CHWARES Video Doorbell Camera

The CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera is Wi-Fi (compatible with the 2.4Ghz) Video Doorbell that appears with wireless detection and monitoring abilities. You can be accessed and stream live actions from wherever. Just, get the notification anywhere if you have a well-built internet connection. It’s great for surveillance of your doorstep and to make sure you always stay in control no matter where you are. The ‎CHWARES Wireless Video Doorbell Camera is formed by the world’s biggest and reputable high-quality product producing company “CHWARES E-business Co. Ltd” of Hong Kong. This CHWARES Video Doorbell Camera with Chime (part number- ‎739515519874) price is approximately $75.06.

In addition, the CHWARES WiFi Video Doorbell Camera specifications are a Free Cloud Storage device that comes with 7 cycling days, the Temperature Range is 14 -122 Degrees Fahrenheit, etc. This is the entire work based on the internet connection. The CHWARES is a modern or trendy yet energetic and most active company that trades with smart devices for homes. This wireless Doorbell camera should render you a satisfactory distance to ascertain your courtyard as much as your roadway. Apart from this, it becomes under the Well-designed system that should be proficient to undoubtedly display footage and displacement upward to 50 feet away.

Features of the CHWARES 1080p smart Video Doorbell Camera?

If you are thinking of buying this doorbell, then first of all know its features so that you can be well aware of its pros and cons. Here are some features of this:

Multiple-User Sharing and Free Cloud Storage

The CHWARES 1080p Video Doorbell Camera Neither takes any support charges for the lifespan cloud service storage. Its storage system can store the videos with a maximum time limit in the cloud system for 7 days without any storage limitation. The device will invariably substitute for the foregoing file to record in a curl. You can undoubtedly also share this cloud storage account with your household members.

Excellent Night Vision Impression and 1080P FHD Images

This Wireless 1080P Video doorbell camera resolution is consolidated with the 166° super and excellent wide-angle lens. It allows the doorbell to precisely record the action of the frontal door outwardly abstaining from each essential picture. This is linked by the infrared and excellent night vision function, it can control the position outside the door thoroughly notwithstanding daytime or nighttime.

2-Way Audio and Excellent PIR Human Detection

The CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera with chime Built-in with high-power and smart PIR Sensor. It enables you to obtain alarms, warnings, and push notifications in real-time superimposed either triggered action & motion apprehension. The smart 1080P camera has brought a built-in smart microphone and speaker system to record videos with sound. In addition, this also presents two-way tremendous faithfulness conversations all the time. It enables you to have real-time video communication within the APP. Use the Doorbell camera app to whoever is in the presence of the camera at every moment and location. The CHWARES smart video doorbell is the perfect doorbell essential for home protection.

100% Wire-Free and Rechargeable Batteries

This smart Video Doorbell begins with 2,18,650 rechargeable energetic batteries and a WiFi indoor chime. All-time this doorbell battery is drained, you can proceed to use it when you entirely energise it over. This is environmentally pleasant and a tremendous release. Simply, after pairing the video doorbell including your mobile phone and chime. Now, you can experience the availability of wireless functions. Unite this device only with its compatible 2.4G WiFi router internet connection.

Straightforward Installation and IP65 Weatherproof

It comes with a high-quality linen canvas and also has an IP65 waterproof gateway. The 1080P smart video doorbell is long-lasting sufficient to endure stern weather. It works precisely in rainy and snowy weather. You can mount this doorbell effortlessly and install it on the door. Only plugin your chime toward the electrical power socket to use it.

How to install the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera with chime?

If you want to think about the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera installation. Then, grasp the below steps in a series and install them on your device effortlessly.

(i) Let’s know about its hardware accessories & other information

There are some accessories of this device and front & back panel parts, which are mentioned below.
On the front panel of this doorbell:
The CHWARES Wireless Video Doorbell Camera with Chime contains these things.

  • Camera Lens
  • IR LEDs
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Microphone
  • Light Ring
  • Speaker

On the back panel of this doorbell:
The CHWARES Wireless 1080P HD Video Doorbell Camera with Chime contains these things.

  • Reset button
  • Micro-SD card slot
  • Power Input Port
  • Micro-USB Port
  • Reset button
What shows the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera Signal indicator?

The CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell reveals an indicator light that permits you to know
what it is performing.

  • It shows the Solid Red light: That means, your doorbell is booting up.
  • Why it’s Coupled Blinking Blue?: That shows it can’t now connect to the Wi-Fi.
  • What shows its Solid Blue signal light?: The device is favourably combined with the internet.
  • Why is the CHWARES WiFi doorbell Blinking Blue?: It’s indicating that the device has no internet connection.
What’s included in the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera with Chime carton?

These are some Accessories that are included in this wireless device packaging box.

A. CHWARES Video Doorbell, B. Two Hardwire/Security Screw, C. Mounting Bracket, D. Drill Bit & 5 Anchors, E. Horizontal (15°) and Vertical (5°) Angle Brackets, F. Long Mounting Screws and Wall Anchors, G. Five Short Mounting Screws, H. Power Connection Screws, I. Wire Clips, J. Chime Adapter Kit (optional), K. Double-sided Tape, L. Doorbell Connection Wires, M. Leveler & 2 batteries, N. Screwdriver, O. Extra Color Case. P. CHWARES video doorbell User Manual

(ii) CHWARES Video Doorbell Camera with Chime Safety instructions

Here are some safety instructions that are mentioned for this doorbell, let’s emulate it first before installing it.

  • Switch OFF the electrified power for this smart 1080P HD doorbell at the igniter or circuit surge carton.
  • In addition, when you’re doubtful about the power socket that it is to switch off the doorbell’s energy, kindly negotiate with an authorised troubleshooter.
  • This wireless device is designed for installation toward a secured access location. The smart WiFi doorbell access can exclusively be obtained by service persons or through this device user. That has been commanded regarding the ideas for the restrictions referred to this device location and concerning any anticipations that shall be exerted.
  • In this case, if you intend to permanently switch on the power of this device, kindly add suitable disconnecting equipment and an overcurrent security device, furthest of this wireless doorbell device.
(iii) Install the rechargeable 18650 battery in the battery slot of this Doorbell

There are terrific points mentioned for the installation of the batteries in the battery slot.

  • Push the CHWARES Wireless doorbell back cover down and remove it.
  • Use the hardware/security screws to install the back cover of the battery on the wall.
  • Insert the rechargeable battery into the battery slot and charge it if it is not charging from the Micro USB port for battery charging (DC5V).
  • Now, install the CHWARES WiFi doorbell by following the user manual directions.
  • Plugin the video doorbell chime with the electrical wall power strip.
  • After this, press the tune button and select the tune from 52 tunes. Surely, your mobile phone has been united by the video doorbell.
  • So, let’s connect with the power first and install the Chime accurately.
(iv) Install the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera with Chime

Here are some following steps for the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera installation. Let’s follow these steps in a series.

  • Kindly understand the CHWARES Doorbell user manual instructions.
  • After installing the batteries, kindly attach the CHWARES smart Wireless doorbell with your home outside closer to the door wall.
  • Fix the video camera doorbell with the screws and scan the QR code to install the LIveHome app.
  • Use it to walking through the settings section, connecting it with the 2.4Ghz band network, and control this device easily.
  • Locate this app directly on the apple store & Google play store application or install this app on the android phone then you just scan the QR code and install it directly.
  • Now, pull out the insulation tabs from its battery area.
(v) Connecting the CHWARES smart Doorbell with the LiveHome app

Following are the steps mentioned for connecting this wireless doorbell with the app, let’s you know about it from below.

  • Launch the LiveHome app on your mobile phone and tap on the sign up/login option.
  • If you are a new user then click on the sign-up option, otherwise click on the login option.
  • Type your Email address in the username field and also insert the password in the password option.
  • Confirm your password again and get OTP on your registered Email or mobile number.
  • Insert the OTP and go ahead.
  • Now, your CHWARES Wireless Video Doorbell camera is successfully registered.
  • You can now log in to this device easily via the app or using the web interface.
  • Click on the “Login” option and then tap into “+” (plus sign icon) to add your wireless doorbell.
  • Simply scan the CHWARES Video Doorbell camera QR code and choose your doorbell name from your mobile phone screen.
  • Momentarily, you will hold the doorbell for approximately 8 seconds until the LED signal indicator is blinking red.
  • Make sure the internet connection is available on your mobile phone, so tap on yes and go ahead.
  • Insert the doorbell name, WiFi network name, and Wi-Fi password, click on the “connect” option.
  • Eventually, the CHWARES wireless doorbell connecting with the internet connection appropriately. So, let’s send the message and operate it by using the LiveHome app.

So, these varied above-mentioned steps are explained for the CHWARES Doorbell installation. If you face any problems with installing your device then let’s emulate these mentioned steps.

CHWARES video doorbell Manual

The user manual of the CHWARES Wireless smart 1080P Video Doorbell has exclusively contained countless information regarding operating this device. Moreover, you can know more user queries answers through this user manual like How to use the CHWARES Video Doorbell app? Is the CHWARES Video Doorbell Video camera best and different from anyone else? How to pair the CHWARES Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with the LiveHome app? Why does the CHWARES 1080p video doorbell camera with chime blinks red light? Does the CHWARES Wireless doorbell severely ring in the house or simply to my phone? Can I record from the CHWARES 1080p video doorbell 15 seconds longer videos? Does the CHWARES video doorbell give notifications on my mobile phone anyplace? Does the CHWARES smart 1080p Wireless doorbell support the 5Ghz? How many users use the LIveHome app? Therefore, read the instructions of the CHWARES video doorbell user manual.

How to do the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera with chime setup?

Following are the before-mentioned specific steps described for the CHWARES video doorbell setup. Let’s follow these steps.

  • Launch the LiveHome app first on your mobile phone.
  • Let’s turn on the notification first via its setting section. Go under the setting < Notifications < on/off.
  • Allow the wireless doorbell access to only two or three users. So, enable the access control setting for this.
  • To use the wireless network connection with the 2.4Ghz band technology. Then, go into the settings < network & wireless setting < frequency band < 2.4Ghz
  • To update the CHWARES smart Wireless Doorbell with an updating version then go into the settings. Choose the system update function and update it by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Set the video quality and resolution from its setting section.
  • Moreover, to reset the device then choose the settings < factory default settings < reset it. Lastly, save all the applying changes correctly.

So, these are the terrific steps that are mentioned for the CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera setup.

CHWARES video doorbell troubleshooting Guide

Follow the below-mentioned steps for getting the CHWARES video doorbell troubleshooting guide.

  • In the case of the CHWARES Video Doorbell Camera not working, you should reconfigure your wireless device. Unplug the Chime and plugin after Five minutes again. Now, if its signal light is blinking that means this is now working.
  • Many of the times, the CHWARES 1080p Video Doorbell Camera does not connect with the internet connection. In this case, you just restart your wireless device and connect to the internet repeatedly.
  • If the CHWARES Doorbell app is not working due to an internet connection issue. At this time, you have to reconnect the internet to your mobile phone. Just, unite the internet connection of the 2.4Ghz band network supported router.
  • If the CHWARES 1080 smart Video Doorbell Camera with chime not blinking light. That means it is not configured appropriately. So, reset the CHWARES Wireless Video Doorbell Camera and solve this issue.
  • Turn on your mobile phone notifications and also turn on your mobile phone internet connection to get the notification on your mobile phone.

So, these are amazing actions for the CHWARES Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera troubleshooting. Let’s follow these steps if you are also stuck with any issue with this device.

CHWARES 1080p smart video doorbell camera Review

The CHWARES 1080p Video Doorbell Camera with chime is a special networking camera for home security. This wireless doorbell design and size are too distinct in comparison to anyone else. Let’s check its price information via Amazon. If you want to think about buying this device then, first of all, know the CHWARES Video Doorbell Review from here.

CHWARES 1080P Wireless Doorbell Price

The Most inexpensive price always is $59.08 and the higher-priced price eternally is up to $79.99, it is available at › CHWARES-Doorbell-Wireless (ASIN-B088ZVF7JY). It is the first time available in the market with only a single Black colour exception since May 21, 2020. The CHWARES Doorbell review (1,682 ratings) at Amazon with 3.9 out of 5 stars.

Specifications of the CHWARES 1080p Video Doorbell Camera

The CHWARES smart wireless doorbell Manufacturer by the CHWARES LMT. company of HongKong. The Part Number & model number of this device is 739515519874. Item Weight is ‎14.8 ounces. It brings the Batteries in their carton with 2 Lithium Metal batteries that are most required. In addition, the Temperature Range is ‎14 – 122 Degrees Fahrenheit. In which Batteries not Included. The Description Pile is CXY 18650.

Design and Size of this CHWARES smart wireless doorbell

The design of this smart 1080P HD resolution smart Video camera doorbell is very distinct and small. It comes with only a single one Color that is ‎Black. The Power Source of this device is Battery Powered. The Installation Method for this device is ‎Self-Adhesive or Screw-In. Item Package Quantity only ‎1.

CHWARES smart 1080P HD video Doorbell camera Product Dimensions

The dimension of this device is 5.12 x 2.56 x 0.98 inches.


Why did the Chime not unite to the CHWARES video doorbell?

Hold and press the WiFi button approaching the chime for around 5 trices. The LED light at the chime will glance and suddenly you hold the button at the doorbell to react.

Does the CHWARES Doorbell with chime have to work on the same WiFi, using this on the way but require it to ring in the house?

No, just keep it pairing your smart networking video doorbell with Chime and use it on the same WiFi network connection.

Is there, either way, to secure the recording running with the CHWARES doorbell for 15 seconds?

The CHWARES smart video doorbell will remain to record specific recordings as long as it still exposes someone walking outside of your door.

Does the CHWARES doorbell keenly ring in the house or merely to my phone?

This wireless smart video doorbell sounds both in your house by a chime and to your phone by the LiveHome app.

Have an app to control this CHWARES smart wireless Video camera doorbell?

Yes, use the CHWARES user manual to install the app via the QR scanning code. This is only presented in this user manual. Instead of this, you can install the LiveHome app on your supportive iOS and android phone.

Can I add cameras to this CHWARES smart wireless doorbell?

Obviously yes, you can add more cameras with this device using the LiveHome app.

Does the CHWARES wireless video doorbell automatically record without pressing the button?

Yes, this CHWARES wireless video doorbell automatically records without pressing the button.

Why isn’t my CHWARES Video Camera doorbell ringing by the app while the phone is on the home screen?

This wireless smart video doorbell rings by the app to send a notification on your mobile instead while anyone passes through your home video doorbell.

Can I use the CHWARES doorbell to click pix and video too and view live view too?

Yes, just need a well-built internet connection in your mobile phone and with the mobile LIveHome app. So, use the app to click pix and video too and view live view too.

What should I do if the CHWARES Wireless Video Camera Doorbell mislaid one of the batteries, is there an unspecified way to re-order just the batteries?

Yes, you can buy the 18650 with 2600 MWh model batteries from Amazon, eBay, and any other hardware store.

Does the CHWARES smart wireless doorbell support a wireless network connection?

Yes, the CHWARES smart wireless device supports only the 2.4Ghz band network connection only.

What’re the Dimensions of the CHWARES Video Camera Wireless doorbell?

The dimension of this device is 5.12 x 2.56 x 0.98 inches.

Is the CHWARES smart 1080P HD video doorbell available for replacement security screws?

Yes, you can buy the screws of this wireless doorbell from any hardware store.

Does the CHWARES Wireless doorbell record when motion is detected?

Yes, it is recording the videos with high-resolution HD quality when motion is detected.