Can I Block Employee Internet Access From BrowseControl?

What is BrowseControl? It is a CurrentWare or web filtering software. The BrowseControl software is mostly used for enabling internet restrictions. It’s like a parental control feature. You can use it for your home neighbours, children, employees, etc. Through the BrowseControl web filtering software, you can prevent access to illegal, distracting, inconvenient, or treacherous sites on any internet browser.

Moreover, you can use the BrowseControl or CurrentWare software for accessing any wrong website on your internet explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Firefox, Mozilla, etc. All of the internet access applications allow you to access the various wrong or illegal websites which are most harmful to children and some hacking websites are not beneficial for companies.

The BrowseControl can also block some illegal applications that allow you to run on tablets or computers, ensuring that clients are not manipulating non-work-related software.

If you wish to block your company employer from reading your Email at work, you must use the Browsecontrol software. It allows you to take proper management of your network’s access by using BrowseControl Web Filter. It enforces further internet regulation guidelines on a computer or client basis.

How Do I Block Employee Internet Access From BrowseControl?

First, install the BrowseControl web filtering software on your computer. After that, you can open it and follow all the terms and conditions to use it. Now, open a blocklist to add your employees to this list. Tap on the list and add all the employees to protect them from illegal and distracting websites, such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. If you want to add the employees to the block list or Block Employee Internet Access From BrowseControl. You will have to block your employees with the help of the following steps.

  • In the beginning, launch the BrowseControl Web Filtering Software On your computer.
  • Make sure you have to log in and use it with your account details.
  • So, go on the home page and choose the Block list.
  • After this, click on add a new group and set a name for the group.
  • Drop all the new computers into this created group.
  • Now, click on BrowseControl which is given on your computer’s right side and choose the internet control option.
  • After that, click on the URL filter and start adding all the websites which you would like to block. Like you have to block Youtube or Facebook or any other website.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and block all your employees from the restricted websites.
  • In the end, save it and click on the next. Now, your employees have been successful blocks from accessing all the restricted websites.


Can I Block Employee Internet Access From BrowseControl?

Indeed, you can block Employee Internet Access From BrowseControl, especially from the wrong websites, illegal, distracting, inconvenient, or treacherous sites. If you want to block your company employees too, you must use the BrowseControl Web Filtering Software. If you want to block categories. Then, click on the category filtering button and choose all categories which you want to block and add them to the Blocklist. Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm that all your employees are successfully blocked from browsing distracting websites.

Does Any Company Employer See Any Employee Browsing Activity On Their Phone Using The Company’s Wifi?

No, the employer can not see any employer browsing activity on their phone from their network. But if you install on your mobile phone or computer a BrowseControl Web Filtering Software, in this case, they can see the internet activity. They can see the browser history from your mobile phone or your computer.

Does Any Company Employer Look At My Emails?

If they have all the Emails and its password. Indeed they can check your Emails. But they can not see or track your Email over the internet without any software. If you have to install any software on your computer and your computer is also added to the internet access activity history, surely they can see the Email. Otherwise, there is no option to check your Email by any employer.

If My Computer Is Not Connected With The Company VPN, Is It Possible To Check My Employer’s Internet Activity?

No, it is not possible, without your personal permission no one checks your Email and any browsing history. In some critical cases, they are able to check all the data without your permission on their wifi. Make sure the company already has installed the software into all the employee’s computers to protect them from the risk and any other wrong conditions.

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