Bandxin Wi-Fi extender setup, troubleshooting and review

Cleaning up the Wi-Fi dead spots with Bandxin Wi Fi extender

Since a singular router is quite likely to create range problem when you have a large house, you will need to come up with ways to extend its range. The best way to do that without spending a whole lot more than what you already spent on the router? Yes, Wi-Fi extenders. Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater is something we would recommend to you if you asked us for advice when buying an extender. Simply put forth we could say that it is quite simple in design, powerful in working and quite reasonable in pricing. An overall convincing and promising product. Let’s take a look into the Bandxin Wi Fi extender specifications.

Specifications of the repeater
  • It comes in a compact design of dimensions 8.19 x 3.8 x 2.24 inches and weighs around 7 ounces.
  • Supports both 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz bandwidth with shifting between bandwidths to maintain the speed as well as the range.
  • Can work in 3 different modes including an extender / repeater mode, an access point mode and a router mode
  • It can support up to 25 devices simultaneously
  • Can cover a range up to 2400 square feet add or subtract a little
  • The package includes one Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater and a Bandxin Wi-Fi Repeater manual.
  • It has four built in antennae to allow it to provide you with an amazing range and help you get rid of those Wi-Fi dead spots.
  • It can generate speeds of 1200 Mbps combined between the two bandwidths.

Moving on from the specifications of the device lets move on to usage of the device.

Bandxin Wi-Fi Repeater Setup

The setup of this device is quite easy and almost identical to any other Wi-Fi extension device that you could come across in the market. Apart from that the Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater User manual provides more insight into any problems you might come across while using the device. Here are a few simple steps to follow in order to complete you Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater setup in no time.

  • Bring out the extender from its package and connect it to a wall socket. Allow it to power up and stabilize.
  • Open up your personal computer or laptop. You can connect to the Wi-Fi network of the extender or simply connect it to your computer using a wire i.e., an ethernet cable
  • After this, go to your computers web browser and paste the Bandxin Wi-Fi repeaters IP address in the address bar.
  • You will have been redirected to the Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater setup page.
  • Here you will have to login using the default credentials which can be changed later.
  • This Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater login page allows you to change your settings to your extender as well as connect it to your router
  • Enter the details of your router and complete the setup an you’re good to go.
  • Unplug the extender from its place and then reconnect to the convenient place where you want the network to be extended.
  • The name of the Wi-Fi router and the extender will be integrated into one unless you use it as an access point.
  • Therefore, the extender will always extend the network of your Wi-Fi router under the same name.

Bandxin Wi Fi Extender Reset

If you ever had some problems with the working of the router or even simply wanted to reset it in order to connect it to a different router, here’s how you can do it in no time. There are two simple ways that you can use in order to complete the reset procedure. In order to Reset Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater, look under the device and you will be able to find a reset button. Simply press and hold on to it for a few seconds until the Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater LED status changes giving you a sign that the reset has started. Then you need to wait for it to stabilize after it runs the power cycle and you will be ready to reprogram again.

A reset can also be done if you visit the Bandxin Wi-fi repeater setup page and go to the options. There you will be able to find a reset to factory settings option. Clicking on it will start the reset procedure.

Bandxin Wi Fi Extender Firmware Update/ Firmware upgrade

In the life of any software-run electronic device, a firmware updates every once in a while, is very important. When it comes to wi-fi repeaters the companies release security patches as well as bug fixes in order to ensure a smooth user experience. In order to install your Bandxin Wi Fi Extender Firmware Update, you need to go to the setup page and login. Then you need to go to the firmware upgrade area and select the check for updates option. It will show you the list of updates available. You simply have to click download and install and It will do It for you.

Make sure that the device is not fiddled with in the middle of the process. After the updates are install, make sure to run a power cycle in order to ensure smooth change of firmware.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater not working?

If your Wi-Fi repeater stops working, try running a power cycle as the first step. It should start up just fine. If it still poses connectivity issues, you might want to try resetting it to its factory settings and then programming it from the start. It helps fix the issue most of the times.

If the problem continues you may want to check if the extender that you are using is not damage.
Sometimes bugs in the firmware can also pose a problem therefore updating the firmware may also help solve the problem. You can find further information in the Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater user manual.

Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater range fall?

If the range on your wi-fi repeater decreases make sure that it is in range with your Wi-Fi router. If the connection between your router and your extender is weak then the extender will not be able to give a good connection. Therefore, make sure that the connection between the extender and the router is good.

Can I turn the Bandxin Wi-Fi extender into an access point?

Yes, as mention above, the extender is capable of running in three modes. The extender mode that is the main mode. Then there is the access point mode. The third one is the router mode wherein you can plug in the ethernet cable directly into the extender and turn it into a router.

What are the Bandxin Wi Fi extender LED statuses?

The Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater LED lights are three. The first one is the power light that denotes if the extender is turn on. The second light is the connection light that denotes if the extender is connect to the router. The third LED is the WPS LED that lights up if the WPS connection is made.

Bandxin Wi-Fi router WPS setup?

The WPS setup is the simplest way to connect a device to your extender. If you want to connect your extender to the router. Simply press the WPS button on both the router and the extender, one after the other. This will get them connected and will be showed by the WPS LED.

The same way you can select the “connect by WPS “option in any mobile device and then press the Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater WPS button to connect It to the device. It will get connects instantly. You can change the WPS setting on the Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater setup page. If you ever forget the password, you can simply use the WPS option to connect to your extender. In a nutshell it is a very helpful feature. You can easily get the device setup.

Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater review

Though we can all agree on the fact that the competition in the Wi-Fi repeater market in constantly on the growth, Bandxin Wi-Fi repeater is worth a try. It is a pretty promising product for its price range providing a tick mark for all the basic amenities expected from a Wi-fi repeater of its caliber.

With a range of around 2400 square feet, it does put up a good deal for its price range not to mention the combine speeds of around 1200 Mbps for both the bandwidths. The design is also very compact and fits in easily. This allows you to place it any plug socket no matter how big of plug is connect right next to it. The LED lights as also well places and easy to see. A satisfying product indeed.

Simply put, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is trying put Wi-Fi repeaters for the first time and is out in the market looking for something affordable and top quality at the same time. The range on this device is quite above the average and so is its capacity to simultaneously connect to a number of devices as mentioned earlier. Definitely worth a buy. Get yourself a Bandxin wi-Fi repeater today.