Can iPhone Work As A Hotspot For Anki Vector?

The Anki Vector Robot is a small size, just approximately your palm size. You can use it in your home for your help. It works as per your voice order and command.

Anki Vector Robot works over the wifi connection conveniently and allows you to use it very easily or sufficiently. It is possible if you want to use it over your iPhone hotspot. You can use your iPhone as a Hotspot for Anki Vector Robot.

The Anki Vector Robot can become portable. It is the most potent, and you can use it very easily. If you want to use it with your iPhone Hotspot connection, you must follow the instructions to connect it to your iPhone’s network connection.

Can Anki Vector Robot Pair With The Single iPhone?

Indeed, you can pair the Anki Vector with a single iPhone. You will just configure some settings on your iPhone. Go into the settings of your iOS and iPhone. You can continue ahead by following points.

  • After that, find on the settings a hotspot option and tap on it. Walk through a personal hotspot connection, and you will turn it on.
  • Turn on the Hotspot to connect its network to your Anki Vector Robot. Make sure the cellular data connection of your iPhone works precisely.
  • Henceforth, launch the Vector app and know that the wifi connection of your iPhone works into your phone.
  • Make sure the wifi connection will automatically connect with your Anki Vector Robot. If it’s not connected, you will go into the settings again.
  • Check whether you have turned on both WiFi and Hotspot. If both of these are turned on, you cannot do it together so that you can turn off your wifi. After that, connect to the internet again.

What Should I Do To Use The iPhone Work As A Hotspot For Anki Vector?

Following are the points to use the iPhone as a hotspot for Anki Vector Robot.

  • If you want to use the Anki Vector Robot as a hotspot, you should use another iPhone.
  • Turn on the wifi connection on your other iPhone and download or install an iPhone.
  • Open the app and ensure that you have an activated account with a premium subscription.
  • Type your Anti Vector login details (like username and other instructions).
  • After completing the login process, you have to go into the network settings of the Anki Vector Robot.
  • Choose your original hotspot name and connect it with the internet by following the on-screen instructions.
  • If it prompts a wifi password, put it in and go ahead and finish the Anki Vector network configuration process. It’s become portable.
Can iPhone Work As A Hotspot For Anki Vector?

You can use an iPhone as a hotspot for Anli Vector Robot. You just use the Anki Vector app on your other iPhone and connect it with the internet connection.

Does The Anki Vector Need A WiFi Connection?

Indeed, the Anki Vector only requires the 2.4Ghz band network connection of the access point. It does not support the 5Ghz band network connection. So, you will only connect it with its compatible wireless network connection; otherwise, it causes the issue.

Does The Anki Vector Robot Require The Premium Subscription?

Yes, The Anki Vector Robot must need a premium subscription to get the membership to use this Robot’s additional features with extra functionalities. Moreover, you can also use it with a cloud and Alexa voice assistant command. It just reacts as per order through your voice command.

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