Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door Opener

When you talk about garages, they obviously are spaces attached to our homes to enclose our cars safely into. The only boring thing about garages are the large doors that you have to open manually every single time you want to take your car outside. We have here a solution to make it a bit more interesting. Yes, opening your garage door manually isn’t that bad but add a little spice to it and you will introduce yourself to Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door Opener. This device is extremely satisfying to use.

Let’s see, you want to open the garage door opener automatically by the press is a button from anywhere, it can do it. You want it to alert you if there is any activity around your garage door? It will. Would you like to have your garage door opens md close itself at different times of the day. It obviously will be able to do it.

The device is also extremely safe and can be installed easily and used with ease as we shall be seeing soon. Apart from that the Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door Opener has a built in light that proves to be extremely useful in the dark. Let’s take a look t what you get in the package when you decide to buy this device.

Chamberlain B1381T Smart Garage Door Opener Unboxing.

This package contains

Two 3-button remote controls

Two 3-button TriBand frequency remotes are included. Exclusive TriBand technology Amplifies control range up to 1,500 feet, allowing for faster entry and exit. The highest level of encryption, Security+2.0, prevents hackers and makes you less worried about them if at all. Each unit can control up to three garage door openers.

Sensors for safety

Installation is simple. When safety sensors detect an obstruction, the garage door is automatically reversed to avoid inflicting any harm.

Wireless Keypad

Unrivaled Security +2.0 encryption guards against hackers, and the position locking anti-theft security makes sure that the door remains locked once shut. Wireless programming is simple to use and eliminates the requirement for electrical connections to the side of the garage door opening.

Backup power source

When the electricity is out, this device comes to the rescue. During power outages, it uses the in built battery pack to open and close the door.

Chamberlain B1381T smart door opener for garage special features.

In garage delivery

You will be able to receive you amazon packages and other deliveries by opening your garage door without having to let it wait outside with the risk of getting stolen or wet under the rain. Which is due to the fact that you can open and close the garage door opener from wherever you want.

LED Lighting with 3,100 Lumens

Corner to Corner lighting from Chamberlain allows you to see your garage in a whole new light. LED lighting with 3,100 lumens allows you to see all corners of your garage*, as verified by an independent lab investigation.

Lift Power System by Max Chamberlain

In comparison to the 114 power class, it is very powerful, reliable, and has the largest lifting capacity. Anti-vibration technology is a type of anti-vibration technology. Working conditions include extreme heat, cold, and humidity.

Wifi is available for myQ.

You can operate your garage door from anywhere with myQ, receives reports reminders when it’s left wide open, and privately allow up to three others to control it.

Belt Drive Is Extremely Quiet

For garages with a room over them, a reinforced steel belt drive for strong, efficient, and quiet operation is appropriate.

Chamberlain B1381T Smart door Opener for garage technical details

  • Manufacturing company is ‎Chamberlain
  • B1381 is the part number.
  • 3.63 pound item weight
  • Dimensions of the product are 26.75 x 8.06 x 13.38 inches
  • B1381T is the model number for this item.
  • 1 set of Lithium Metal batteries are required and included
  • 1.25 horsepower
  • Color ‎Blue\sStyle
  • Installation Method is Hanging
  • Material used : steel alloy
  • Type of bulb is LED
  • Display type is LCD
  • Warranties are : 5 years for parts, 1 year for accessories and lifetime for motor and belt

Chamberlain B1381T smart garage door opener set up and usage.

The device set up is very simple.
Let us go through it in a defined manner.
In the packaging you will find a motor and a steel alloy lifter belt. These hardware are to be attached to the door of your garage. The elaborate way of attaching it to your garage door will be available in the user manual present in the box of the product. The user manual has illustrations to help sift through the process of set up without facing any issues.

After you gave fixed the motor and the lifter belt on the garage door you will need to fix the sensor on the garage roof which is the most viable option. It will be responsible of sending the signals to and taking signals from the garage door openers motor. The illustrations present in the user manual will aptly guide you through the process. After completing that you will need to fix the display and remote control on the wall wit my the wall panel already provided in the box.

After that it is time to connect your garage door opener to your mobile device. It is quite simple. You already know that you can use the remote control to open your garage door opener any time while in range of the door. How about we turn your mobile device that you most probably have on you all the time, into a remote.

Start by using the display panel on your garage door opener hub to your internet router. Go ahead and download the MyQ application from the play store or the app Store depending on the O’s of the device that you are using. After downloading that create an account on the app and then add the garage door opener to it.

After accomplishing that stage, you shall be able to do the following things
  • Control your garage door opener from anywhere you are as long as you connected to the internet. That calls for unlimited range.
  • You can set and make the app follow schedules that will make the garage door open and close and chosen times.
  • You will be able to receive notifications whenever your garage door opens up or closes keeping you in touch all the time.

That’s it and you are done with the simple and easy process of installing your Chamberlain B1381T smart garage door opener.

Frequently asked questions

Can we connect the garage door opener to third party applications?

Absolutely yes, there are a few applications that the garage door opener can be connected to such as the
Google assistant.
You will be able to connect the device bro your Google assistant by using add device to a third party Google assistant hub and then use voice commands to open and close the garage door.
Apple Siri.
The apples notorious voice assistant can be connected to the device using apples home centre application through which you will be able to control the garage door using voice commands.
Amazon Alexa and amazon key.
The Amazon’s Alexa supported devices can be used to connect to the garage door opener by using the Alexa app to use the voice commands. Other than that you can also connect the garage door opener to the Amazon key in order to receive packages from your garage door when you are not at home.
Third party home center hub applications.
If you use a smart hub at your house that you use to connect other smart devices in your home then you will be able to connect the same hub to the garage door as well. It will work the same way as it would with the myq application minus a few key features of the myq app.

Does the led light switch operated so it can remain lit if I want it to?

The wall clicker has a motion sensing feature. It doesn’t turn off while motion is under detection. A light button is also included. It is, without a doubt, the best garage door opener you will have ever had. Near-silent operation, plenty of power, battery backup, and dazzling LED lights. It’s a lot brighter than the standard opener lights. Purchase it. you’ll be glad you did it.

Are there any additional purchases to made to open/close the garage door from smart phone?

The myQ technology is included into this opener. Simply connect the opener to your home’s Wi-Fi network, download the myQ app to your device, and establish a myQ account. The myQ app is free to use and does not require any additional charges to open or close your door. However, you should check the power of your Wi-Fi in your garage because it will affect the connection.

If you wanted you can always buy the premium subscription of the myq app which stands at only 10 dollars a year or a dollar a month. If you did that you will be able to use the myq app to control other third party smart devices. It is quite convenient if you have multiple smart devices at your home and you don’t want to buy a separate home center like wink.

Will the remote panel work if the wifi is not working?

Yes, it is correct. It’s hardwired to both the opener and the sensors, and there’s no WiFi involved. Without WiFi, all of the remotes will work. In fact, if your house loses electricity (killing all WiFi routers and modems), the battery backup kicks in and the remotes and control panel continue to operate the door. Now, if you connect the MyQ app, the app’s operation DOES necessitate the presence of WiFi in addition to Internet connectivity.

Does the garage opener make noise while operating?

Not at all, the garage door opener has a belt made out of a steel allow coated smoothed out in an effective way to cancel out maximum amount of noise. The belt and motor are both very serene and quiet and work in an efficient manner. There is no need to constantly oil the belt as the smooth coating on the steel alloy belt doesn’t wear out a lot. On top not all that you can see that the device has a lifetime warranty in both it’s belt and motor so if you ever feel like it not working satisfactorily, you can always go get it changed.

What kind of light does the source on the sensor of the garage door opener produce?

The garage door opener sensor light produces a light similar to the white light of a fluorescent lamp. It is more of a bright light rather than a warm one. It effectively helps light up a large area so you can see everything clearly when you work on your car in your garage.

How manu guest users will I be able to add on the account at one time?

If you are using the myq application to control your garage door opener, you will be able to add 5 to 6 people over the age of 16 on your account. To do that simply go to the myq app and go to the guest section and add people as you like. You can increase the amount of extra users if you buy the premium subscription of the myq app.

How long will the battery work before I have to change it?

From the manufacturer, the battery life has a guarantee of around two years but it depends on the amount of times the battery has to take over in the time of a power cut. Nevertheless two years is a pretty good assumption to make around the battery life of the device. If it does you can always purchase the batteries from Chamberlain themselves instead of having to go around looking for them at different places.

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