Au King Mini Projector 2021 Upgraded portable Video projector

Want to make your boring weekends exciting? Well, if you have to spice up your weekend and enjoy yourself with your family, then this is the one-stop product for your all choices. This projector can convert your room to a home theatre.
The Led lights provided by it with a +35% increase in brightness can enhance your video quality and give you a more or less theatre-like experience.
Being small in size this is very easy to carry and handle. You can easily carry it anywhere to enjoy the best quality videos. It is not only suitable for videos and movies but games also. It can be connected through phone easily and can be used to watch videos without interruption. The Led lamps can be used for more than 15 years if used for 5 hours per day.
The big-screen experience and the audio quality with clear sound will make you enjoy every bit of your experience. So, it’s perfect for your weekend evening to have a quite time with your family. Not only this the big screen will also give a great experience for your games. Playing games on the big screen will give you a shocking experience.
It provides a well-balanced sound quality so that it becomes suitable for old aged persons too and high sound may not affect others. The 32–170-inch display size and excellent sound quality are all that you need to enjoy in a home theatre. Not only this it comes with a 2-year warranty that makes it the best product to rely on.

Au King Mini Projector 2021 setup

Au king Mini Projector can be easily set-up. Just follow these steps to enjoy a great experience from the projector-

  1. you have to first set the screen and the project. Choose the screen where you want to see the images or the videos and then place the projector far away from the screen. Remember more the distance between the screen and the projector more will be the size of the image. The maximum size of the image is about 300 inches and the minimum size is about 21inches. So, keep the projector and the screen in too far away places.
  2. Then connect your PC to the projector using the DVI-to-HDMI cable. Connect the HDMI IN connector of the projector to your PC.
  3. Then connect the projector to the PC’s audio output. Remember to turn off the PC and the projector before connecting to the cable.
  4. Then a separate monitor should be connected in the same way to monitor the image you are projecting.
  5. Then connect the HDMI output of your notebook-type PC to the HDMI IN of the projector.
  6. A component signal will be displayed after connecting the DVD player with the Component output.
  7. Then connect it to the VCR.
  8. Assign the IP address

    to your projector so that it provides a LAN connection using the LAN cable. You can control and receive the information via the LAN cable. This LAN cable helps you to send pictures and videos from your PC to the projector which can be projected on the screen.

  9. Last step is to connect the power cable to the projector. One end of the power cable should be connected to the power outlet and other to the AC IN of the projector.
  10. Turn on the main power of the projector and then press the power key.

Au King Mini projector 2021 reset

From the menu bar, you will find a reset option on the right side. Click on the reset option and you will see

  1. Current signal – you can reset the adjustments in the current signal to the factory present levels.
  2. All data – you can reset all your data to the factory reset by using this option. Remember to exclude the basic information like date, time, lamp hours used, lamp hours remaining, filter hours used, etc.
  3. Clear lamp hours – By clicking on this option you can clear the lamp hours. By clearing the LAMP hours, it will get back to the zero point.
  4. Filter used hours – You can clear the filter used hours so that the filter clock comes back to zero again.

Au king Mini projector manual

The Au king Mini Projector comes with a manual that has all the solutions to your problems. It illustrates how to set up the projector with the help of the images which makes it easier to understand. Highlights common mistakes done by the person while setting up the projector. It also has a FAQ part so that it helps in clearing your remaining doubts.
Au king Mini projector shows how to project the image, how to set it up and how to maintain the projector with the help of the images which makes it easy to understand.
It is a 149 pages long book with every part illustrated in it with images. You can find everything from login, updating, and maintaining the projector. It also provides various ways if your projector stops working or the things lacking in the setup.

Au King Mini Projector not working?

There are various reasons if your projector is not working. Check for the cause of the defect and then follow these steps to resolve the problems –

Au King Mini projector not turning on –

if your projector is not turning on, then first check if the power cable is connected properly. If not connect the power cable properly to the projector. Then check for the temperature of the projector. If it is heated then take it to a cooler place for ventilation. Check for the lamp hours remaining, If the lamp jours are exhausted then replace the lamp with a new lamp.

Au King projector showing no image –

If you are unable to see the image on the screen then first check if the cables are properly connected to the projector. Cap should be checked on the lens and removed. Always connect the cables in your projector in standby mode.

Troubleshooting over temperature –

if the temperature inside the projector rises very high then first unplug the power cable and turn off the projector. Then move the projector to a cooler location so that it is provided with ventilation. wait for 1 hour till the projector cools down.

Troubleshooting image problems –

If you are facing a problem in adjusting your image or the image is blurred then adjust the image manually with the CLOCK phase in ADJUST – IMAGE option. Adjust the focus if the image is blurred. You can reposition the projector to improve the angle of the image.

Au King Mini Projector not turning on? –

If you are not seeing a green light after connecting the power plug then check if the power cable is inserted fully. Check for the Lamp installation too. Hold the power key for 2 seconds then a green light will appear indicating that your projector is turned on.

Troubleshooting remote problems –

remove the obstacles if present between the projector and the remote. The fluorescent light in which the projector is placed can affect the infrared remote controls. Check for the batteries and insert a new one if they are exhausted.

Troubleshooting sound problems –

If there is no audio coming from the projector, then check if the audio cable is properly connected to the Audio Input of the projector. AUDIO out is connected properly to your audio equipment should be checked. Adjust the volume level through the menu bar.

HDMI not working? –

Select ENHANCED rather than Normal if the HDMI IN is switchable between enhanced and normal for users with audio-video equipment with an HDMI connector. Select HDMI SETTINGS>AUDIO SELECT>HDMI if the input sound is not heard.

Troubleshooting Keystone Distortion –

First press the 3D REFORM button on the remote and then select the < or > to make both sides of the image parallel. Align the image along its corresponding side. Repeat the steps and after correcting them press the exit key.

Troubleshooting maintenance problem –

The projector should be maintained carefully to increase its life. The power switch should be turned off first and then the main switch. Don’t forget to remove all the cables while turning off the projector. Clean only the outside of the projector with a dry and clean cloth. The filter cover must be there while operating the projector. Do not forget to replace and clean the filter cover from time to time. Replace the lamp if its life is exhausted. Check for the LAMP remaining hours from time to time.


can I connect my phone with just a USB cord?

No, an HDMI adaptor is needed to connect your phone with the projector. USB cord can’t be used to connect the projector to your phone. You will need an HDMI adaptor for this.

can I play Netflix and amazon on the projector?

Yes, connect your smartphone with the projector and you can easily view them. But due to copyright issues, there might be a problem in playing audio for the videos, so for this, you can use amazon firestick. You can plug it into the HDMI plug and then connect it to the WIFI to enjoy your shows.

There is no sound in Au King Mini Projector?

Check for the audio cable that if it is properly connected. Check for the volume level then. Remove and then re insert the cable into the projector.

How to rotate my video if it is showing upside down?

Press the S button and choose DMP source and then enter Setting > projection mode > ok. Contact customer care if the problem continues.

What size of batteries the remote requires?

AAA battery is used only for the remote control. No other batteries can be used for the remote of the projector. Change the batteries if exhausted.

What can I do if my image is not clear or blurred?

If the image is not clear then go to Image settings and change the settings. Adjust the projector at the angle of the image. Don’t forget to remove the lens cover.

Why the corners of the screen faded? When I turned it on and adjusted still it was not a full screen?

Check the screen tilt option in the settings bar. If it’s on, then turn it off. Adjust the projector to view the full-size image on the screen.

what to do when my remote stopped working?’

Then fluorescent light of the projector can damage the infrared light of the remote. So, keep it away from the projector. Check for the batteries of the remote. If they are exhausted then change to a new one. Remove the obstacles if present between the remote and the projector. Remove the batteries and then re- insert it in the remote.

Au King Mini Projector 2021 review

The 32 -170 display size of the projector makes it the best product to make your home turn into a home theatre. It also provides a split-screen option i.e. you can watch two screens at the same time. Go to settings and click on the split-screen option. it will make you watch two screens at the same time. The well-balanced sound quality makes sure of the old aged people.
It adds fire to your gaming experience. The large display and the sound make your gaming more interesting.
It is the perfect product for weekends to spend quality time with your family and watch movies. The project cost is just $79.99 with a 2-year warranty which makes it more affordable to buy.
It comes with long-lasting LAMP life that can go over for 15 years if used 5 hours per day. The mini size of the projector makes it easier to handle and carry anywhere. Hence, it is an amazing product to convert your boring Sundays into enjoyable ones.

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