BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub

The BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub is manufactured by the “Hangzhou BroadLink Technology Co. Ltd” company in China. The product (Part Number- RM4 pro) was launched last year in April 2020. It is available for sale since then at (ASIN- BE086VBXSDH) costing 44 U.S. dollars. You have to pay extra for adding the sensor cable with it (5 U.S. dollars). The company provides free shipping and tax charges for the RM 4 pro worldwide. Moreover, BroadLink (Model Number- RM4 PRO) received a rating of 4 stars out of 5 on the buying websites. Alternate comments and reviews were followed by various likes and dislikes of BroadLink from its customers. However, the RM 4 pro still received a #9 rating in the Home Hubs and Controllers Automation department around the globe. The smart home hub is available in a single colour variant which is “Black” along with its sensor cable. Although, for more information visit the customer service department at the purchasing site.

Structural design of BroadLink IR/RF hub Wi-Fi RM4 pro.

The BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub comes with a square-shaped glossy plastic body built. The body panel is inverted towards the inside, a little bit from the ends for placements. The home hub weighs around 0.317 ounces and has a 3.55 * 3.55 * 1.22 inches dimensions set up. With the branding of “BroadLink” upfront, the smart home hub has a LED indicator at the facing side. It reflects the colour “Blue” to ensure working functionality. A port for charging is also constructed at the backside beside the Reset button. The bottom is filled with rubber padding for area sitting and a vent is surrounding it for hot air passing out. The cable has a decent material quality and a bigger length for matching up to the wall attachment as well. Note: Don’t mess with the downside of the RM4, if you have a problem with the device, sent it to the company back for checking.

Unboxing the BroadLink home automation RM4 pro.

The package is delivered to you within 4 days of ordering. Opening up the packet you will see 2 boxes kept separately. Scratch off all the tapes attached and take out the things. First, the main product RM4 pro comes out along with some reading documents as well. They are mostly the manuals, quick start guide and warranty information about the BroadLink. Keep them safe for the item using and claiming warranty in future. A USB cable is also given for charging (5 Volts). You have to purchase a power adapter separately for providing it with a power source (DC output). Clear up the other box to take out the sensor cable. You can clearly differentiate between the charging cable and the sensor cable. The sensor cable has a transmitting winglet attached to it for creating communication. Note: Peel off all the stickers and plastic covering up your device for better performance production. Other than this, if anything is missing immediately inform the issue at the support section of the official website

Connecting the RM4 pro BroadLink with the mobile app.

  • Firstly, set the BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub to the nearest TV port plus a Wi-Fi network and provide it with a power source. After being charged scan the QR code on the device back or download the latest BroadLink application on your device. The application is available for both IOS and Android devices.
  • Provide a 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi connection to both your phone and home hub. Give in the Wi-Fi name and password for letting it access the home network, after launching the app. Press the “Connect” option that arrives on your screen. Make sure the blue LED keeps flashing after the power is being provided (4 times). Now, click “Add Device” and quickly set up the device with the home Wi-Fi network.
  • After that, click on “Add Appliances” and select the device category and brand name adequately. Add all the devices that you presently use and try involving in the user activities once in a while. Once you have linked all the devices with your app, you can control them by visiting the particular device section that you wish to operate currently. Although you can activate the voice command feature and try providing commands through that only. This makes your job a lot easier, even saves more time other than physically using the app. The application AI system will automatically register your voice and make a list of your daily favourite activities to act consequently.

Features of RM4 pro home smart hub by BroadLink.

  • Covering up all its features in this article is difficult, but we can surely pick out the best ones. BroadLink usually supports all the companies branded devices. It works with TV, Fridge, AC, Fan, Recorders, Speakers and many more. With regular updates, it starts colliding with new models of different appliance brands. The RM4 pro follows a fixed code (RF315 and 433 MHz) with several bulbs, switches, projecting devices and controlling motors.
  • The voice command feature is amongst the best ones. Smart automation supports both Alexa and Google Assistant. You can change channels or control the volume on the TV. Also, control your room temperature or cause an activity by speaking out the command via your voice. Play a song or record a conversation if you require to. For example, provide the order “Alexa, turn on the TV” or “Alexa, play the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran” and it will act accordingly.
  • As the home hub is app controlled, you can share the login credentials of the smart app with your friends and family. With this, they can also have an immersive experience using the IFTTT feature. You can come home to watch your favourite TV channel and pre-set the room temperature, even before opening the door.
  • The timer scheduling feature is pretty amazing too. You can customise your timetable beforehand through the app if you have something exciting to watch or do. Also control your sleep, morning, and work scene by adjusting the AC controller with specific time and temperature monitoring.


How to reset, restart the BroadLink automation RM4 pro?

There is no particular way to restart the device. Although, you can always remove the power source, let it rest for some time before activating it back again. Perhaps resetting the device fully is on the brighter side. Use a pin to press and hold the Reset button placed at the RM4’s back for 10 seconds. A LED light will blink responding to the function speedily, as it stops the factory reset will be completed. Extra: Restarting the BroadLink only gives the device rest and refreshes the system. However, resetting the device fully will delete all the pre-customized settings that you have personalised. You need to start up fresh for connecting it to a Wi-Fi network.

How to update firmware on the Rm4 Pro BroadLink?

Updating the software version on the BroadLink device is quite easy and simple. The gadget is supposed to work with all the brand appliances that are enlisted on the usable device chart. The market always keeps flooding with several other devices from old and new brands. To keep up with them, the company sends firmware updates for the RM4 pro hub weekly. No need to worry as the app updates itself automatically, if it is connected to the universal Wi-Fi network all the time. After every update, you can view the security patch evolvement and the new incremented list on the brand appliances.

What’s the difference between RM3 pro and RM4 pro?

The RM4 pro stands more advanced than the RM3 pro. It has an enhanced performance system including and is also compact in size. The BroadLink RM4 pro has a broader database service for brand compatibility than the RM3 pro. The sensor cable is also missing in the RM3 pro so that’s a downfall as well. Features like routine creation and saving AI data also excludes in the BroadLink RM3 pro.

Remote supporting options on the BroadLink RM4 PRO?

The BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub works with the infrared blaster service. It works as an IR/RF remote if connected through that service. The BroadLink fulfils a range of 315 (305~355 MHz) and 433 (430~440 MHz) radio frequency in a fixed code, leaving out the rolling code. Due to that, extra special curtains, door and fans may not tend to respond, so confirm usage before purchasing. The global call service is available 24/5 to answer such customer queries.


How to solve smart RM4 pro-Wi-Fi hub issues with Amazon Alexa?

The same issues have been reported several times by uncountable customers. The problem occurs sometimes in the usage of the BroadLink. Alexa repeatedly tells “device not responding”, when it displays the error. Stop thinking too much as I have 3 ways to get you out of this trouble. Start by habitually using the IHC app more than Alexa. This resumes the app activity much more than the Amazon Alexa. You can always also kill all the power source options often for the Wi-Fi router, as well as the BroadLink IR/RF Smart Home Hub. Wait for 10 minutes or more to resume activity sometimes. After continuous long usage, the product gets too heated showcasing a “not responding” error. If both these options don’t work, try removing the BroadLink skill from the Alexa app. Delete Amazon Alexa from your phone totally and reinstall it back again. Connect both of them again, and attempt functioning activity after taking a halt.

How to solve Wi-Fi home hub RM4 pro mobile app connecting issues?

Commonly, the problem does occur since the configuration process. Even if the user is using a hotspot, that hub is unable to find the network channel for the Internet flow to arrive. That’s why before activating, you need to check whether the LED light is working properly or not. If it flashes 4 times, that means, the BroadLink is working alright. Now all you need to do is boost the signal by keeping the router and your smartphone closer to the RM4 pro. If all this doesn’t work out, go for giving the GPS and location access from your smartphone to the device. The SSID from your home network or hotspot will easily be identified soon after this. Lastly, reset the device fully if these tricks don’t help you out anyway. Giving it a boot up generally clears all the bugs and blockages in the system.

How to solve a location matching problem on IR/RF RM4 pro BroadLink?

You may come across this error while syncing up with your device. The setup configuration and LED light, both will stop immediately, and an alert message will arrive stating that the “Device location doesn’t match”. However, getting rid of this problem only goes in one way. Switch on the Location and GPS control on your device and see if the device language is set to “English”. By default, it is set to “Chinese”, so make sure you change it before moving forward. Visit the device server by tapping on the profile icon on your app and click on server options. Shift the European language to the American language and attempt connection with BroadLink after this. If the issue still displays on your phone, contact the customer care company for further assistance.

Review of home hub Wi-Fi BroadLink RM4 pro.

I know the majority of the public is going through a lot to choose between many devices. With a next-level type of competition in the market, they are getting confused on which item to leave or which to buy. Hence to help you out on this matter I am reviewing today the RM4 pro from BroadLink. This is a device via which you can control all your home appliances by an app or voice command. The smart hub is basically made for controlling TVs, Fridges, ACs Doors, Lights, etc. types of things. Remember that all your appliances should be smart and app friendly. They require a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connection to get attached to the Wi-Fi hub. You can use your home appliances by just clicking on the app or telling them what to do. If you are busy working then shout out an order, and they will follow acting on it instantly.
You should definitely go for purchasing this BroadLink item, as it comes in for quite cheaper than the Google mini but works almost exactly like it. From my point of view, you should blindly buy it, before thinking twice about anything else. It’s easy to install and is quite user friendly. No matter you can always look out for various options in the market. Some of them are BroadLink Mini 3, BOND hub, Hubitat Elevation, Konke smart, Sengled, TEEKAR ZigBee, Smart IR remote control etc. For more products, you can always search through the Amazon page all the time. If you seek any help regarding this product, contact the support team from the technical department on the official website for service.