Can I Use Airprint Without WiFi On iPhone or iPad?

The Airprint is a technology that is almost available on Apple products. If you have an iPhone, you must have seen the feature of its Airprint. It is available in many new versions of Apple products like the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

You can use the feature to print a document, send the email, text, or web pages, documents, etc. very simply without installing software and drivers. But the drawback of the Airprint is that it is only available on your iOS supported devices, compatible with the AirPrint wireless printers, etc. You can not use the Airprint Without WiFi. You must connect it with the compatible standard wifi network connection. After connecting with the network it allows you to pass the AirPrint signals.

Moreover, it can scan and print documents wirelessly just with your iPhone or IPad. You do not need to install or download any software to use it. It works directly with your Apple printer, HP ENVY 5032 Wifi direct printer, etc. Through the Airprint feature, you can set up the HP printer with a hassle-free method.

What Does AirPrint Do?

The Airprint is a wonderful technology to print any document, send Emails, scan files, papers, web pages, etc without needing any app. It just requires the AirPrint compatible printer, wifi network connection for passing the signal, or iPad, or iPod. All these are things that must be required for using the Airprint feature. You can print and scan anything through the Airprint feature wirelessly on your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, etc.

The Airprint feature is automatically added to your Apple devices, you no need to use the feature with any app or USB Port to plug a printer into it. It is just like a simple feature that is similar to your other printers. To print the documents or anything, just connect your iPhone to wifi and enable the feature. Pair your wireless printer and follow the on-screen instructions and step-by-step guide to print it. Its setup is entirely based on zero configuration. You can not use Airprint Without WiFi On iPhone or iPad.

How To Use AirPrint Feature Without WiFi?

A lot of devices also bring the direct wifi connection feature, if you are unable to connect the wifi connection wirelessly or via your iPad. Following are the steps to use the Airprint without the wifi.

  • If you have to buy a new wireless printer, first complete the setup.
  • Place the printer and install the cartridges inside your printer.
  • You will install it by following the user manual guide and turning on its power.
  • Make sure the USB power cable connects to its power port suitably.
  • When it starts, tap on the printer touchscreen and go into the settings.
  • Choose the language and region, and after setting it, you will tap on manual setup.
  • You will use your iPad and turn on the hotspot instead of wifi connection.
  • Turn on its hotspot and enable it to connect it to the printer.
  • Go into the settings and network settings < choose the direct wifi connection and save the settings. Enter the wifi password, if it is asked.
  • Otherwise, go ahead and tap on the wifi direct connection setup and connect your printer with the wifi connection successfully.

Can I Use Airprint Without WiFi On iPhone or iPad?

You can use the Airprint Without WiFi On your iPhone or iPad with your cell phone service or cellular data connection. You will just have to connect your iPad and printer with the same network connection. It works without needing any wireless network of the router. If the wifi direct network connection is available on your printer, you can use it and use the printing services over the wifi connection. So, you will just switch the wireless network on your printer and start using its services.

Can Airprint Work Over The WiFi And Bluetooth?

When the print job completes, you may have to connect your Apple device again with any available internet or local wireless network. But, the AirPrint doesn’t work with Bluetooth-connected devices and Bluetooth connections. It just works over the wireless network connection. You can use the Airprint Without WiFi if your wireless printer has available wifi direct connection features. To use the wifi direct connection features, you will apply the wifi configuration process through your printer touchscreen and save it in the end. Your Airprint printer has started work over the wired network connection and wifi connection.

How Do I Print From iPhone or iOS Using Wi-Fi Direct?

You can print any document, send the email, text, web pages, documents, etc. very simply without a wireless network. Following are the points to use the Airprint Without WiFi On iPhone or iPad.

  • First, turn on the power of your printer.
  • Henceforth, press the cancel button to wake it from sleep mode.
  • Get the wifi direct name for your Airprint printer.
  • Using the touch display of the printer, you will click on the wifi direct option.
  • Wait, the wifi direct settings will open on your printer touch display.
  • It will show you a wifi direct name and password on the printer display.
  • Click on the ok option.
  • To the Airprint wifi setup, you will have to press the wifi direct and information button of the printer at the same time for 10 to 15 seconds.
  • Thereafter, you must press the resume button for 2 to 10 seconds.
  • You can check the wifi network connection details through its network information panel. If it shows the wifi direct connection status off then you will enable it.
  • You will use your iOS device and tap on the settings and after this, tap on the wifi connection.
  • Put your internet password and start the printing with your iOS and iPhone by selecting the document from the files.
  • Make sure it works conveniently.
Can I Use The Airprint On An Android Phone?

No, the Airprint feature is only available on Apple devices. You can use the Airprint feature only on Apple iPad, iPod touch, iOS, or iPhone.

Can Airprint Work With Bluetooth?

No, the Airprint feature only works over the wired and wireless network connection feature. It only requires a wireless network connection to access its better services without any issue.

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