Bo Ying Wireless Doorbell

The Bo Ying wireless doorbell is a classy, shiny, and stylish doorbell that is designed with outstanding material to guard it against higher humidity and temperature. It arrives with two parts, a transmitter, and the receiver. The operating range in an open area is around 300m, which assures you to listen and take action of the doorbell in time. It does not matter whether you are in a garden, park, balcony, or kitchen, you will forever get to know someone while visiting from outdoors. It is a waterproof and dustproof device, thereby resisting and withstanding temperatures between -22 degrees F and 158 degrees F. A genuine wireless and reliable device for home, school, offices, apartments, hotels, villas, factories, hospitals, warehouses, and many more places.

The Bo Ying wireless doorbell melodies are around 38 with level four adaptable sounds varying from 25db to 85db. The radio speaker supplies high-end and cool sound. Just select the melodies of your choice. The flashing LED lights are best for the person who is impaired of notice. The wall mount design preserves the cost of the supplementary tools to place or install the doorbell. The superior features of the doorbell are as follows.

Bo Ying Wireless Doorbell Features

Some superior features and specs of the Bo Ying doorbell are as follows.

  • It is straightforward to install as you simply necessitate attaching the receiver to the AC plug and fixing the transmitter on the wall.
  • The 38 different tone selection option allows you to pick the one you like
  • The ultra power-saving mode with 12V alkaline battery, gets free from the battery replacement.
  • A stylish and classy device designed with high-quality water resistance and dust-proof materials. Thereby offers place in offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses, apartments, hotels, homes, schools, villas, and many more places.
  • Apart from hearing the sound of the doorbell, it also delivers a visual alert with illuminating LED indicators.
  • If placed within the range of 1000 feet in an open field, you can respond to the doorbell.

Bo Ying Doorbell Setup and Installation

To begin with, unbox the Bo Ying unit box and take out the transmitter, receiver, screws, screwdriver, 12V 23A battery for transmitter, two-sided adhesive tape, and a user guide. Put all these instruments on a horizontal flat surface and understand the user manual. Now insert the battery into the transmitter. To do it, copy the straightforward tips

Install The Battery In Transmitter
  • Open the back cover of the transmitter by pulling it.
  • Put the battery into the compartment.
  • Put the back over and force it until you hear a click sound. After inserting the battery into the transmitter, it’s time to mount it. To mount the transmitter, go after these uncomplicated steps.

Bo Ying Wireless Doorbell Instructions to Mount with Adhesive Tape

You can mount the Bo Ying transmitter to the wall utilizing two ways. It is made of adhesive tape and a screwdriver. To mount the transmitter using the adhesive tape, follow these uncomplicated steps.

  • Using the two-sided adhesive tape, the doorbell can be mounted on the wall.
  • Unwrap the one side of adhesive tape and fix it to the back of the plate, assuring that nothing is visible from the front side.
  • Spot the position where you wish to attach the doorbell. The wall or area should be flat, clear, and see as possible.
  • Unwarp the other side of the adhesive tape and fix the doorbell to the wall. Here are the effortless steps to mount the transmitter with the help of screws.
Mount The Transmitter Doorbell with Screws
  • Mark the spot on the wall where you want to drill.
  • Using the drilling machine, drill the holes.
  • Now position your receiver aligning to the holes.
  • Put the screws and harden with the help of a screwdriver. Now go after these simple operations to install the receiver and adjust the volume and melodies.
Plug The Receiver
  • Take a receiver and connect it to the AC plug.
  • The receiver starts lightening.
  • Now push the button to change the melodies and the volume button to adjust the melodies’ sound upto four levels. Now pair both the transmitter and the receiver. Here are the simple steps to do it.
Pair Transmitter and Receiver
  • After plugging the receiver into the AC joint, force down the chime button and pick a tune or melodies.
  • Now push the volume button of the receiver for around three seconds.
  • The receiver enters the repairing mode.
  • Thumb down the two push buttons.
  • Push till the tune or melody is picked and free when the pairing is accomplished.

Bo Ying Wireless Doorbell Manual

First you have to understand the user manual to do the installation of the transmitter with screws as well as with two-sided adhesive tapes. Also, learn the receiver installation from the guide. It will prompt you to adjust the volume of 38 different melodies up to 4 levels. You can also adjust the melodies or tone of the doorbell by just pushing the chime button. The CE, FCC, and RoHS certification is also mentioned with warning and safety instructions.

Bo Ying Doorbell Troubleshooting

The Bo Ying doorbell, if used for a long time, may cause an issue. However, the problem may also arise due to manufacturer defects. Some of the well-known issues that occur in doorbells with troubleshooting tips are as follows.

Why is my doorbell not working? Solutions

The doorbell may not work due to many reasons. Some of the common reasons with solutions are as follows.

  • Assure that the battery is inserted accurately into the transmitter.
  • Ensure that you have inserted a fresh new battery.
  • Move the receiver next to the transmitter or vice versa. The distance between both should not be greater than 300 meters or 1000 feet.
  • Unplug the receiver from the AC plug and connect again.
  • Check that the AC plug is working and the current is stable.
  • Repair the transmitter and the receiver after performing the factory reset.
Bo Ying doorbell factory reset

The factory reset will restore the whole device to a new one. To do it catch the below instructions.

  • Remove the battery first from the doorbell for around ten minutes.
  • Force down the push button various times to remove the voltage.
  • Now insert the battery again.
  • That’s it, the doorbell has been reset.
How to sync wireless doorbell?
  • Thumb down the doorbell button.
  • Press the transmitter push button too.
  • In this way, you sync both the transmitter and the receiver.

Bo Ying Doorbell Review

I am glad to do the review as it is the best wireless doorbell I ever purchased in my life. I purchased this doorbell because it is wireless and doesn’t require any WiFi connection to pair it. Just plug the receiver and fix the transmitter to the wall to pair it. It roughly takes two to three minutes to accomplish the setup. The 38 several-tone variety option enables you to select the best one you want. The ultra power-saving mode with a 12V alkaline battery, gets independent from the battery replacement. Not only from the sound, but it also passes a visual alert with illuminating LED lights which gives a premium look to your home decor. Overall, an outstanding doorbell at this reasonable price, and I prefer purchasing it.


Q1. What’s the brand name?

Bo Ying, the reliable doorbell manufacturer in the world market.

Q2. Does Bo Ying’s doorbell have a dog barking sound?

The doorbell is featured with 38 different sounds. But sadly, the dog barking sound is not included in that.

Q3. Does this device work with Bluetooth?

No, the doorbell is wireless. It does not require the Bluetooth function to install.

Q4. Can I set the doorbell to vibration mode only?

No, there is no option to set the doorbell to vibration mode only. You can pick one from 38 different sounds.

Q5. My doorbell is not working? Any suggestions

Place the receiver near the transmitter or vice versa. Verify that the AC plug is in operating condition and the current is stable. The distance between both should not be larger than 300 meters or 1000 feet. Unplug the receiver from the AC plug and join again. Get sure that the battery is included exactly in the transmitter compartment. Assure that you had inserted a brand new battery.

Q6. Can I install the Bo Ying doorbell ih metal doors?

Yes, use adhesive tape instead of screws to install the doorbell in metal doors.

Q7. Do the doorbell LED indicators glow at night?

Yes, when the button is pushed, the LED indicators glow at night.

Q8. Can I install alkaline batteries?

Yes, it supports alkaline batteries.

Q9. Does this need electric wiring?

No, it does not need any electric wiring.

Q10. How to reset Bo Ying doorbell?

Remove the battery from the doorbell first. Remain in for about ten minutes. Thumb down the push button multiple times to eliminate the voltage. Now inject the battery again. That’s it, the doorbell has been reset.