BroadLink RM4 Mini

The smart hub is manufactured by the “Hangzhou BroadLink Technology Co.Ltd” company in Binjiang, China. The product (Model Number- RM4 mini) got launched the previous year in September 2020. The item is available for sale since then, costing 29 U.S. Dollars at (ASIN- B08JPBH1PB). I recommend you to buy it from here, as other sites have an elevated price segment. The BroadLink RM4 Mini is available in a single colour variant that is “Black”, along with its parts. Being a sibling of RM4 pro, the RM4 lacks out some features.

Although it works exactly the same as any other controller, performing its capable functions smoothly. That’s the reason, the mass review was so encouraging for the company, cutting some conclusive matters on ratings (4.5 stars out of 5). The company was awarded the #62 number rating in the Home and Automation Hubs Controller department worldwide. The warranty on the product is of 1 year, yet they only provide service in the internal software damage of the BroadLink. Breaking up of the item for RM4 mini physically, won’t get you any help at all. Regarding any further issue, contact the Technical Support Department at for assistance.

Structural view of the RM4 mini BroadLink.

The RM4 weighs around 3.84 ounces and has a 3.39 * 2.72 * 2.13 inches dimensions set up. The cylindrically shaped body has a glossy matte-finished panel covering it from all sides. A single LED is constructed at its front which flashes the colour “Blue”, to showcase ongoing activity. The sensor cable is approximately 3metre long and is of decent quality. Moreover, it has a rubberised flat surface on it, which makes it last longer than usual cables.

The sensor is attached to the cable itself with USB prompts on both sides. The BroadLink has a port on the back for charging (Standby power output – <0.69W) and a small button for Reset too. A circular vent surrounds the RM4 mini’s back, for hot air passage. The fan builds inside, cools down the system by taking in the fresh air and exhaling warm air for either vent. A placement mount system is also constructed below to avoid falling off the BroadLink.

Unboxing the smart hub RM4 mini.

The package arrives in a miniature box from the company warehouse. The shipping charges are extra, depending on your worldwide delivery location. Split apart the packaging system and take out the white, grey box. The body of the item consists of various quick information printed on it along with the “Broadlink” branding at the front. The RM4 mini comes out along with the charging cable (Normal Speed – 5V/1A). Use a basic charger to power up the device (mandate). A small black bracket is also given for placement of the BroadLink.

If you have purchased the sensor along with the BroadLink mini, it comes in a separate box completely. The warranty document and a quick start manual are left off, at last, to guide you along the process. You need to keep the bill along with the rest of the paperwork safe, to claim service in future. Other than that, if anything is missing from the box inform the customer service team immediately, on the purchasing website and report the issue.

Installing the RM4 mini smart controller.

  1. This may be the quickest installation procedure you have ever gone through. Pick up a spot near the TV, to place your device. Attach the mount on the back of the BroadLink, correctly before planting it.
  2. Provide it with a stable power connection, using the sensor cable. As it boots up, in the meanwhile download the latest “BroadLink” app. The newest version is available on both Apple and Play stores. You can also scan the QR code on the product manual, to get started quickly. The blue LED light flashes on the RM4 after powering it on.
  3. Connect the RM4 to your home Wi-Fi network. Type in the Wi-Fi password on the app, after signing in with your basic login ID and passcode. The blue light will blink on the device again, then click “Connect” on the app. Select “Add Device” and follow on-screen commands to connect the controller with the router. Grant all the access, wherever necessary and use a 2.4 GHz connection only.
  4. After it’s done, now you can select all the different devices, that you need to control around the house. Select the TV, air conditioner, speaker, etc gadgets by company and brand category list. Only the smart devices will be accessible, according to device functionality.
  5. Keep messing up with the app features in your free time and get used to it. If you have a lot on your plate already, don’t manually operate the device. Activate the voice command property, to dictate orders over time. Bodily use the add RM4 mini, by selecting the product in the category section and run its optional features, displaying in the window further.

Features of BroadLink smart sensor mini RM4.

  • The BroadLink comes with an HTS2 sensor cable. This smart attachment can determine home temperature and humidity in a certain area. It also showcases the report on the BroadLink app itself, alerting the environmental issue. The RM4 series is famous for this feature around the globe.
  • The app control device can be accessed on extended apps too. Thanks to the IFTTT feature, now you can experience Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in a much fun way. However, there are certain limitations to your voice orders, a particular device can only be operated on a basic note. Their system is not super smart to accept high-end commands. Simple order, such as turn on/off works quick.
  • After a successful installation, you can run some simple tests too. Learn a bit more about the BroadLink, share access to your friends and families through the “Invite” option on your phone. Also, schedule a specific timer for your favourite TV shows and distinct channels. You can even put the AC on, before entering the house. Just keep the RM4 connected to the home Wi-Fi network, all the time to run your basic errands from anywhere.
  • The RM4 mini also supports a zero-configuration system. Add BroadLink to the FirstCon technology app once, and it won’t ask for access twice. The app basically acts as an extra security system for the RM4, that protects it from hacking. If you have an IR compatible device, you can directly connect with the device. Note: Works well with Xiaomi/Redmi phones with IR blaster).
  • To keep the device running faster, the company has included the Global Cloud Service and Learning mode on the RM4 mini. You can deliberately continue your job on one device, without causing a hamper to another device activity. BroadLink stores data and all the personalised settings, via this mode on the server system. They also teach you, how to use the app correctly step-by-step, on the learning mode.


How to solve a location matching problem on IR RM4 mini BroadLink remote?

You may encounter this error when syncing with your device. Installation settings and LED lights will stop immediately. You will receive a warning message stating that “device location does not match”. However, getting rid of this problem only occurs in one dish. Activate location control and “GPS” on the device, and check if the device language is set to “English”. By default, it is set to “Chinese”, so be sure to change it before proceeding. Access the device server by clicking the profile icon in the app and clicking the server option. Change the European language to the American language, and then try to connect with BroadLink. If your phone problem persists, please contact the customer service company for further assistance.

How to solve Wi-Fi home hub RM4 mini mobile app connecting issues?

Typically, this problem occurs during the configuration process. Even if the user is using an access point, the hub cannot find the network channel through which Internet traffic is coming. That is why you need to check if the LED lights are working properly before activation. If it blinks 4 times, it means that BroadLink is working properly. Now all you need to do is bring your router and smartphone closer to the RM4 mini to improve the signal. If all this doesn’t work, provide GPS and location access to the device from your smartphone. It will be easy to identify the SSID of your home network or access point soon after. Lastly, if these tips don’t help you, reboot your device completely. By starting it, you can usually remove all the errors and obstacles in the system.

How to solve smart RM4 mini Wi-Fi hub issues with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?

The same problem has been reported many times by countless customers. Sometimes there are problems when using BroadLink. When an error is displayed, both Alexa and Google will repeatedly tell you “the device is not responding”. Don’t think too much, because I have 3 ways to get rid of this problem. First, use the BroadLink app regularly instead of Alexa or Google mini. This is better for restoring application activity than custom AI. It can also cut off all power options for Wi-Fi routers and RM4 mini frequently.

Wait 10 minutes or more to resume activity. Sometimes after a long period of continuous use, the product will overheat and a “no response” error will appear. If none of these options work, try removing the BroadLink skill from the Alexa or Google apps. Completely remove Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant from your phone, and then reinstall. Reconnect them after stopping and try functional activities.

How to reset, restart the BroadLink automation RM4 mini?

There is no specific way to restart the device. However, you can remove the power supply at any time, let it sit for a while, and then reactivate it. Maybe restarting the device completely is a good thing. Use a pen to press and hold the reset button on the back of the RM4 for 10 seconds. The LED light will blink immediately in response to the function as it will stop resetting to factory settings and complete. Bonus: restarting BroadLink will only put the device to rest and update the system. However, a full reset will remove any previously customized settings that you customized. You need to restart it by syncing it with the Wi-Fi network.

How to update firmware on the Rm4 mini BroadLink?

Updating the software version on BroadLink devices is very simple. It is assumed that the device can be used with all brands of the equipment listed in the available equipment table. The market is always flooded with other new and old brand equipment. In order to keep up with them, the company sends out firmware updates for the RM4 mini-hub every week. If you are always connected to a common WiFi network, you don’t need to worry because the app will update automatically. After each update, you can see the evolution of security patches and new lists added on branded devices.

What are the differences and similarities between RM4 mini and RM4 pro?

The RM4 pro stands more advanced than the RM4 mini. It has an enhanced performance system and is more compact in shape. The position fixing property is also better than the RM4 mini. Although the pro version lacks the temperature controlling sensor for measuring atmospheric conditions. The BroadLink RM4 database service for brand compatibility is kept common with the pro variant, along with the sensor cable. Features like routine creation and saving AI data is included in the app similarly.

Mobile not supported with on the BroadLink RM4 mini remote?

The RM4 mini works on the infrared blaster service. It works as an IR remote if connected through that service directly. It does not support RF functionality, so don’t bother using that feature. The BroadLink acts in a range of and 5meter approx. frequency wavelength on a code basis. Due to that, some special devices such as TVs and ACs may not tend to respond. Confirm usage before purchasing by viewing the brand category listing online. The global call service is available 24/7 to answer such customer queries.

Can the TV be accessed even from the outside city, and will the doors work too?

Yes, as long as the smart hub stays within range of the TV and your web connection is active, the compatible app will control it. Try making someone feels like a ghost while you still can. The RM4 mini can apparently work with any IR receiver. If the gadget uses a radio signal, the BroadLink may not respond or control it. Not responding to fans, curtains and doors is natural, so don’t even try and waste time. Get the RM4 pro to make those things obey commands too.

Review of RM4 BroadLink mini universal hub.

In today’s world, people are always looking up for an upgrade in their home appliances. Everything now comes in smart technologies with an operational user interface within. You can control all these smart homely products via different apps on your phone. Despite that fact, people want a single connecting hub, that can control almost every other smart device in the room. Today is your lucky day, as I am introducing the BroadLink RM4 mini universal hub.

This smart hub can provide user instructions to more than 50,000 plus IR controlled appliances. A cloud service along with infrared sensors makes the job even easier. Now you can control your TV, DVD, radio, speaker, AC, etc smart devices all at once, via voice command or manual system. Not only that the BroadLink app teaches you, how to operate the devices and configure them particularly.

Don’t go onto its size, as it arrives with a hands-free IFTTT feature and heat signature sensors. Also, the remote hub can cover up to 98% higher database functions on the new gadgets, than other connectors in the market. Feel free to create schedules and numerous timers on the RM4 mini, so that you don’t miss out on any show or party. With just a simple modem connection, you can control your RM4 BoardLink from anywhere in the world, anytime. It’s the latest BroadLink product available, apart from his elder version which comes with slightly extra perks.

If you have already read up to this portion of the article, you would have understood the reason to buy it. Nevertheless, take a quick lookup on SwitchBot hub mini, MOES Wi-Fi, Aeelue smart, VR- Robot IR remote, FINXTY remote controller, Foyu Smart Remote, ZESTYI IR Wi-Fi, for alternative purchase. Contact the call centre on your regional basis 24/5 (working days). The number is shared on your device manual for more device information.