Bodyguard wi-fi extender

The wi-fi repeater is manufactured by the “Bodyguard” company in China. The product (Item Model Name – BODYGUARD) sells for a much cheaper cost and is available for sale at (ASIN – B0972TXGSD). The Bodyguard wi-fi extender got launched back in June 2021 and is available in a single-colour variant that is “Black”. The brand provides a warranty of 1 Year, this service can be extended by the company on a special request and early registration. Due to these reasons, the signal extender got a #111 ranking in the Repeaters Department worldwide.

They also received a wholesome of 4.5 Stars out of 5 in the review section of the buying link. The likes and comments are described by customers across the globe. The company establishment may not be online so much, but all the solutions to your problem are given in this article and also in the purchase link

Structural details of Dual-Band Bodyguard Wi-Fi repeater.

The Bodyguard wi-fi extender weighs around 3.84 ounces and has a 3.66 * 3.62 * 2.13 inches dimension setup. The black panel is made up of strong and good quality fibre. The antennas are constructed on all 4 sides and ports are given on the bottom portion for WAN & LAN wire connection. A reset button is provided on the right side with a functioning indicator as well. A grill mesh for hot air ventilation is given on the left side that cools the system systematically.

The WPS button stays at the frontal side, along with 4 indicators for Power, Internet, WPS connectivity and Wi-Fi. The power prong design is given on the back for direct plug charging. These indicators blink the colour green and the reset indicator blinks the colour red, showing an active running status of the gadget. Get help from YouTube videos, or view the company videos given on the buying link.

Unboxing the full coverage Bodyguard wi-fi range booster.

Getting this Bodyguard wi-fi extender at your place is quite easy, the company doesn’t charge extra tax on imports and even ships all over the world for free. The warehouse facility is less and the production is shortened as well due to which receiving the shipment at your delivery location is going to take time. The device comes in a black box, with a surround thermal covering from all sides.

Opening up the lid, you will see the main repeater kept at the top including the warranty and manual booklet. Keep the card and the bill secure to claim service in future. Also, a long black Ethernet cable is provided with the device. The power prong shape will depend on the based country you live in (Normal 5V PowerPoint). If anything, other than this is missing from the box, immediately inform the Amazon customer service agent about the theft.

Installing the Bodyguard wireless signal extender.

  • Doing this will take not more than 5 minutes. Make sure you have already installed your router successfully beforehand. Now place the extender nearby your modem/router and provide it with a stable power connection. Let it get charged for 20 to 30 seconds before doing anything else, the power indicator will light up.
  • Tap on to the WPS button on the repeater once and the WPS indicator will blink. Take a halt for 5 seconds or more and repeat the same on the connecting router as well. Connect the Ethernet cord between the two on the LAN ports.
  • Go to your wi-fi router app and tap the “Add Device” option or “Connect a Repeater/Extender”. The browser page will also have this setting on its interface, visit the website to set up your device. The wi-fi range booster will display the “Bodyguard 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz XXXX” name on that sync page. Tap on that and enter your router’s password in there correctly to activate the device.
  • You are done with the synchronization of the extender with the router. You can now see all the indicators blinking green LED light and you can now access the web via the device. Place it in the farthest location mentioned to increase your connectivity reach. Customize settings if you want, on the router app. The same will be applied to the Bodyguard range booster as well.

Features of Bodyguard WPS AC1200 range booster.

  • The Bodyguard wi-fi extender is universally compatible with all the devices available in the market. Wireless connectivity of 802.11b/g/n/a/ac can handle up to 20-30 devices at a time. The frequency bandwidth is dual-band so it can access both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ranged devices.
  • The 4 antennas deliver a high speed of 1200 Mbps to the connected devices. The connection covers a 360 degrees area of the house and can even penetrate through wood, steel and brick walls. All the devices, can easily watch full HD streaming videos and play top-end online games on the server together.
  • Devices such as TVs, gaming consoles, phones, etc. can be connected to the Bodyguard device. The gadget makes sure that the 1200 square feet area that it covers, all the dead zones are getting a stronger signal connection. Direct Ethernet connection with the extender is also available to get a much faster web speed.
  • The AP mode, lets the wi-fi repeater work both wired and wirelessly. The AC1200 extender doesn’t let data spend too much.
  • The normal channel delivers 300 Mbps while the enhanced one delivers 867 Mbps speed. The Wi-Fi interference is lessened too as the integrated security system helps handle traffic in a much better way. The privacy policies and network stealing properties are bundled in with the pack so that your information remains unhacked and safe.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

Reasons to buy the Bodyguard AC1200 wifi extender?
  • This extender is one of the cheapest price segmented wi-fi extenders, that ships without any cost. There are no hidden charges but the delivery is delayed a bit.
  • The AC1200 mesh system has an inner cooling system and the range of coverage is decent as well. As a wired and wireless optimizing system is available, the user can switch between any.
  • Being a dual-band repeater the Bodyguard becomes more easily buyable, as the owner can switch between them both anytime.
  • The given speed on both the frequency is the same as any premium based extender.
  • Installation and setup are pretty quick as well, there is no hassle in connecting it with the router. All thanks to the Repeater and AP mode, the system has a hardcore security system too.
How to reset, restart the Bodyguard Wi-Fi range repeater?

After a successful integration of the extender, the green lights stay on for some time. After that, the device robotically restarts itself to start the job freshly. Nonetheless, to manually do that hold the WPS button for more than 5 seconds, the network light will blink and the device will restart.
To factory reset the device, hold the reset button given on the side for 12 seconds and the device will revert back to its default setting. Doing this refreshes the system and cleans all bugs and viruses (if exits) from the server completely. Remember your personalized settings are also deleted so you will need to re-design it back from the beginning.

How to update the firmware on the Bodyguard dual-band range booster?

To software update completely depends upon the router company, as whatever adjustments are newly done on the router, it is being integrated on the extender as well. The signal booster also acquires the security patches that are being sent by the company on a quarterly/monthly basis. You won’t understand the update as it installs during non-usage hours if connected to the Internet all the time. The basic job of the Bodyguard extender is to expand the wi-fi coverage ground to a certain level, so it doesn’t require such up-gradation as such. Anyhow, you can check on your router’s browser or app settings (About section), to manually update the system.

How to solve the Wi-Fi disconnection issue on the Bodyguard signal booster?

To get a hold of a better and stronger signal connection, place the router and the repeater within range. Placing them far away leads to problems such as disconnection, weak signal bands, etc. Always keep note that you place the extender far once the setup and customization are complete. If you place them apart, the problems are seen from the beginning. It’s better to reset the router fully and install it back again from the start. IMPORTANT: To manually understand the range issue, place the signal repeater in the exact place where your connected smart device shows the last wi-fi signal band.

How to solve the slow internet speed issue on the Bodyguard signal repeater?

Again, place the router and the extender nearby so that the connection remains bonded and the user surfing experience remains smooth. Never place the extender in the dead zone, if the wi-fi devices sync is not done properly then the connection will forever remain slow or dead. Follow the installation procedure step by step to avoid such trouble. The dual-band booster will emit all the non-working zones surrounding a 360 degrees area. IMPORTANT: Place both the router and the wi-fi extender at a higher level in your home. This provides them with an open space, without any obstruction and the signal enhances to the next level.

How to know what’s troubling your wireless Bodyguard extender?

A definitive way of discovering this issue is that you can commonly test a few gadgets on the extender’s Wi-Fi organizations. Interface up to 10 gadgets least and 25 gadgets greatest to decide the specific issue. Associated gadgets can likewise bear issues with the framework, so continue to attempt with various gadgets like TVs, workstations, game control centres, telephones, and so forth. On the off chance that everything is in appropriate working condition, ask your Internet Service Provider, if the issue is from his end. They can address the webstream obstruction issue from their side as it were. Check the switch associated too, a lost association or no web administration can likewise make inconvenience.

Security precautions needed for handling the Bodyguard signal repeater?

The bodyboard of the item isn’t at all solid, so you better watch out for the situation of the switch. Ensure its proper a specific current board firmly to abstain from tumbling off. The Ethernet link ought to be joined effectively to the WAN/LAN port before the position is finished. Turn on the force, solely after every one of the links and gadgets is matched up hence, as portrayed in the arrangement method. The organization will not allow you to guarantee a guarantee if the contraption is harmed actually. Try not to change areas consistently and in an open region. An indoor area is tremendously favoured instead of an outside one.

How to solve the Bodyguard Wi-Fi signal extender showing connectivity issues with the router as well as the connected devices?

In the wake of completing the establishment strategy, if the 4 green lights are largely flickering, it implies the association is secure and the speed/strength is at the top. You need to straighten out the extenders arrangement and situate if the unit is fixed at a further area away from the main router connection. The LED light squinting will change from green to red to show a more fragile sign association.

You need to keep the gadgets inside the scope of 1200 square feet to get an outright Internet administration (Note: Get an additional one repeater on the off chance that you have a greater house than expected).
Likewise, check the force source board is dynamic or not, a free change can make a wreck and create electric starts also. Continuously recall, to put the Bodyguard at a more elevated level in the ideal room. Reset the gadget in the event that its shows misfires and latent work status on the gadget and reconfigure it to begin once again. (Note: Keep both the switch and the reach extender close, while following the arrangement methodology).

Review of the Wi-Fi range extender by Bodyguard.

Having a greater house is normal nowadays, individuals need their private space and space to move on. Yet, what might be said about the Internet association! A solitary switch can just give Internet administration to a specific reach and breaking point. The answer for this issue is a Wi-Fi extender that shows up in a viable arrangement alongside comparative security conventions.

Shockingly it’s your big moment, as I will present the Bodyguard Wi-Fi signal repeater today. The Wi-Fi supporter can convey up to 1200M speed contingent on your neighbourhood blocked region. It’s exceptionally easy to understand and runs on both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz recurrence data transfer capacities. The contraption can be set in any of your number one spots, like the nursery, feasting, room, second or third floors, and so forth any place you believe you are inadequate with regards to the web signals. It can infiltrate through thick dividers and entryways and gives 360 degrees of inclusion. Henceforth, more speed and execution are reached by the Bodyguard extender.

For such a value section, the gadget is totally deserving of procurement. I know a portion of the elements are missing like the application and PPPOE access organization, yet you actually can’t say anything negative, seeing its benefits and the expense cutting. In addition, it’s a free world and you can positively search for different choices or can see the Bodyguard range sponsor recordings on Amazon to get a vivid encounter. Take a look at the TP-Link AC1750 extender, Amazon eero Beacon network, Netgear range extender EX7700, Rockspace Wi-Fi amplifier, and so forth for speedy other options.