Apeman Dash Cam 1080P Setup, troubleshooting, Review guide 2020

The brand Apeman has launched a 1080P full HD dash camera which is capable of simultaneous recording with super high resolution of 1080P by means of its FHD lens. It is equipped with 3 inches large LCD screen which helps to display clear videos and images. You can replay the key moments even while driving at high speed. This camera deploys its 170° super-wide angular lens which reduces the blind spots and captures more details in order to reserve the real scene.

Apeman camera comes with an in-built G-sensor. Apeman 1080p can automatically detect any shake/collision which may break out all of a sudden. You can lock the footage to avoid overwriting the video while recording in the loop. Anytime user can restore the accidental scenarios. The night vision in this camera has a perfect blend of F1.8 large aperture, WDR, and HDR that ensures the clarity of images at night. Apeman omits the necessity for an auxiliary light source even in low-light environments enabling the capture of sharp and accurately colored images. It is easy to install and operate. As a whole, this camera plays an integral role in daily driving by managing motion detection, seamless loop recording, and parking monitor.

Apeman Dashcam 1080p Installation

APEMAN is a trustworthy brand to buy cameras. These cameras ensure safety while driving. So, install with care:

  1. Be ready with a new microSD card of capacity – 32GB/64GB. If you do not have a new one, format it.
  2. The company keeps updating the camera accessory like suction-cup and car charger. Get in touch with the customer care to update the firmware.
  3. For smooth installation and running, go through the user manual.

Install the recorder on the car

Auto power on/off: This camera is set to automatically start recording when the car engine is on. Once the engine turns off, recording stops and the camera saves the video and goes off.

Manual power on/off: Press the power button for a long time until the power indicator light flashes and the camera goes into video mode. In the same way, press and hold the power button till the light turns off and the camera goes back to its hibernate mode.

You can use the dash camera as a PC cam also. Its suction cup is capable of rotating at 360°. Utilize the lock button. to unlock the videos. By means of its hardwire kit(CH45), you can enjoy parking for a longer duration. This camera can operate at temperatures varying from -10C°-60C°. That is why this award-wining camera is known to lead market sales.

Apeman Dashcam 1080p Features

Apeman cameras are designed and manufactured to ensure reliability and durability at an affordable rate. This camera belongs to C450 Series A. It is featured by superb night vision and unexpected definition. The primary features can be discussed in details as follows:

1. 3″ LCD Screen

Due to 1080P resolution, the videos and images look amazing from every part, in the best possible light.

2. Superior Night Vision

By means of WDR and HDR technology, this camera produces clear videos with aesthetic attributes, and the footage remains steady even in dull light.

3. Round the clock parking monitoring

While you park your car, this camera keeps a strict eye on your expensive possession. APEMAN CH45 hardware kit is deployed to serve this purpose.

4. 170° Ultra-wide Field of View

APEMAN camera is ideal for people driving in a wide highway or large intersection without creating a fisheye impression which makes vehicles in front look further away never misses any moment and details harder to capture.

5. Protect Video Evidence in Case of Accidents

This camera can automatically capture stunning accidents and saves video footage of the collision. All the safety and legal rights are always under protection.

6. User-Friendly Design

The camera is designed in a simple way and it is easy to use even for naive operators. You can hide the camera with its cable behind the rearview mirror, so as to not distract the driver’s attention.

How can I update the firmware for the Apeman dashcam?

Do not download firmware updates from any unauthorized websites. Make sure you get the right and authentic firmware from Apeman only by dropping a mail to [email protected]. if you do not install the latest firmware, then you may miss on the recently upgraded features.

How “Loop recording” and “G-sensor” work on apeman 1080p?

The loop recording means the newly recorded videos will automatically overwrite the oldest unlocked file if the SD card memory gets fully occupied. The built-in G-sensor can capture unexpected driving incidents and lock the video in case of any collision. And this lock video can not be deleted even by loop recording. So this will serve as strong evidence if any mishap breaks out.

How does the dash camera 1080p work even after turning off the car engine?

Usually, the camera is connected to the power port. So the camera should turn off once the engine stops. In most cases, the camera switches to a low power state and then runs through the internal battery power. Also, you can buy the hardwire kit and hook it to the car’s battery so as to ensure a constant supply of power to the camera while its in low power mode.

How will the camera start recording while the car is being parked?

Apeman dashcam is enabled to detect motion and sense vibration. The sensitivity level might be weak. Like pressing against the door or hitting one of its wheels might not turn on the camera. Unless the car is seriously hit, you can not rely upon the camera to start recording. But slowly on detecting minor movements, it will resume recording.

Will I be able to see the license plate at night?

Apeman cameras come with a 1080P LCD screen and a 170 °wide-angle lens. This enables the superb and clear night vision functionality which will help you to notice traffic and prominent license plate at night with ease. By deploying WDR technology and highly sensitive sensors, you will get to see natural colors even in low light conditions.

Why the screen prompts to “format card”?

It is recommended to set “ loop recording” to “3min” and “G-sensor” to “low”. Often, the SD card has very limited space to record continuously. There may be too many locked videos as they can not get deleted even by loop recording. Hence format the card and if necessary change to a new SD card and check If the issue persists.

Apeman 1080p FAQ

1. How can I record continuously without the sd card getting full?

Use a 128GB SD card. This is best suited for 14 hours of incessant recording. If you are using a used memory card, then format it before use.

2. Why do I need to turn on the apeman 1080p camera manually for turning on the recording?

You have to simply connect the camera to the power port. In some vehicles, the power port turns off when you stop the car engine. While some cars have one port that runs independently of the vehicle engine. In such eventuality, you need to turn on the camera manually after parking the vehicle.

3. Blue light blinks on while the apeman dash camera is working, how to turn off the screen?

From the menu on the screen saver, set the screen on /off. It is better to turn off the screen so that the driver’s attention does not get distracted. through the indicator lights on the camera.

4. Do we get an sd card along with the apeman 1080p camera?

No, the sd card does not come as part of the in-box accessory. You have to purchase it additionally. This camera supports an extendable memory card of a maximum 32GB SD card of Class 10 speed. If you are inserting an old card, then format it before use.

5. Is the apeman cam has a battery or it has to be plugged into a power source?

Apeman camera is powered by a battery. But still, it is recommended to connect it to a power source. If the battery is fully charged, then it can be used for 20 minutes of continuous recording. There is a provision of motion detection by means of which the camera will hibernate when it notices negligible movement.

6. How long the recording can be saved in the memory card?

Using a 32GB SD card, the camera can record for a couple of hours. You can turn on the loop recording option so that if the memory card gets filled up, then the first bytes will be overwritten in the FIFO sequence.

7. The suction cup is getting on the windshield, please help?

Thoroughly clean up the suction cup and the window space with rubbing alcohol or white vinegar. Make sure no residue is left over there. Now attach the suction cup to the required position and you will notice how well it clings and becomes difficult to get it back off.

8. How to use the G sensor on apeman dash cam 1080p?

You can set the G sensor function from the menu options. It is suggested to set the G-Sensor to “LOW”.

9. How can I watch the videos later on?

Apeman dash cam comes with a USB cord. Insert its one end to the camera and the other end to the computer. Now transfer the files and thereafter you can watch the videos at your convenience.

10. Suddenly, the recording stopped, how to restore?

Apeman camera often prompts for formatting the SD card. Even after that, if the recording does not resume, then you should restart the camera and check the power source. If all goes fine, get in touch with the customer care to get it repaired or replaced as per their policy.

11. Windshield glass is getting heated due to bright sun, will this affect the camera functioning?

The suction cups may drop down as the vacuum will become loose due to heat. But if you have installed it properly, then the functioning should not have been affected. Try to expel all the air as much as possible by pressing the cup before clinging the cup to the window space. Then it should remain firm regardless of the extreme climatic conditions.

12. How far the camera can cover while driving?

By means of 170° UltraWide-angle and aperture of F1.8 Wide, this camera can cover full 3-lane traffic flow at a time.

13. How to get it replaced, Apeman dash cam stopped recording all of a sudden?

Contact with the customer care of Apeman through their email id: [email protected] for any sort of after-sales issue.

14. Is there any way to avoid sound recording while video records?

Of course yes, you can toggle off the sound recorder from the settings.

15. Why did the Apeman camera stop recording?

Make sure there is a power light on the camera. And also check if the SD card is full due to multiple lock videos. Then formatting the card will suffice.

15. How does the Apeman dash cam react to varying temperatures?

This dashcam can tolerate a wide range of temperatures varying from -10 to 60 degrees Celsius (14°F-140°F).

16. What do the different colors of light indicate?

The red light indicates the camera is on charging mode and the flashing blue light implies the camera is recording at present. Even if the screen turns black, the recording may continue.

17. Do I need to charge the apeman 1080p dashcam while it is recording?

The internal battery of the Apeman dashcam is meant for backup power only for a limited duration. It is better to plug in the camera to a stable source of power via the car charger while the former is recording.

18. How can I operate the camera?

You can download the app to operate this dashcam from AppStore and Playstore by the name “Dash Camera APP”.

19. I have not used such dashcams earlier, can I install it easily?

It is quite easy to fit. Go through its manual carefully. t may take some time, in the beginning, to set it up. Then fit it to the windscreen. The fixed mount is a little complicated but it is easier to use the suction cup to remove the camera and mount for viewing. As part of the in-box accessory, you will get a long cable to tuck in around the windscreen.

Apeman Dash Cam 1080P Review

After using the best dash cams available in the market within the same price range, dashcam by Apeman seems to be a good choice. While you park the car and join the office meeting, you need not worry anymore about the theft. Even while you are driving fast on the highway, this camera can record the motion of other vehicles in the adjacent lanes. So if you are worried about anyone following your cab, then this camera recordings can provide with all the details. Before purchasing, you can carry out a careful survey on the available dashcams based on your requirements. Look for the camera durability, convenience of installation, maintenance cost, post-sales servicing. At the same price, you may get similar dashcam from other brands too but Apeman is known to be one of the most trustworthy brands in this domain. If you are concerned about the security of your car while it is being parked, then it is the best one to invest in as per the customer reviews.