these things to make the device work effortlessly. Due to several hubs in the way the Echo can showcase the cutting in and out problem too, keep them isolated or inactive so that they don’t create any extra trouble for the main working devices.

Reasons to buy the Amazon Echo Dot 4?

  • Made up of all recycled items and is environment friendly, also runs on Low Power Mode which consumes less energy than before.
  • Works similarly to the Google Nest, consists of all its features too and even costs much lesser than it too.
  • Audio level is boosted, along with premium hearing ability and voice control. Accepts order from a far range as well, call, set timers, alarms, play music, etc. functions are ready to work on your command.
  • Ultimate level customer correspondence from the brand itself. Directly gather help, regarding the device from the company or get it replaced with a new one if required.

Review of Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen smart home speaker.

Getting to talk about this exclusive product is an absolute honour for me, the Amazon Echo Dot has recently launched this latest 4th generation device. If you want to use a speaker, that activates and answers all your questions and does the described job according to your will, then you are looking at the correct article. Buying this Amazon Alexa, will basically solve and do all your home-based jobs, that requires time and effort both in manual mode. The device will only correspond to one voice, which is of the owner if set preferably.

It comes will all the regular updates and security functions that are required to maintain certain privacy issues. The only competition in the market is the Google Nest that gives Amazon Alexa a tough battle, but unfortunately loses when it comes to the pricing segment and voluntary customer service. The Amazon company provides both in a platter, and you can purchase this gadget without even thinking twice, as all the features are remarkably similar to the other variants out there. The sound and audio quality are extremely cushioning to the ear and the built quality is also superb.

The warranty is also extendable up to 3 years depending upon the type of purchase you have selected. Not only these, but you can also select up to 3 types of configurations, relying on your likes. Choose mounts if you lack placement area or get the LED light bulb, to create a flashy scene in your room. The smart speaker is functional both manually and non-physically so that you can use both whenever you feel like it. Also, it runs on very low power all day long saving a ton of electric charge. Get going with the Echo, if you have a smart home designed earlier, and forget about running basic errands using your hands or legs around the house.

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