Broadlink RM Mini 3 Hub

The Broadlink RM Mini 3 Hub is a very smart wifi device for the home. And this device spread the range to 26.2 Feet. the compatibility of the device with television, smartphone, and computer. The device connectivity technology with wi-fi and infrared. This smart wifi system transfers data with a 2.4GHz radio frequency. The RM Mini 3 supports the TV, video recorder, DVD, A/C, and set-up box. The device is controlled with the Broadlink app. RM Mini 3 is also controlled with Alexa and google assistant. Moreover, This device is mostly used in homes, shops, and small offices.

Reset and the power button is available on the device. When you use the reset button, it refreshes your device with all settings. And the power input button is used to ON/OFF the device.
Furthermore, the smart wifi system is used to connect with the computer, smartphone, and TV for enjoyment like gaming, and video streaming, etc. the company of the device gives the 1-year warrant for fulfilling the satisfaction of the consumer. If the device is not working properly, you can replace it. Now, I will discuss the characteristics of the broadlink wifi smart system in upcoming paragraphs.

Features of the broadlink wifi smart system

There are multifarious features of the broadlink wifi smart home Hub. to commence with,

IR Smart Remote Hub:

The device is controlled by the remote and it controls the TV, A/C, lighting, and audio. The device works with google cloud to control all the devices on time. The smart wifi system is controlled from anywhere to the location of the device.

Broadlink app:

The app downloading link and QR code is given on the envelope and label of the device which is given on the back of the router. With the app, we control the wifi devices as well as the other appliance for a better connection. ‘

Works with Alexa and Google Assistant:

The device within one voice because which is connected is connected with Alexa and google assistant. If your broadlink device is connected with Alexa and google assistant. So, you do not need to turn on/off from the button.

Easy setup and management

The smart wifi home setup and management are very simple because all the information and instructions related to the device are given on the broadlink app. You can set up their device in 3 steps.

Advance setting

In the advanced setting, we can set the time to ON/OFF of the tv, a/c, and lights. And you can set the alarm to draw attention to other work. You can set the time and other things related to the device through the broadlink app.

These are the functions of the broadlink wifi smart system.

Installation steps of the Broadlink RM Mini 3 Hub

If you want to install your device correctly. So, you can follow these instructions line by line to operate the smart home wifi system.

  • First, you need to take the remote and device for a better connection from the packaging bow.
  • After getting the remote, the packing box has other accessories and envelopes to operate the device. You also need to take it.
  • Then, connect the device to the charger through the charging cable and it connects to the device USB ports and the second end of the cable connects to the power adapter. Then, it is put into a power outlet.
  • After that, read the envelope of the device and try to connect the other appliance with the remote according to the given instructions.
  • Then, plug into the correct power outlet. After the blue lights were blinking.
  • At last, your device remote is connected to another device to automatically control TVs, A/C, recorder, receiver, and DVD.

Ways to connect the RM Mini 3 device through the broad link mobile app?

  • Search broadlink or in the web browser and download from the play store.
  • After downloading this, open the app and go to the setting of the device.
  • Then, click on the add another device.
  • After that, enter the name or model number of the device for connection.
  • Then, select the device which is given on the display.
  • After entering the device name and model number, click on the save.

These are the incredible steps to install the device. Next, I will mention the login steps beneath the lines.

Ways to Login the broadlink wifi smart home system

  • Search the into your IOS/Android web browser to download the app and you can download the app from the play store. And this is also used to log in to the device into a web browser.
  • Then, look at the password and username. The username and password are given on the configuration card attached to the back of the device.
  • After that, enter the password and username into a login web page.
  • Then, wait for 4-5 minutes.
  • After that, open the website of the device.
  • Then, all the information is given on this site related to the smart home wifi.
  • Follow the instructions step by step which are given on the screen.
  • At last, your login procedure is completed.

These are the login steps of the broadlink wifi.

Broadlink RM Mini 3 Hub manual

In this manual, you can see the questions related to devising issues of the user. To trigger with, My device reset procedure is not starting. How I convert my old password into a new password. And my broadlink smart home wifi does not connect to Alexa. What can l do? Where can I find instructions about the remote connection? How do I download the broadlink app?
What are the steps to set up the broadlink smart wifi? How do I reboot the device? Can the reboot process refresh all the settings of the device? This device can work with 10 devices? Do this remote work with fans? If any information is not given on the broadlink manual. So, you can get it from here. Now, I will talk about the setup steps of the broadlink smart wifi below.

Setup steps of the broadlink smart wifi system

If you want to set up your device in a perfect manner. So, you should follow these mentioned steps line by line. To commence with,

  • Initially, connect the device with the remote and put this device on charging mode.
  • Then, open the broadlink app or login web page for changing settings.
  • After that, tap on the left side given three doors.
  • Then, click on the last option that is setting.
  • After opening the setting, click on the changing password and username.
  • Then, put in the old password, new password, and new password for confirmation. Then, tap on the save option.
  • After that, open the remote setting, many remote names and model numbers are seen on the mobile screen.
  • Select your remote according to the name and model number. If your remote is not given. Click on the add remote option. And then, enter the name and model number which is given on the label of the remote. And then, select it.
  • After that, follow the instructions step by step which are given on the screen.
  • After changing all the settings according to your choice and then click on the save option.
  • Then, you need to wait for 5-8 minutes, then the device will restart.
  • At last. Your device is completed.

These are the incredible setup steps of the broadlink smart wifi system. Here, I am going to talk about the solutions to the problems of the device in underlines.

Troubleshooting steps of the Broadlink smart wifi system

My device is connected to the remote

Initially, again enter the model and name of the remote. Then, reboot the device via the WPS button. Then, try again to enter the model number and name of the remote. If this does not show the remote in the app. Use the reset option is the last option for you.

How do I reboot the broadlink wifi?

The WPS button is not given on the device. So, you would use the WPS from the broadlink app. Go to the settings and click on the WPS button and then, enter the admin password for rebooting.

Does this device remotely work with fans?

The remote does not work with the simple fans. This works with modern fans. Which fans are made according to the technology. So, you can connect the remote with this for controlling.

Reset the device

The reset button is given on the front of the device and you just need to hold it for 5-10 seconds till starting the reset process. For resetting this device you do not need a pin.
These are the steps of troubleshooting the user’s problem.

The broadlink WiFi Smart System Review

The broadlink wifi system is a very wonderful device for a better internet connection. Last month, my best friend brought this device from When the product was delivered, he called me to come to his home. Then, I came to their house and I saw that product in the hand of my friend. He showed me this device and I took this in my hand. Then, he set up this device according to the instructions given by the broadlink app. Then he connected the home appliance with this device. And I was surprised to see that incredible feature. After that, he connected Alexa with this broadlink home wifi system. He gave commands to that device then it performs continuously. You can see more reviews of other consumers from here.

Features of the broadlink WiFi Smart System:

The features are the broadlink app. IP smart remote hub, advanced setting, work with Alexa and google assistant, easy management and setup.

Broadlink smart home wifi design:

The design of the broadlink smart wifi is a very wonderful device. The design of the device is made according to the condition of the environment. This is a small device and it took a small place for setup and management.

Dimensions of the Broadlink WiFi Smart System:

The item dimensions are 2.17 x 2.17 x 2.56 inches.

The specification of the Broadlink WiFi Smart System:

The manufacturer of the device is Hangzhou Gubei Electronics Technology Cothe item weight is 4.9 ounces. The style of the device is RM Mini 3 and the ASIN is B07K2DHXB6. The first availability date of the device is 31 October 2018. A wifi system is used to connect the appliance of the home. And the device is connected with a wired or wireless connection. Alkaline is the description pile of the smart wifi system.

Broadlink smart home wifi price:

The latest price if the broadlink price is $18.99


Does how i download the broadlink app?

Scan the QR code from the envelope and search the name on the play store to download the device. Then, click on the install option.

My device remote does not show in the app what should I do?

Your mobile broadlink app does not access your remote automatically. You should have the name and model number for the connection.

Can the reboot process refresh all the settings?

No, the rebooting process does not change the setting.

Can this device work with 10 other devices?

Yes, this device has the ability to connect up to 10 devices with us.

Can this connect with google wifi?

I think I can connect to google wifi because it also connects other devices through the wifi.

Does this broadlink remote work with ceiling fans?

Yes, this device works with ceiling fans easily because this fan is an IR device.

Will this broadlink wifi work with apple devices or pods?

Sorry, this does connect these devices.

How many rooms appliance connect to the broadlink

According to your choice, you can connect many appliances with it.

Will it work with only google assistant?

No, this device easily works with Alexa and google assistant.

Could the broadlink device work with the door opener?

No, this device does not work with the door opener.

Could I control this, when I was not home?

You can control this device with a remote or app far away from the device location or home.