Amped Wireless-N repeater SR20000G setup

Wireless Extenders are now one of the important gadgets for many due to the low internet speed in broadband and mobile networks. The Major reason for that is the huge consumption of data from people due to the current pandemic situation. Multi-Functional Wireless Extenders which not just enhance coverage but also helps to enhance internet speed have huge demand now. We discuss today one such Wireless Repeater but also in medium budget.

An Amped Wireless High-Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Dual Band Range Extender (SR20000G), as its name suggests is known to expand the range of your standard Wi-Fi by repeating the signal from your wireless router and redistributing it in a new, extended location at a higher speed. An SR20000G provides for a low-cost solution for all the dead zones present at your home or office. This extender repeater comes with features that have helped this product get an edge over its competitors.

Amped Wireless Extender ticks all the boxes needed for a decent repeater in its price point. Amped comes with Extreme Dual Band Range which is great for large buildings and also future proof for the 5G Network. It’s also Ultra Powerful which can penetrate hard walls and use dual networks simultaneously. You can create a guest network as well with this extender. Another important feature of Amped Wireless Repeater is it comes with a Wi-Fi Analytic app that can optimize your network. Amped comes with Boostband Technolgy which increases the overall speed and performance of your Extended network.

Amped High Power SR20000G Features

  • A 10,000 Square Feet of Wi-Fi Coverage. To begin with, your Amped Wireless Extender repeater covers more ground and the additional area it covers is a whopping 10,000 square feet. Thus, it eliminates all the Wi-Fi dead spots and lets you enjoy high-speed internet.
    In comparison to the standard range extenders, Amped High-Power Extender Repeater SR20000G pushes the signal through most of the obstacles, including the walls. A couple of high gain antennas and six top-notch amplifiers work together to help the extender give an unprecedented performance.
  • Get your Mobile Devices Unleashed.
    With Amped SR20000G extender, streaming HD content is buffer-free and it also provides a superior lag-free gaming experience. Moreover, with the extender, you can use your device to download large files at an impressive 300Mbps speed, irrespective of the network, whether a 5GHz or a 2.4GHz network.
    A connection to the 5GHz network facilitates an interference-free connection. Moreover, with the five wired Gigabit ports, your gaming consoles, smart TVs, and several other wired devices can get connected at ultra-high Gigabit speed.
  • Ultra-Powerful and Extreme Dual Band Range.
    Amped Wireless Extender is great for backyards and large buildings. In addition to that, it can penetrate walls to provide you with an enhanced experience.
  • Guest Networks.
    Are your guests coming over? With Amped Wireless-N extender, creating Wi-Fi networks for your guests is extremely easy and convenient.

Amped Wireless N Light Status

In Amped SR20000G Extender, there are numerous LEDs which indicate a variety of aspects associated with the extender.
The LED indicators have been mentioned from the top to the bottom.

  • Power – If the LED remains on, it represents that your extender is also powered on.
  • 5.0GHz Wireless Activity – When the wireless data traffic is either transmitted or received over the wireless network of frequency 5.0GHz, this LED indicator blinks rapidly.
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Activity – Its operation is similar to that of the 5.0GHz Wireless Activity.
  • Gigabit Wired Ports 1-5 – This LED indicator blinks when the connection between a networking device and a wired port present on the rear end of your extender takes place successfully. Moreover, this LED blinks at a rapid rate when wired data traffic either gets transmitted or received.
  • USB Connection – This LED indicator shows the status of the connection between a USB storage device and the USB port. This connection facilitates local sharing.
  • WPS – WPS stands for the Wi-Fi Protected Setup. This LED indicator blinks when the WPS mode is activated, as it awaits a connection.

Contents in the Wireless-N SR20000G Package

Amped Wireless Extender comes with two detachable High gain Antennas for better coverage, power adaptor, setup guides, and a stand for vertical Mounting. A demo CD is also present which is uncommon nowadays.

How to Setup Amped SR20000G Extender?

Have a look at the following simple steps to set up an Amped Wireless SR20000G Extender.

  • To begin with, find a proper setup location between the wireless dead zone and the wireless router. It is necessary to place the extender at a location where it can receive a strong signal from the wireless router you are using at your place.
  • Now, connect the Amped Wireless Extender to your PC or Tablet. For this purpose, attach the antenna that comes with this product. Then, plug your extender into a power outlet. At last, with the help of your PC or tablet, connect to the Wi-Fi network of Amped Extender.
  • In the third step, you need to open the setup on your web browser. It is recommended to use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer (8.0 and up), or Safari.
  • At this moment, a dashboard would have appeared on your screen. This dashboard gives you the current status of your extender. Now, click on the ‘scan’ option to know the networks available for extension.
  • After scanning for the Wi-Fi networks, highlight and select the one which you find suitable enough to extend.
  • In case your home network has enabled its security settings, you need to enter the Wi-Fi security key of your home network. Now, click on ‘next’.
  • You need to configure the settings of your extended Wi-Fi network.
  • Now, continue to the brand-new extended Wi-Fi network.
  • After completing all the steps, you can see the setup summary which informs you whether you have successfully connected to your home network or not.

Amped Wireless-n extender setup via WPS

  • Make all necessary connections within the Extender
  • Power the Amped Extender and router with active internet connections
  • Press WPS button on the router and within 2 mins on the Amped Extender for about three seconds
  • How to Reset your Amped Wireless-N Extender?

    To reset your Amped SR20000G Extender to the default settings, hold the ‘Reset’ button for at least ten seconds and try for another time. The reset button is located on the back panel of your wireless extender. If this procedure doesn’t help, disconnect your PC from all the Wi-Fi networks. Now, use an Ethernet cable to facilitate a connection between the wireless extender and your PC. Try again.

    Another way is via the Dashboard of your device from the website. More Settings -> Management -> Save/Reload settings -> Reset settings to default, Now you can reset your Extender. A reset may help your device to get better performance. You can also put a login password as well. To do this, go to the dashboard and then More Settings -> Management -> Password. This is highly recommended as there are many security threats around us.

    Manual Firmware Upgrade on Amped Wireless High Power SR20000G

    To manually upgrade your firmware, follow the following three steps-

    • First, you need to download the file from – and note down the location you saved the file at.
    • Amped Wireless support reps may also provide the firmware files.
    • In the next step, click on ‘choose file’ and start locating the file.
    • Finally, click on ‘upload’ to start the firmware upgrade. (Generally, .bin is the file extension for the firmware files.)

    Setting Amped Wireless-n Range Extender Clock

    You need to correct the time stamps for the smooth usage of the Repeater. To change the settings, Management -> System Clock and sync with the system clock

    How to Share with USB storage Devices on Amped SR20000G?

    • Pick any USB storage device
    • Locate the USB port on the Extender
    • Connect the USB device to the USB port
    • From the connected device, Open any Browser and enter address:
    • Open the USB storage tab in the page
    • Follow the step by step instruction and access the USB storage
    Facing difficulty connecting Amped Wireless High Power extender to home network?

    To resolve this issue, have a look at the following situations which may have posed the problem.

    1. Sometimes, the home network may be secured. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have put in the correct security key.
    2. There is a possibility that your wireless extender may be placed at a considerably large distance from your home network.

    For this situation, go through the Setup Wizard for another time. When you come across the SCAN page, ensure that the signal strength of your home network is at least 70%. If not, reduce the gap between both and try again.

    Unable to find your home network in the Amped wireless-n Setup Wizard while scanning for the wireless networks?

    Have a look at the following situations which may be responsible for this issue –

    1. Your extender may not be in range. Try to bring the extender closer to your wireless router. Now, run the Setup Wizard for another time. The signal strength of your home network should be at least 70% to get satisfactory results.
    2. If the issue remains, go to the web menu and click on the wireless settings tab. Considering the frequency of your wireless network, access the Wireless Coverage Controls. Ensure that the setting is nothing, but 100%. Now, try again.
    3. This issue may also arise if the wireless SSID of your home network is hidden, and not broadcasting. If it is hidden, go to the Home Network Settings menu from the Wireless Settings and, try to manually set up your Wi-Fi extender.

    No network appears in the amped wireless-n extender setup scan results?

    If no network appears in the scan results, look for the following situations which may be responsible for this issue –

    1. Your wireless adapter may not be in range. Ensure that the antenna is tightly connected to the adapter. Now, scan for the wireless networks for another time.
    2. If the adapter isn’t firmly connected to your USB drive. Ensure that the connection is firm and scan again.

    Can you connect the amped wireless n SR20000G using an Ethernet?

    Amped SR20000G Extender facilitates a wireless connection but it is also possible to connect your device to one of the ports available on the rear side of this extender via an Ethernet cable. At any rate, this product gives you flexibility as it helps you connect in both ways.

    The Activity LED is blinking on amped wireless-n but the Internet is inaccessible?

    If such a situation arises –

    1. Check if the entered SSID and the wireless security key is correct.
    2. Then, check if the IP address assignment is correct.
    3. If the wireless router with which you are trying to connect the extender has lost its internet connection, check the connection between the ISP and your wireless router, and try again.

    Unable to connect to a dual-band wireless router?

    If you are unable to connect to a dual-band wireless router follow these steps –

    1. Go to the web menu and search for the dual-band wireless router.
    2. Now, adjust the wireless settings and use the mixed mode for the wireless band, i.e., 2.4GHz only or 2.4GHz and 5GHz.

    Amped Wireless SR20000G Review

    The Amped Wireless High-Power Wireless-N 600mW Gigabit Dual Band Range Extender SR20000G is a powerhouse with dual-band repeater. It repeats and redistributes the signal from the wireless router thereby extending the range of any 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless network. With its dual-band range, it is the perfect option for large spaces. It can penetrate walls with the amplification of dual-band Wi-Fi. With high-quality Wi-Fi coverage and super-fast and reliable Wireless-N technology, the SR20000G is a preferred choice for buffer-free HD streaming, exchanging huge data files, high-quality gaming experience, and much more. Gigabit wired ports equipped with a powerful and super-fast processor helps the SR20000G to support high speed wired connections as well.

    One can also use the USB port included in the device for sharing files from a USB device. All in all, the Amped wireless Extender Repeater SR20000G is an ideal choice if you are looking for a high-speed internet connection escaping all obstacles and allowing no dead spots. This range extender does exactly what it is supposed to do however there are some major downsides when compared to the market in 2015.
    1) This is a Wireless N only extender if you have or plan to switch to a wireless AC network in the near future you need to look elsewhere.
    2) As far as I could tell, this is a traditional extender in that it does not have the option of some newer high-end extenders to dedicate a band to router communication. This feature eliminates the effect of limiting your bandwidth. Sum it up this repeater is the best in the price point.

    Almost all the reviews are positive. Stay Home Stay Safe in this Pandemic situation and use the internet within the home and enjoy the internet with an extended network from Amped.