Chamberlain C450 Smart Garage Door Opener

The Chamberlain C450 smart door garage door is manufactured by the company “Chamberlain” in Illinois, US. The product (Part Number-c450) was launched 5 years back in September 2017. The item (Model Number- C450) is available for sale at (ASIN- B075BF39VG) costing 225 U.S. Dollars. Currently, the price keeps fluctuating, due to the availability of the Chamberlain. This particular device is available in a single colour variant that is “Grey”. No doubt that the C450 received the #28 number rating in Smart Garage Door Openers around the map. The mass review touched a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, mixed with typical up and down comments.

The Chamberlain C450 has an older version style setup and supports AC power output. The battery type is lithium metal (very rare) and the company provides a warranty of 10 years on the motor itself. The parts and accessories only get a 1year warranty service from the company. Covering all its internal functions is breath-taking, the gadget delivers a force of 1/2 HP to lift the garage door. The chain is also durable and contains various coatings for protection. A transmitting range of 1500 feet is also inherited by the remote. Safety sensors for detecting obstructions and a wireless keypad for maintaining security service is also bundled in with the device. The remote-control wall functional device and myQ app help control your machine from anywhere, anytime. To learn more about the Chamberlain garage door watch videos at

Structural view of C450 Chamberlain device.

The C450 weighs around 35 pounds and has 18 * 10 * 6.5 inches dimensions set up. The material of this unit is made of strong steel. The main motor is hexagonal in shape with various ports all over its top. A hook metal plate is provided for filling and space is leftover out for the belt chain to get attached. The button consists of the “Chamberlain” branding on it, apart from the vents. The 2 LED bulbs are installed on both sides, they bring blink the colour “yellow” and “white” ensuring activity. The keypad is made up of high-quality plastic and is white in colour. The functions on it are bulk in nature and the buttons are quite crisp too. You can operate it by flipping open the front and tapping the buttons. The metallic rail kit is 7 feet long with a durable coating done all over it.

The 2 remote controls have 3 buttons each attached to the body. They can simultaneously open up to 3 garage doors each, by using different buttons. A LED indicator is also constructed on that, which blinks a yellow colour. The 2 safety sensors come with a small box-shaped body. The LED light built on them blinks a “yellow” and “green” colour simultaneously. The wall transmitter comes with a function pad, constructed at the front panel. The buttons are given for opening and closing the door, locking/unlocking the garage door from inside the garage door. Remember, all of them requires an active power source to do their job. Get a professional technician to help you with the wiring, if you are not capable of installing it on your own.

Unboxing the ultra-quiet Chamberlain C450.

The smart door garage door arrives in a huge package from the company itself. It may take up to 3 weeks time till the product reaches your delivery location, as there is only a single production house. The box weighs too much and it’s difficult to unpack also without an extra hand. Cut out the board pieces and take one object out at a time. The main Chamberlain motor comes out first, followed by the 2 safety sensors and the keypad.

The 2 remotes and wall consoles are kept beneath them. At last, the rail kit along with its accessories stay below these. Its heaviness supports the base of the shipment, remove as plastic wrappings to check out any damage. The warranty and user guide documents are pasted on the inside of the box, in plastic. Keep them safe along with the user document to claim service in future. Visit the official website to gather support on any issue bothering you.

Features of Chamberlain c450 smart WiFi garage door.

  • A fair amount of properties is provided with the Chamberlain. The security system installed, is almost unbreachable. It is covered with a +2.0 (100 billion coded) encryption, that blocks others from accessing or hacking the device. This anti-theft feature suffices the owner’s trust, from any other device available in the market.
  • The range supplied by the C450 is also fascinating. The smart device can accept orders from a distance of more than 1500 feet. Not only that, there are various remotes and methods to access your door. You can control your garage door from the app, both the remotes and the wall console. One Chamberlain controls up to 3 garage doors at a time. The LED constructed on the motor, also lights up the room pretty well in darkness.
  • The smart door is different from others, the chain given in the Chamberlain is more durable than others. The steel can uphold a maximum wattage of 200, the performance and work precision quality is top-notch. Due to its build quality, the gadget runs even for a longer time if cared for frequently.
  • Wi-Fi garage door

    The Wi-Fi garage door can not only lift the heavy door effortlessly but also do it quietly. The lifting system has an equivalent force of 1/2 power class. This is quite rare as with such power the C450 can almost lift any kind of door, no matter the size. The company calls this feature the “Chamberlain MED Lift System”.

  • The gadget can be accessed and controlled by the user, using the myQ app. Being smart comes with a lot of perks around the machine. You can receive notifications, provide door access, connect with other apps and opens/close your door from anywhere. All you need to do is, let the device stay connected to the home Wi-Fi network forever. You can provide voice commands using Google Assistant and the C450 will follow accordingly.

Installation of smart Wi-Fi garage door C450.

  • Visit your garage hall and find a spot closer to your door, to fix the Chamberlain up top. Word of advice, if you find this process too much difficult, call upon an expert to carry out the job perfectly. The ceiling spot that you choose should be parallel to the centre of the door, the positioning should be horizontal.
  • Take out the rail kit, provided with the box to fit in your device permanently. Attached the chain properly and bolt it with the screws, wherever necessary on the motor. Attach the sensors on the garage door sides, too run their destined job. On the nearby wall, bolt in the wall console to run its functions too.
  • Using Remotes

    In case, you are using remotes, patch the batteries inside the back to start signalling. After all the attachments are done completely, you need to provide an active uninterruptible power supply to the machine and its parts. Make sure, the wire that we use is single channelled and covers the attachments and motor altogether. In this way, they will sync together in a better manner and will not require separate power supply connections.

  • Now, download the myQ app on your smartphone, the app is available on both the stores online. Install it and Sign-in using your common login credentials. Type in your Wi-Fi password for the C450 to connect with the home Wi-Fi network on the app. To do that turn on the “Wi-Fi Learn Mode” on the Chamberlain wall console and give in the serial number written on it.
  • You can run some simple tests to get ensured, about the device is in action status. Open and close the door by casually clicking the functions on your phone or on the remote. Call 1-800-528-9131 if you need help settling down the C450 installation procedure.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to maintain or take care of your Chamberlain smart door opener C450?

Every 6 months the owner needs to oil the door and its parts, to keep the operator work smoothly. Use fresh oil on the hinges, door, bearings etc wherever required. Don’t grease them, as the grease gets stuck on the accessories, resulting in jamming of the door partially. If something unbalances the door, get a carpenter to fix the issue and balance both sides perfectly. Perform all functions regularly on the device via the provided controllers, so that they get the necessary change daily. Give the motor, a weekly dusting also. This ensures that every other device is paired successfully and is responding adequately.

myQ app not responding to the Chamberlain smart garage door opener c450?

Check your broadband connection is active or not. Only a router with a 2.4 GHz connection will get attached to the C450 (not 5 GHz). Make sure you put the Wi-Fi password and serial number correctly, to start the displaying job. If the app is showing glitches, uninstall the app and reinstall it back again. Before doing this, you should remove the previous Wi-Fi settings from your device, pair them back again to get going. Visit the Chamberlain door’s back portion and press the yellow button, 3 consecutive times. Once the LED flashes a blue light, the portal gets open for the pairing to begin. Choose myQ on the phone Wi-Fi network or follow the showcasing commands on to sync the device with the app.

How do erase typical memory functions under C450?

To erase your account visit and log into your myQ account. Select “Account” and tap “delete” to complete the process. To deactivate the Wi-Fi connection with the door, hold the black button on the Chamberlain for 10 seconds. 3 “beep” sounds will emerge, indicating a successful un-syncing of the home network connection. Delete the keypad and remote controller from the smart garage door. Push the yellow button for 10 seconds until the light shuts off. The blackout will indicate that all the devices are wiped clean from the C450.

How to customise the keypad security on the smart C450 while using the remote control?

The remote on the device arrives pre-programmed from the company itself. Push the “Learn” button on the Chamberlain wall console twice for the device to flash the LED. Take any remote and click any button that you choose to operate. Now, type in the 4digit pin to access your door. (Remember, this pin is the only security lock that activates the door access, so keep in mind before sharing). Click “enter” to complete the function on the keypad.

Tools requirement for self-installing the Chamberlain door opener c450?

You are going to need a whole toolbox to finish installing the Chamberlain, along with his accessories in your garage. Get the listed items below, correctly from the stationary to get going. You will require a long ladder, measurement tape, hammer, scales, 2 screwdrivers of different settings and a plus for fitting. A drilling machine along with some wrenches, align keys, rings, metal cutter, wooden blocks, screws and extension brackets for permanent wall attachment, is also required. Calling in a trained door expert, won’t cost you much money as well. He/she will ensure the exact fitting and working status of the device.

Safety precautions to be maintained by the owner using Chamberlain garage door opener C450?

Firstly, if you have pets or small children around your house, supervise them to stay away while the door is functioning. Accidents don’t happen telling people the time and place. With a remote on the wrong hands, theft or robbery can happen in your household too. If you are not operating the door using the remote controls, lock them away with the keypad inside the room. Delete the access after a few minutes of sharing, to the delivery partner for package receiving. Note Only share access with family and trustable friends). Due to the Chamberlain’s weight, it can also cause trouble while installing. Call a friend for help while fixing the device positioning.

Multi-functional wall console connecting issues with C450 Chamberlain?

Tap onto the push button 3 times until it synchronises with the Chamberlain. You can control the device after a successful sync. Press the light button below, to shine up the bulb on the C450. The LED under the push bar indicates every action with a light blinking on it. The light button performs the function of opening and closing the door simultaneously. Hold it for 10 seconds to act accordingly (on or off). After you close the door you can also lock it by clicking the “Lock” button on the wall console (5 seconds for lock and unlock both).

How to reset, restart the Chamberlain door opener C450?

There is no such action, available for restarting the device. You can cut the power supply for all the gadgets to take a bit of rest. Although the device is not actively working all the time, it just stays on the whole day. The C450 barely runs once or twice daily, in a normal household. Although, reset the device back to the factory settings manually using the wall console only. Press the light button on the console for 2 minutes or more until the LED blinks 4 times. Doing this will reset your device completely, erasing all your pre-customized memories, assigned on the myQ system server.

How to update firmware on the C450 app-controlled door opener?

There is no certain requirement for software updates on the myQ app. The work of the garage door is quite simple, they open and close the door on the owner’s command. The company provides a security patch update, every now and then to upgrade its safety pattern. Other than that, if a new feature is to be added to the app, the Chamberlain then supplies a firmware update via the App Store. If connected to Wi-Fi, the smartphone will instantly update and install the app during sleep hours. However, keep checking manually every 6 months.

Review of Wi-Fi garage door opener Chamberlain C450.

Looking out for some futuristic machines, that satisfies all your requirements! I assure you that you are looking at the right article. A hectic schedule all day long and a tense life concerning security issues around your house can be pathetic sometimes. To get you out of this mess, today we are introducing the Chamberlain smart garage door opener. The C450 is filled with amazing technology at an affordable price segment. It opens and closes the door according to your commands on schedules. Using the IFTTT feature, the Chamberlain can be accessed on many apps, and you can speak out orders directing their function. It works well with Google Assistant if your hands are too tied up with work.

The multi-way accessible door runs on a lower power as well, so forget about the electric bill coming in huge. The sensors bundled in with the gadget prevents it from causing any accidents too. It detects an obstruction before you close or open the door. Sadly, it doesn’t stay half open or half closed, but other than that it’s the sturdiest door opener ever built. The company reputation presides with the product quality and the transmitting range that circumference the area is further too.

The durable door can be accessed from anywhere around the globe, by just connecting it to the home Wi-Fi network. I’m sure, reading these amazing facts will make you buy this product. However, you can also go through Genie Stealthdrive, beam UP Sentry, beam UP Centurion, Skylink PF, 8165 contractor series, Genie ChainMax 1000, Skylink Atoms as quick alternatives for purchasing. Visit to get a better view of the Chamberlain item itself.