Belkin 6-Outlet USB Surge Protector manual

BELKIN surge outlet protector is an appliance or device design to protect electrical devices from high and low voltage electrical spikes. The appliances can be protected from high and low voltage electrical spikes. With a help of a device called surge protectors. Here is Belkin USB Surge Protector manual is provided.

Although surge protectors do not always protect against the voltage spike due to lightning or any other natural obstructions. They would guard the appliances against voltage spikes caused due to the reasons mentioned above. As the name clearly defines, Belkin 6-Outlet USB Surge Protector is a device. It protects or shields your devices and electrical applications against a voltage surge/ voltage spike (continuously a current spike).

A lot of people use this kind of surge protectors to provide power supply to desktop computers, television, refrigerators, etc. When the voltage increases beyond a particular level. Then the surge protector either transfers or blocks the excess energy to the ground. By the following process, it ensures that the appliances/ electrical devices connected to it do not get affected or broken down due to a high/ low voltage surge.


  • It reduces the space consumption, it is provided with the wall-mount design. Also provides six extra outlets for extra connection.
    It protects your electronic devices and saves space with the SurgePlus™ USB Wall Mount Surge Protector. Ideal for an office, gaming center, or any room with multiple electronic device connections. The SurgePlus™ mounts directly over any existing wall outlet socket to give you six additional Alternating Current outlets.
  • This device has two USB ports (2.1 Ampere combined) refrigerators, mobile phones, and other electrical devices
    *900-Joule energy rating for highly superior home and office electronical protection
  • It Indicates and lets you know about the equipment security level.
    With the help of SurgePlus™ USB Wall Mount Surge outlet Protector. There is no need to guess whether your electronic devices are protected against damaging voltage and power fluctuations, surges & spikes. The green light lets you know your equipment is protected & secured while “Not-Grounded” therefore indicator warns you about the not grounded state of the outlet.
  • In some Belkin Surge Protector models come with safety covers ( sliding ) on the outlets of the Surge outlet Protector. This will help minimize dust & debris in the outlets when they are not in use. Make sure to slide the covers fully to expose/hide the outlets.
  • In some Belkin Surge Protector models have a power-cord manager which is highly integrated at the foot of the Surge Protector. So this will help keep power cords organized and tangle-free.
    Lift the given clip and enroute the power cords under the clip. Press the clip down to lock the nearby power cords are in place.


Power Connections:

Your Belkin Surge outlet Protector should be plugged into a grounded outlet while all connected equipment should be plugged directly into the projector via a socket. The use of any kind of extension in the cord in conjunction with a Belkin Surge Protector will be void with all types of Belkin surge warranties.

Network Connections/ phone/ fax/ modem

Some Belkin Surge outlet Protector models come with modem/phone surge protection. During this process, You have pass the connection through the highly protect jacks on your Belkin Surge outlet Protector. Try to connect your phone/modem/network line from your wall outlet to the Input jack on the BELKIN Surge outlet Protector. After that connect a phone cord / RJ cable into the output jack on the Surge outlet Protector. Also connect the other end of the cord to the phone/modem/network jack of the device that you want to be protect. If you fail to connect the phone/modem/ network protection. Finally the Connect Equipment Warranty will not cover your connect electrical equipment. Most of the modem damage can be prevent if time is taken to connect the phone/modem protection.

Coaxial-Cable Connections

Some Belkin Surge outlet Protector models come with coaxial-cable surge protection. Instead of running a connection directly through your DSS /TeleVision/cable operator box/ VCR to the wall jack. You need to pass the connection through the protected F connectors on your Belkin Surge outlet Protector. Make sure that you connect your phone/fax/network line/ modem from your wall outlet to the Input jack on the Belkin Surge Protector. Connect an RJ phone cord or RJ45 cable into the output jack on the Surge outlet Protector, and connect the other end of the cord to the phone/fax/modem/network jack of the device you want to be protected. If you refuse to use the coaxial-cable protection method, The Connected Equipment Warranty will not cover and protect your connect equipment. Most VCR/TV damage can be prevent using this coaxial cable protection method.



The Protected light indicates that your Belkin surge protector is functioning correctly and is providing protection to the needed devices you have connect that are about to be protect. This light should be turned on as long as the surge protector is plugged into an outlet and is turn ON. If this light turns off at any time, It means that your surge protector has serve its purpose of protecting your equipment against damaging fluctuations, surges, or current spikes. If this thing happens, your surge outlet protector should be replace with a new one.

Grounded to the field:

The Grounded light indicates that your surge protector is connect to a properly grounded outlet perfectly. If this light is not turn ON, you may have a ground wiring problem and should inspect it properly ground the outlet.

Not Earthed Light:

The Not Grounded light indicates that your surge protector is not connect to a properly ground outlet. If this light remains ON. After that you may have a ground wiring problem and should contact an electrician to inspect and properly ground the outlet.

Inrush Current / Over-Current

The Inrush Current or Over-Current light indicates that your surge outlet protector has detect a large electrical current being drawn by a device through which it is plug into it. For instance, If you have an electrical appliance such as a heater plug into your surge protector and it has an internal electrical short. It might draw more current than what is above the safety level when you turn it ON. The surge protector will detect and warn you about this issue. The light may appear as a warning or as a Wait for the Reset message depending upon your Belkin surge protector model.



The Surges and spikes are short-term voltage increases and decreases. They are mainly cause by lightning strikes, power outages, short circuits/malfunctions cause by power utility companies/industries. They might cause data corruption, catastrophic. Mainly the costly equipment damage, or even extend to the death of the device. The incremental damage degrades equipment performance and shortens its average lifespan.

  • Lightning strikes.
  • Miswired electrical connections.
  • Utility company loads.
  • Systematical lock-ups.
  • loss of productivity.
  • Incremental or catastrophic equipment damage.

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