Can I Fix Wi-Fi Not Working On A Laptop But Working On Others?

You can connect your laptop to the internet in two ways. The first method is that you can either use the internet by using wired connection mode or you can use it by using the wireless connection method.

If you want to use a wired connection, you will need an internal cable. So take an internet cable and connect it to the internal port of your computer and router, you can get reliable wifi.

Apart from this, If you use a wireless connection then you have to use a wireless SSID and password. So, go into the laptop wireless settings and enter both of them to get the internet connection through this method.

Through both methods, you can enjoy a high-speed and reliable connection to the network. But many times, your laptop is not connected to wifi, but other devices are connected sufficiently with your router’s network

Here we will discuss “Can I Fix If Wi-Fi not working on a laptop but working on others?” So, if you wish to fix it then you should follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting points.

What’s The Reason Behind Why I Not Connect To Wifi At Work?

Surely, your wireless Laptop and Windows Pc are old. Your router and modem are not configured adequately with each other. Maybe your router software is obsolete. Your wireless router is not plugged into the power plug suitably. Surely, you have to enter the incorrect SSID and Wifi network encryption password. Also, your wireless router network does not support your laptop. So, these are the reasons behind, your laptop is not connected to your device.

Can I Fix Wi-Fi Not Working On A Laptop But Working On Others?

Yes, you can fix the issue very easily. If you want to fix it then you simply follow the below-given points and get rid of it.

  • You can resolve the issue by using the Run Windows Troubleshooter option. It clearly shows what’s the issue with your laptop or why it is not connected with your router wifi. So, run it and wait for a minute until it detects an issue in your laptop. It will also fix it automatically.
  • If the issue persists, then you could fix it by Renewing your system Ip address. Open Windows and type in the search bar CMD. Run it as an administrator and then type the Ip configuration and press enter key, follow the on-screen instructions to renew it.
  • If it is not solved, then you go into the device manager and click on network adapters to reinstall the Windows driver and install the latest Windows driver to fix the issue. After installing a new driver of Windows on your laptop, you can gain a wireless connection. Make sure it has been resolved now.

Thus, if you want to know “Can I Fix Wi-Fi Not Working On A Laptop But Working On Others?” then its answer is yes. Just, follow the above-mentioned points to know how to fix it.

What Should I Do If The Wifi Working On One Device But Not Working On Another?

Ordinarily, if you only have a device connected with your wireless router network then its issue lies with your wifi adapter and lies with your device. You can fix the issue by restarting the power of your main wireless router again. So, restart it and use its wifi on your other device too, and make sure it works.

Why Do I Connect My Router WiFI To Other Devices But Not Mine?

Sometimes this can be due to your device being out of date or its software being too old. If you want to solve this issue, you will need to re-upgrade your laptop to the new version. So, let’s update it and use the wifi network connection again.

What Should Do If Wifi Connected But No Internet Access?

To get rid of it, you can just reset your wireless router. Press the reset button of your router and reset it. After resetting the factory default settings of the wireless router, you can use its network again. Surely, it will resolve.

What Should I Do If Wifi Keeps Saying Cannot Connect?

You can resolve the issue by reconnecting your wireless router with the internet connection and power supply. So, connect it again and start its power. After that, let’s use its wifi or wired connection. Surely, the causing issue has been resolved.

Can I Use Safe Wifi At Work?

Your wireless connection is completely unsafe unless you employ your own VPN system or encrypted proxy on your device. You can not use the wifi for companies/government organizations.

Is Using The Wifi Connection Illegal?

However, there is no consistent federal regulation that explicitly permits or restricts using other people’s Wi-Fi in the United States. Besides, the criminal Computer Abuse and Fraud Act arrives near.