amped Rec15a wireless high power compact 802 11ac extender setup

WiFi Range Extender, as the name suggests helps to extend the range of WiFi signals. Simply it expands the wireless coverage. With Wireless Extender by Amped, you can experience super-fast(fast 802.11AC Wi-Fi speed) streaming and buffer-free gaming across your home up to 6500 sq.feet. It comes with dual-band(both 2.4 and 5.0GHz) amplifiers and antennas that help to infiltrate walls and kill the WiFi dead zones. It runs on BoostBand technology that enhances the overall speed by streamlining WiFi traffic.

And this extender is compatible with any router regardless of any brand like Linksys, Verizon, Netgear, etc. It has 1 wired port and can be connected to as many as 8 devices including guests and residents within the close vicinity.

Amped REC15A WiFi Range Extender LED Status?

LED is placed on the top which makes the got up weird. There are two LED implications. /p>

  • Link LED: Once the Range Extender turns on, LED flashes rapidly indicating active WIfI traffic. Once you reset the WPS, this LED becomes steady.
  • Wired Port LED: This LED is located towards the bottom of the Range Extender connected to its wired port. Only when data is transmitted or received, this LED blinks rapidly.

Amped REC15A wireless Setup via

  • Figure out the existing dead zones like the areas which are away from your router but near to your wireless device.
  • Now you have to connect your device to the Extender. Attach the included antenna. Plugin the Range Extender to a stable source of electricity. And connect to the Range Extender’s Wi-Fi network: Amped_REC15A_2.4 or Amped_REC15A_5.0
  • Browse In case this fails to open, then try:
  • In the Dashboard, you can see the current status of the Range Extender. Scan to find out the available network which you want to extend.
  • If you have a dual-band router, then choose both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz network names.
  • In case your existing network is security enabled, then you need to enter the security key. If you have opted for a dual-band network, then enter both the security keys. Else skip this step.
  • Now configure the settings for extended networks: IDs will be: Amped_REC15A_2.4 and Amped_REC15A_5.0

If you are in a hurry, then “Clone” the settings from your existing network, and then the SSID and security key of your Home Network will be copied and renamed as existingname_RE. You always have a choice to manually enter the credentials: a new network ID and security key. Click next to save changes.

If the above steps go right, then you are good to connect to the extended network. Initially, the extender will reboot and you will lose connection. So you will have to again connect to either of the 2.4GHz or 5.0GHz Extended Network. And then follow the instructions on the screen to connect further.

In order to configure the credentials for the Web Menu, navigate as follows: Settings -> Management -> Password

Amped REC15A Installation

For Android devices,

1. Select the “Apps” menu and locate the “Settings” app icon.
2. From “Wireless & networks,” choose “Wi-Fi settings”.
3. Press the Wi-Fi box to turn on Wi-Fi and scan.
4. Select “Amped_REC15A_2.4” or “Amped_REC15A_5.0”.


1. Select the “Home” button and choose the “Settings” icon.
2. Press Wi-Fi to enter the iPad’s Wi-Fi settings.
3. Turn the Wi-Fi “On/Off”
4. Select “Amped_REC15A_2.4” or “Amped_REC15A_5.0”.

For iPhone,

1. Select WiFi from Settings
2. Choose “Amped_REC15A_2.4” or “Amped_REC15A_5.0” network.


1. Choose the Wireless icon to choose the network.
2. Select “Amped_REC15A_2.4” or “Amped_REC15A_5.0” network.


1. Select the WiFi icon from the Settings
2. Select “Amped_REC15A_2.4” or “Amped_REC15A_5.0” network.

How to upgrade the firmware in Amped REC15A Wireless High Power Wi-Fi Range Extender?

You should keep looking for downloads to check if new firmware has been released. Firmware files are usually found as .bin extension. Download it from Amped Support Webpage only. This zip file will contain the steps to manually upgrade the firmware.

  • Browse and download the latest firmware.
  • Click on “Choose File” and locate the downloaded file.
  • Press “Upload” to start updating.

Amped REC15A Wireless High Power Extender FAQ

1. I have a 2-storeyed building, where should I place the REC15A extender to enjoy buffering-free live streaming on Smart TV?

Place the Amped REC15A Extender somewhere at the outlet between the two floors. Like near the staircase or in the room towards the upstairs and you will get excellent signal throughout the home.

2. Is the “REC15A extender” capable to handle DHCP requests?

No, you need your router or additional DHCP server to handle the DHCP requests.

3. What voltage/power requirements are there for the REC15A wireless extender to function properly?

It can be connected to 220 volts on average. The power rating at the back is written as 100-240v.

4. Is this going to work with an 802.11N wireless modem?

This is universal, compatible with any router.

5. Can I set the SSID of REC15A high power extender to not broadcast itself?

You can disable the SSID broadcast within the available range of the extender.

6. Will the REC15A Range Extender create a new wifi network for simply extend?

It is going to extend rather than enhance the coverage of the existing network.

7. Does this extender support MAC filtering?

Sorry, this extender is not capable of MAC filtering.

8. Do I need to add an external antenna for better performance? I add an antenna to extend the range effectively

Yes, you can add an antenna with an SMA connector.

9. not working

Try either of these methods to resolve the issue:

  • Check if your device is connected to the Range Extender’s Wi-Fi network: “Amped_REC15A_2.4” or “Amped_REC15A_5.0”.
  • Try from a different web browser. It’s preferable to use Google Chrome.
  • Browse default IP instead of from the web browser
  • Restart the Range Extender.
  • Reset the Extender to its factory settings.
  • Connect the device with an ethernet cable and then access again.
10. Earlier the Amped REC15A Range Extender was working fine but all of a sudden, I can no longer access the Internet through the Extender.

Either of the things might have led to this sudden outbreak:

  • Base router settings have changed.
  • Maybe due to power outage.
  • Signal strength between the REC 15A Range Extender and the base network has gone below 70%.
    Check the status in by navigating More Settings -> Management -> Device Status -> Signal Strength

For any such cases, go through the Wizard to re-configure the Range Extender with your home network.

11. While scanning for the home network, Amped REC15A wireless range extender is not able to find my base network.
  • Maybe the Range Extender is out of range from the router. Move it towards the wireless router and try to scan again.
  • Home network’s SSID should be broadcasted, if hidden, then unhide it or manually enter the SSID in the Wireless Settings.
12. I have a dual-band router but not able to repeat the network.
  • The Range Extender is supposed to repeat both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz signal from the router at the same time. Check if both 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz wireless networks have signal strength above 70%.
  • Make sure that you have entered the correct credentials for both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz network.
  • Confirm if any security feature like MAC address filtering is enabled or not. Sometimes this may block the connection.
13. I have extended my network, but it is still below 802.11ac rates.
  • You have to extend an 802.11ac Wi-Fi router.
  • The network adapter in the device should be an 802.11ac capable network adapter.
  • Signal strength between the Range Extender and the Home Network should be above 70%.
  • The antenna should be coupled tightly to the antenna port.
14. My router provides 20 Mbps but getting only 2 Mbps in the garden area which is just a few feet away from the house. How can I fix it?

Range extenders cannot receive and transmit signals simultaneously. That’s why speed gets reduced to some extent but 10 times slower is not expected.

15. Is it required to purchase HDMI cable?

Absolutely no, you just need to plug into a stable source of 115-120v AC outlet. Only one active electrical outlet is required.

16. If I want to place the extender in the garage, I fear that low temperature may affect it? Is this extender temperature sensitive?

There is no information about the extender being sensitive to temperature. Get in touch with Amped customer care to know further details.

17. How can I mount it to the wall?

The in-box accessories do not include any necessity for mounting the extender on the wall. But if you contact the Amped customer care, they have provision for technician home-visit to help you.

18. Is REC15A extender compatible with any router?

Usually this extender work with all standard Wi-Fi routers certified by IEEE but recently it came to the notice that extenders are not working properly if any altered firmware or corrupted firmware brought from 3rd party sources or ISPs are installed.

How can I restrict usage by children based on time?

Amped has a solution for this: Access Scheduler. You can turn on this feature for child control or disable internet access on particular days of your choice.

  • Turn on the “Access Schedule”.
  • Select days when you want WiFi availability.
  • You can also select only a part of the day when you want WiFi to be available so as to reduce unwanted usage.
  • Apply the changes. In order to configure the time zones in the web menu, navigate: Management -> Time Zone Settings.

Amped REC15A Extender Review

If you are staying in a big house or working in a multi-storeyed office, you can blindly go for this range extender brought to us by amped. Upgrading its firmware is a matter of pain but other than that, its a hassle-free setup and can be operated through any device.

Even if you stay in a century-old house where the brick walls are too thick to penetrate, these extenders work fast and furiously. Amped range extenders amplify the signal received and re-transmits at almost the same speed. Each penny you invest in this extender is worth of it.