Amped REC22A Wireless High Power extender setup

Amped REC22A High power Wi-Fi range extender assist you to extend the range of any Wi-Fi network up to 10000 square feet with ultra-fast speeds. The extender expands the range of the Wi-Fi network by repeating the signal and redistributing it in a new standard location. The range extender is readied with a total of 8 amplifiers, four 2.4/5GHz amplifiers, four low noise amplifiers, a high gain external dual-band antenna, and an internal high band antenna to cover up to 10,000 square feet for providing ultra-fast speed. Additionally, it includes a Gigabit wired port for attaching and spanning additional network devices such as PC or TV with your Wi-Fi. The AC1200 Wi-Fi range extender works with all brands of standard single or double band Wi-Fi routers and service provider gateways.

Rec22a Light Status

Your range extender is equipped with a built-in signal strength LED at the top of the device to assist you to find an accurate place for the extender if the LED is green this indicates that your signal strength is 70% or greater which is most recommended.

LED reflects 3 different colors. When LED is green this indicates that your signal strength is 70% and above. If LED is yellow this indicates that your signal strength is between 60 to 69 %. But if your LED is red this indicates that your signal strength is very poor and can not work properly.

REC22A AC1200 Features

  • Extender can extend the range of any Wi-Fi with ultra speed coverage.
  • Elegant, plugin structure for discreet and easy installation with a signal strength LED indicator.
  • Furthermore, you can connect your mobile phones with bandwidth for everyone.

Before installation and set up of REC22A range extender make sure user have all the contents with your product:

  • High Power AC1200 plugin Wi-Fi range extender.
  • Detachable high gain antenna.
  • A working wireless router

HOW TO INSTALL REC22A ac1200 extender

  • First and foremost, the user has to find a perfect setup location to install the range extender, this is very prominent for the well functioning of the extender. The optimal setup location should be somewhere no more than halfway between the Wi-Fi router and the dead zone.
  • Now, locate the antenna included with a product and attach it to the antenna port on the top of the range extender.
  • Next, plug the range extender into an available power outlet and grab any of your computers, tablets, or smartphone and power them on.
  • After that, go to the Wi-Fi settings on your device and find the 2.4 and 5.0 Wi-Fi networks named AMPED REC22A.
  • Once connected, open your web browser and type into the web address bar.
  • You do not need an internet connection to access the setup menu it is served from the range extender directly.

Not able to Access

  • If the web menu fails to open this web address then you can instead type
  • In case you continue to have problems accessing the menu then disconnect the Wi-Fi network on your device and attach an ethernet cable from the network port on the range extender to your PC.
  • Now, open your web browser and try accessing HTTP://
  • When the range extender web menu appears you will see the welcome page for the dashboard, this page gives you the current status of the range extender.
  • Click scan to begin the setup process and to begin scanning network, the range extender will detect 2.4 and 5 gigahertz network and list them and you can select either a single 2.4 and 5 gigahertz network or you can select both if you have a dual-band capable router that you are extending.
  • Before selecting a network make sure that the network you wish to choose to show a signal strength of 70% or above 70% and you have selected your home networks and click next.
  • You will be persuaded to enter the security key for your selected network and click next.
  • The extended network settings page allows you to configure settings for your extended networks.
  • Now you have to select your extended network ID which is an identification name of your extended network that you use to connect to your extender. This name should not be the same as your home network. If you want to use the same than click on the clone setting the wizard will automatically use your home network ID and password.
  • Click next to apply your settings, the range extender will now apply your settings and reboot this process may take up to two minutes.

1) if you no longer access the Amped REC22A web menu or it no longer responds?

  • Connect to your Amped REC22A Range Extender and try to access HTTP:/ / using your web browser.
  • Log on to your home routers web interface and find the IP address of your range extender assign per your home router. Open your web browser and enter the IP address into the address bar.
  • Reset the range extender back to default settings in try the setup Wizard again. To reset the range extender back to default settings push the reset button down for 5 to 10 seconds then let go. After the range extender has fully reset use an ethernet cable and connect to the range extender.

2) When you received an error when running the REC22A ac1200 setup wizard?

  • Your home network may be secured double check that you have the correct security key to connect to the home network.
  • Check that the antenna is connected securely to the antenna connector.
  • See that your home network routers DHCP server is enabled. The Range Extender needs to obtain an IP from your home network router.

3) If you could never log on to the Amped REC22A ac1200 Range Extender wirelessly?

  • Check that your wireless adaptor supports WPA2 or WPA wireless security if it does not then you will need to change the wireless security on the Range Extender. Go to the web menu select a wireless setting and then wireless security select the extended network from the drop-down menu and either disable security or downgrade the security to WEP. Try connecting again
  • The connection to the home network may be down using an ethernet cable directly to the range extender.

4) If you have a dual-band router and cannot extend the network?

  • The Range Extender will repeat the 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz signal from your router simultaneously. But wireless networks must have a signal strength of 70% or greater with the range extent for a reliable connection. Make sure that your dual-band router is close enough to the Range Extender to receive a strong signal.
  • Check to make sure that you have the correct security key for both 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz network of your dual-band router. These keys may sometimes be different from each other.

5) If the connection to the home network seems slow? File transfer takes a long time to transfer?

  • You may be too far from your home network the closer the Range Extender is to your home network the batter its connection will be. The range extender must have a strong signal in order to repeat the signal with fast speeds and further range.
  • check that the antenna is connected securely to the antenna connector.
  • You may be downloading from the internet and not within your home network or extended network. File transfer through the internet is limited by your ISP speed and the data download speeds from the website that you are downloading from.
  • your computer may be using an older Wi-Fi adaptor with lower speed limits and range capabilities.

6) If the signal strength LED on the top of the REC22A range extender is not on?

  • Please check that the REC22A Range Extender is connected to the home network or router. The signal strength LED will not be on if there is no connection to the home network.
  • The connection to your home network may have disconnected please check your connection by accessing the web menu dashboard and re-configure if necessary.

7) If the range from the REC22A extender seems low or speed is slow?

  • Check to see that your wireless output settings are at a hundred percent go to the web menu wireless settings http // and check the advanced setting to make sure the output power is at 100%.
  • Your Range Extender may be installed in a poor location. Avoid setting up your Extender in areas with high interference such as near fridge, microwave, metallic objects, and lower surfaces, Install the REC22A Extender in my location if possible.
  • Check the connection of antennas of the range extender, tighten them if necessary
  • The wireless channel that your network is using may be conflicting. Change the channel for your router’s network. The range extender should automatically reconnect to your network new settings however if it does not simply reconfigure the Range Extender to your network.
  • The network adaptor that you are using may have poor range, older technology with slower speed are the main need a driver update.

Amped REC22A Wireless Review

In my opinion, it is a very useful product and good innovation of technology, its installation is very simple and fast, even Amped has its own setup wizard, which is very easy to follow. Amped customer service is second to none and phenomenal. It has great coverage and never drops a connection even using multiple devices, the speed and connection are steady and strong.

Its plugin design is very easy to use. Moreover, it is a trouble-free product. It can cover 10000 square feet easily. You can easily download movies without buffering.