BT wifi extender wireless signal booster 300

BT wifi extender 300 is a new level wifi extender. It is compatible with the different access points and the router’s from a no. of brands. This bt 300 extender comes as an amazing solution to your wifi extension problems. This 300 extender can pair with different devices. It can help in boosting wifi coverage to a variety of gadgets like iPhones, smartphones, laptops, play stations, and many more. It can help to eliminate dead wi-fi spots that are or may be created due to walls, furniture or general spacing. BT 300 N extender is a single band extender and is a good choice for a cozy house but if you’re looking for a double- band extender, then you will need to look for more upgrades. If you want to stream the web at a constant pace without any network issue, then installing BT extender 300 is a wise choice.

Features of BT 300 Single-band extender.

Reliable connection –

Installing BT guaranteed you that there will no be pauses while working on the web or surfing the net. You won’t be annoyed anymore that your video keeps freezing while talking to your loved ones. Taking an online class will be easier too as your video won’t lag anymore.

Dead zone -free –

Dead wifi zones will be a thing of the past with this amazing bt 300 wifi extender. Now, you can extend your wifi coverage to different areas especially in the hard to access wifi areas like bedrooms, bathroom, and gardens. It provides amazing connection and great coverage even in areas having obstructions. No area will be rendered wi-fi less.

Highly compatible –

This bt 300 wifi extender can work well with any brand of router, mostly all upgrades, and downgrades in general. It even works well with access point modes.

Single-band extender –

This wifi extender can work only as a single band extender (2.4 GHz), it doesn’t work with 5 GHz networks. If you have a router configured at 5 GHz but it supports a 2.4 GHz network, then you can reconfigure your router to 2.4 GHz and then use it with this extender. But, if you have a router that supports only 5 GHz, then you must look for other extenders.

Secure wireless network –

BT N 300 provides you with a secure wireless wifi network. It follows WPA 2 and WPA + WPA 2 security standards.

Works with all broadband providers –

It works for all UK-based broadband providers.

Easy to connect –

It is an easy connect one-touch setup extender. It can set by using the WPS button or alterations by using a web browser on your prime device.

Installation of BT N 300 Wireless extender.

This extender does not have any pass-through socket but can get connected through a spare socket. It can get easily get installed either by using the WPS button or alternatively by using web browser.

Bt 300 extender setup using WPS button

Installing bt 300 extender using WPS button is the easiest way to install your extender or for that case even a router.

  • At first, plug in the extender to a spare socket nearby your router.
  • Then, switch on the WPS button on your extender.
  • After that, switch on the WPS button on your router.
  • If the light turns on, then your setup has become successful.

If the green light turns on, then setup has failed. You can try setting up using web browser.

Installation bt 300 wifi extender using web browser.

  • You need to connect to a power socket near to the extender.
  • Then, check for your nearest wireless network.
  • You can either connect wirelessly or by using Ethernet cable.
  • Then, you will have to enter the extender’s code BTWifiExgndr-XXX.
  • Open a browser and in the URL type
  • After that, enter your Extender’s admin and password and click login. For username and password check the bottom side of the extender
  • Now, your bt extender 300 setup is complete.

BT 300 repeater LED lights status.

Here is a list of light led status in BT N 300 extender.

  • Red glowing – The extender is setup too close to the router.
  • Green solid – The extender is in optimum condition and is placed a perfect place.
  • Red (light) – The extender is a little but can still work.
  • Green scrolling on or off – The extender is set up too far.


If your extender isn’t working, the reasons can range from simple set up mistakes to complex hardware issues. These are some of the common queries relating to this brand and product.

Why is my extender not connecting?

There are many reasons as to why your repeater is not working. But, the most common solution is discussed here. First of all, go to settings, then status, and turn your extender on. If it fails to connect, then go to settings, then wireless settings, and connect to the network. At last, enter the password and check the status of the extender.

How to factory reset BT 300?
  • You can follow these steps to factory reset BT N 300
  • First of all, power on the extender
  • Then, press and hold the reset button sharply, use a pin to press it.
  • You will have to hold the button for about 5-10 seconds.
  • The led lights will turn on and then become solid and then turn off, leave the button at this point.
  • Your extender is now reset.
What is in the box along with the extender?

It can contain a guide manual.

What are the battery and voltage usage?

It uses 5 watts when in operation. In standby mode, the voltage consumption is 2.7 watts.

How much time does it take to go on standby?

It usually takes 5 minutes to 15 minutes before going into standby.

BT 300 extender Review

BT N 300 has a review of 4.1 out of 5. It has a single band and is easy to setup. Customers reported that this device is easy to set up and eliminates dead zones completely. Some customers also say that their wifi speed keeps on getting slow after installing this device. But, fairly, this device is a good investment its the price.

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