Amped Wireless RTA2600

Are you looking to get the best router that maximizes the internet speed all over your home? The Amped Wireless AC2600 is a complete solution for supplying the internet at all flanks of your house with 16 powerful amplifiers and 4 high gain outer antennas. A dual band router furnishes a brisk speed of 2600 MBps. Therefore, flawless for online gaming and 4K video streaming. Readily handles 4 WiFi streams with a powerful 1.4 GHz quad core CPU processor.

The Multi User MUMO feature furnishes the boosted data to many users. Share files and build an ethernet connection with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. Get the most advanced security such as range control, SPI firewall, and parental control. The installation of the Athena router is effortless and can be concluded using the web interface. Get the meticulous setup info from below.

Amped wireless Athena-ex high power AC2600 Setup(Hardware Setup)

Setting up the Amped wireless Athena router will let you configure all the settings to maximize your streaming and gaming experience. But firstly, you have to unpack the Amped parcel box and bring out the WiFi box and other add-ons such as manual, network wire, adapters, etc. After unpacking the box, put all these add-ons in a safe zone. Deem the Amped wireless router manual. Now, it’s time to configure the hardware connections. Here the process begins.

  • If your internet modem is on, shut it off from the electric receptacle or surge protector. Disjoin the prevalent router from the internet modem, if available.
  • Now fix the network cord to the internet jack of your internet modem and the Amped WiFi box blue modem port.
  • Fix all four high gain antennas to the Amped router. Fix the adapter end to the electrical joint and the tiny end to the Amped power port.
  • Power on your modem as well as Athena after staying for 10 seconds. You will observe the Amped PWR LED light start blinking. The power light could become firm within a minute.

Amped Wireless RTA2600 Setup Via Web Browser

Go ahead now for the web interface setup. But you need to join the network cord to your PC to access the Amped wireless router setup page. Moreover, you can also join the default network in the WLAN settings of your PC or digital phone.

  • Thereafter, open any web browser and typify http // login in the search box. You can also typewrite Amped wireless IP address instead of the web address.
  • If you are setting up for the first time, the setup configuration interface reveals. Click the begin symbol to initiate the setup. Accessing the setup page does not require internet access.
  • You can skip the Setup Wizard or do it manually. The Wizard is trying to catch your internet connection type. Be patient until it detects the connection type.
  • Once it detects, click next. Now personalize the network as per your need. The Amped wireless router default SSID is Amped_Athena_5.0 or Amped_Athena_2.4. The default security PIN of the WiFi network is wireless. While the Amped wireless router default password is admin.
  • Now generate a fresh login password to access the router settings. Next, conclude the Amped wireless setup password process. Once done, click Apply and stay patient for about a minute. The interface will reload by itself when the timer finishes. If not, then reload manually.
  • The setup summary manifest signifies the settings you have done till now. That’s it, the Amped wireless Athena setup is concluded.

Amped Wireless Router Login

The login steps for the Amped wireless Athena are as follows.

  • Use any web crawler like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari to typify Amped wireless admin login or in the hunt section.
  • The Amped wireless login page manifests. It shows two blank sections of username and password.
  • Type the one you specify while doing the setup. If you did not modify it, then use default credentials.
  • Now hit login to see the Amped wireless dashboard. not working(Amped wireless Athena troubleshooting)

If the Amped wireless router not working or the setup web address does not open, try with the following tips.

  • Get sure your PC is joined to the Amped wireless RTA2600 employing a network cord. Probe that the power supply is on and is receiving current.
  • Shut off the internet modem from the electric receptacle or surge protector and plug it one more time to reboot.
  • Affirm that your PC or digital phone is connected to the accurate WIFI network of Amped devices. If it is joined with another network, then disconnect from a wireless network. Boot up your Amped WiFi box and try one more time.
  • Use Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari web browser to chase the setup web address. Close the browser and try one more time after opening it.
  • Instead of a web address, try with the IP address
    Call your ISP and assure that they are giving you the internet speed as per your plan.
  • If nothing works, try to reset it by using a stick or identical tool to force it into the reset hole. Stay patient until the power light becomes stable. In this way, the Amped wireless router reset process is concluded.

Amped Wireless AC2600 Firmware Update

You can update the firmware using the check button and manually.

Manual Upgrade

– Go to the Amped wireless support page and typify the model number of your router. Click the download button and pick up the firmware congruent with your PC OS. Once the downloading is ended, unzip the file to your PC. Join your Athena WiFi box with the PC and chase the Amped wireless login page as stated above. On the Amped wireless Athena dashboard, click setting and then management. Hit the Upgrade symbol and upload the unzipped file.

Check Button

– Chase the Amped wireless RT2600ac login page and go to the firmware section as stated above. On the firmware section, see the Upgrade tab. See the check button at the left flank of the interface. Once you hit the check button, it will forward you to the firmware download link. Save the file on your PC. Next, pick up the saved file and install it. The router reboots and uploading begins within a few seconds.
Note: The firmware upgrading process could take a few minutes. The router will reboot when the firmware installation concludes. Do not leave the firmware process midway. Otherwise, the firmware may be stuck.

Amped Wireless Athena EX- AC2600 Review

I grabbed this router in the Amazon lightning deal. So far, it is functioning really nicely. It is effortless to set up. You can accomplish this in less than 10 minutes with its setup wizard. I am experiencing two times the speed as compared to the old router. I experienced an issue while positioning it. Once the position is set, I have not faced any WiFi drop yet. A complete router and I am very happy using this gadget. Highly recommended.