Can I Use The Fitbit Aria Scale Without Wi-Fi Network?

The Fitbit Aria Scale is a smart body fat percentage and body weight measurement device. It only works over the wifi connection. You can check the daily update about your body through the online Fitbit dashboard. It automatically uploads your body measurement report on the dashboard. But the drawback of the smart wireless scale is that you can not use the Fitbit Aria Scale Without Wi-Fi Network. If you use it without wifi over Bluetooth, it does not show the actual result. You would only use it with the wifi network connection.

Moreover, the Fitbit Aria Scale is only usable for home and it is made up of the bioelectrical
impedance analysis (BIA) technology. It is also known as a body analyzer that measures body weight and estimates accurate body fat percentage.

It brings on their package box Aria Quick Start Guide, Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, and 4 AA batteries, which have been installed already. The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale only works with Wireless 802.11b standard, Automatic (DHCP) IP, and WEP / WPA / WPA2 personal security connections.

What Are The Requirements Of The Fitbit Aria Scale?

Furthermore, it requires the Mac OS (Mac OS 10.5 or later with steady Internet Connection) and it is connected with the 802.11b compatible Wi-Fi Network card. If you use it in the Windows system, you must ensure that it has Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 with snappy or robust Internet Connection, otherwise, you can use the 802.11b compatible Wi-Fi Network card to use it impeccably.

Can I Use The Fitbit Aria Scale Without Wi-Fi Network?

You can use the Fitbit Aria Scale over the Bluetooth connection. Pair the Fitbit Aria Scale with your mobile phone and use the Fitbit Aria Scale Without Wi-Fi Network. It is used suitably and shows the correct result over the 802.11b-compatible network connection.

Does Fitbit Aria 2 Only Work Over The Wi-Fi?

Indeed, the Fitbit Aria 2 only requires the 802.11b/g/n standard network connection. If you want to acquire the better services of the Fitbit Aria 2 wifi smart scale, just connect it with the required or its compatible wifi network connection.

Can Aria Smart WiFi Scale Work Without Fitbit?

The simple answer to the given query is no. You can not use the Aria smart wifi scale without the Fitbit. If anyone can step on the scale to check the weight, it’ll show you an exact reading. If you want to use it to track your weight, you’ll require the Fitbit app or Fitbit software on your smartphone. To obtain the most out result of the Aria. Yet, a Fitbit fitness tracker device like the Versa is associated with even more attributes.

How Do I Use The Fitbit Aria Scale Software Client On A Mac?

Following are the steps to use the Fitbit Aria Scale, which is given below.

  • In the beginning, install the Aria scale as per the instructions in the user manual guide.
  • You need an 802.11b-compatible standard network connection.
  • After this, sync your Aria scale data with your Fitbit software or dashboard.
  • Connect to your mobile phone Wireless network by using your wireless router wifi name (SSID) and WEP / WPA / WPA2 Password.
  • Go on the browser and enter the search bar
  • Search it and download or install the software of the Fitbit Aria Scale on your phone.
  • Follow the on-screen given instructions and use them accordingly.
  • It allows you to check the percentage of fat and body weight on the online dashboard with an accurate result. You can try to check your body weight on the Aria Scale and check on the dashboard itself.

Which Apps Work With the Fitbit Aria Scale?

Additionally, you can use the Fitbit Aria Scale with the Health app, the Health Mate app, and Nokia Body+. All these apps can easily synchronize and paired with the Fitbit data to several third-party apps are Weight Watchers, MyFitnessPal, and Runkeeper.

What Should I Do To Connect The Fitbit Aria Scale With WiFi Network?

Following are the steps to connect the Fitbit Aria Scale with the wifi network connection. It is given below.

  • First, install the Fitbit app on your smartphone after connecting the wifi network connection to your mobile phone.
  • Open the app after installing it and create your Fitbit account on the app.
  • It allows you to log in to the wireless smart wifi device at any time and check your weight or body fat with the app.
  • Now, pair your Fitbit Aria Scale with the Fitbit app.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth connection has been enabled on your smartphone during the pairing process.
  • When it’s paired, go into the settings and enable the wifi settings.
  • Tap on your router’s network and put the wifi network SSID or its password to connect it with the wifi network connection.
  • Emulate the on-screen instruction to finish the Fitbit Aria Scale wifi setup process.

Can Two People Use The Fitbit Aria Scale?

The simple answer to the question is yes. You can use the Fitbit Aria Scale Without a Wi-Fi network connection. Just, pair the device with the Bluetooth connection, if you want to use it without the wifi network connection. Also, Fitbit Aria Scale is used by 2 people to check their body fat and body fat percentage.

Yes, the Fitbit Aria 2 allows using more than eight separate users. Moreover, all each person has to do is just sync their Fitbit app with the Aria scale, and after that, it will spontaneously recognize every person when they step on the device. However, whether or not their mobile phone is in the room. All of it will be possible with the attractiveness of Wi-Fi syncing.

How Do I Re-Pair Or Sync Fitbit Aria Scale Wi-Fi Network?

If you want to connect it with a new network and re-pair or Sync the Fitbit Aria scale with the wifi network connection. You will have to follow these given steps to use it over new wifi.

  • First, launch a Google browser on your wireless network enabling mobile phones or laptops.
  • Enter and search it to log in to the wireless device.
  • After going on the initial web admin page of the Fitbit Aria Scale, you will have to log in it.
  • Type the admin username and password to login it.
  • You must pair your Fitbit Aria Scale with it, as per the given instructions on the screen. Remote the batteries for a while, to put them in setup mode.
  • Then, put the batteries again in the battery compartment and start it to power back.
  • After that, put all the initial details and move to the web-based setup page.
  • Disconnect the old wifi network and pair it with the new wireless network connection.
  • Go into the wifi settings and choose your new network device name from the wifi settings.
  • Put the network SSID and network password.
  • Now, when it’s connected to the internet, you can use it to measure your body fat and weight. It has been successfully paired or synced with the new wifi.

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