Clyn Wi-Fi Extender

The Wi-Fi repeater is manufactured by the “clyn Co. Ltd” company which is based in China. the product (Item Model Name – CLYN) got launched this year in March 2021. Clyn Wi-Fi Extender is priced around 34.99 US Dollars and is currently available for sale at (ASIN- B08XPZV85Z). A high speed of 1200 Mbps is maintained, including several security protocols and communication standards. Its latest release has been the reason for such a moderate customer rating, although the dual-band extender still gathered a 3.2 Star grade out of 5.

A #654 ranking is awarded by the best sellers in the Wi-Fi Repeaters Department across the borders. The Clyn extender is available in a single-colour variant that’s is “White”. The brand grants a warranty of 1 Year on the whole product, no service will be provided if the exterior parts are broken on the device. Feel free to contact the company’s Tech Department to know more about the product.

Structural View of Clyn Wi-Fi repeater.

The body of the wireless extender is made of raw plastic which is not at all durable. Please handle with care as the router has a tendency of falling, so make sure the placement is properly taken care of. The item has a mobile shaped figure with 4 antennas fixed at its top by mounts, the edges are curved for easy handling as well. The back has an attached power prong (based on your country), for all time direct charging and both sides have an air passage mesh grill for hot air ventilation.

The front has a “WPS/Reset” button for synchronization with the router and put the router back to default settings, along with 3 signal indicators above it. The light blue branding of “C” for Clyn is graphed at the front including some extra important information at the back. The Wi-Fi indicators showcase a strong, weak and medium signal strength, flashing the colour “Blue”. Below stays the WAN/LAN port for direct Ethernet cable connection to the router. If you have any extra quarries, contact the customer service spokesperson, the number is shared in the manual.

Unboxing the Clyn home range extender.

The delivery of the product can either be time-consuming or can be real-quick based on your pinned location. It totally depends upon your luck so see the product stock quantity before you put it in your cart. The transportation is a bit risky as the package is not well covered, besides tearing upon the plastic covering the main Clyn extender will come out followed by a long white Ethernet cable.

The black box itself is covered with quick details, printed on all sides. Other than this, only the warranty booklet and the user manual is given inside. Keep the documents safe and secure, as they are needed while claiming a warranty. If anything, other than this is not in the box, contact the Amazon sales department executive and inform him about the theft.

Features of Clyn dual-band extender.

  • The wireless extender has a dual-band frequency bandwidth class, which allows it to channel service to both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network range connections. The speed starts from 300 Mbps to 867 Mbps and reaches a maximum of 1200 Mbps connection speed. Data transmission becomes even more smooth as the Wi-Fi booster supplies superior class performance.
  • The setup procedure is too easy as the Clyn repeater works on both IOS and Android devices. A radio frequency of 802.11n, g, b, a and ac are followed by the wireless communicator. Security standards available are WPS, WPA2- PSK, WPA -PSK and WEP, LAN port facility acts on 10/100 Mbps.
  • The Clyn range extender provides a wireless signal coverage of up to 1200 square feet, which is really appreciating. Not more than 25 devices can connect to the wireless devices at a time. Due to the 4 * 2dBi external antennas, the Clyn gadget stands compatible with many all the devices at your home. The device can also extend a range of 65 feet to your smartphones as well as boost the signal.

Installing the Clyn Wi-Fi range extender at your home/office.

  • After unpacking the wireless device, provide a stable power source by connecting it to a switchboard. Attach the Ethernet cable on your router at one end and the Clyn extender at the other. (Extra: Make sure it stays nearby the router, while you set it up).
  • Press the WPS button on the extender, open your Wi-Fi settings on your mobile and connect to the Clyn wireless extender. The displaying name will be “Clyn-5G”. Once it’s done, a Clyn login page will open automatically. Select the language “ENGLISH”, and give in the password “admin” for authentication. As the new page opens, the Clyn will search for the available routers in the area.
  • Select your router and check the underlined details coming below. Type your routers security password to start engaging the connection. The wait time of 40 seconds will be shown on the screen (Note: don’t turn off or leave the screen until it is done). It’s done, the connection is secure, the page will go off from the screen robotically. Place the extender in the desired location, away from the router and make sure the lights keep blinking the blue colour. The range can be understood via the given signal strength.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to restart, reset the Clyn home wireless extender/repeater?

The unavailability of the app is not a problem, to Restart the device press the WPS button once and the device will function accordingly. The gadget will take a minute to reboot itself, and you will be able to see the blue light flashing again. However, you can always unplug the device when you are not at home.

To fully reset the Clyn extender, press the WPS/Reset button and hold it for 20 to 30 seconds. The LED lights will flash once instantly on the extender and your device will be set back to its default settings. Keep in mind, doing this will erase every personalization from your device, that you have pre-customized on the login page earlier. You need to configure it again from the beginning, as all your data and memory have been erased from the server. Do this if you are having connectivity issues or have forgotten the Login ID and password.

How to update the firmware on the dual-band Clyn device?

Regular/weekly updates are unavailable for this Wi-Fi extender. As its site is controlled, the extender lacks some of the features of being a smart device. Security patches are installed yearly, through the login page or get updated as per the router’s accommodation. Other than this, the gadget doesn’t really require any major update as its only job is to extend the Wi-Fi to a certain distance. Even if there is one available, the brand will push the alerts through their login page itself. As you open the page for alterations you can view the signified changes through that. The Clyn manufacturers are planning on creating a smart app for the device, so keep checking on that as well.

Security precautions required for handling the Clyn Wi-Fi extender?

The body panel of the product is not at all strong, so you better keep an eye on the position of the router. Make sure it’s fixed a certain current board tightly to avoid falling off. The Ethernet cable should be attached correctly to the WAN/LAN port before the placement is done. Turn on the power, only after all the cables and devices are synced subsequently, as described in the setup procedure. The company won’t let you claim a warranty if the gadget is damaged physically. Avoid changing locations on a daily basis and in an open area. An indoor location is much preferred rather than an outdoor one.

How to solve the Clyn Wi-Fi extender showing connectivity issues with the router as well as the connected devices?

After finishing the installation procedure, if the 3 blue lights are all blinking, it means the connection is secure and the speed/strength is at the top. You need to readjust Clyn’s placement and positioning if the unit is fixed at a further location away from the main router. The LED light blinking will decrease from 2 to 1 and even 0 at times of no available connection. You need to keep the devices within the range of 1200 square feet to get an absolute Internet service (Note: Get one extra repeater if you have a bigger house than usual).

Also, check the power source board is active or not, a loose adjustment can create a mess and generate electric sparks as well. Always remember, to place the Clyn at a higher level in the desired room. Reset the device in case its shows glitches and inactive work status on the device and reconfigure it to start afresh. (Note: Keep both the router and the range extender close, while following the setup procedure).

How to acknowledge what’s wrong with your wireless Clyn extender?

The ultimate way to find out this issue is that you can typically test several devices on the extender’s Wi-Fi networks. Connect up to 10 devices minimum and 25 devices maximum to determine the exact issue. Connected devices can also bear issues with the system, so keep trying with different devices such as TVs, laptops, game consoles, phones, etc. If everything is in proper working condition, then ask your Internet Service Provider, whether the problem is from his end or not. They can solve the web flow interference issue from their side only. Check the router connected as well, a lost connection or no web service can also create trouble.

Reasons to buy the Clyn AC1200 wireless signal repeater?

  • Both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi routers are compatible with the Clyn extender, it increases your signal strength based on your router choice.
  • WPA security services help protect your details and information and also shields you from being hacked by a 3rd person. Share access to only your family and friends.
  • Minimum (300 Mbps) to maximum (1200 Mbps) of speed signals are generated by the Wi-Fi boost feature along with enhanced coverage and performance.
  • Globally available customer service agents. Contact the 24/5 on all working days from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM CST. Compatible with almost every router out there in the market. Quick install and set up, apart from its neat price segment.

Review of the Clyn AC1200 Wi-Fi booster.

Having a bigger house is common these days, people need their private space and room to get on with their lives. But what about the Internet connection! A single router can only provide Internet service to a certain range and limit. The solution to this problem is a Wi-Fi extender that arrives in a compatible format along with similar security protocols. Surprisingly it’s your lucky day, as I will introduce the Clyn Wi-Fi repeater today. The Wi-Fi booster can deliver up to 1200M speed depending upon your local congested area. It’s very user-friendly and runs on both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bandwidths.

The gadget can be placed in any of your favourite places, such as the garden, dining, bedroom, 2nd or 3rd floors, etc. wherever you feel you are lacking the web signals. Hence, more speed and performance are reached by the Clyn extender. For such a price segment, the device is absolutely worthy of purchase. I know some of the features are missing like the app and PPPOE access network, but you still can’t complain, looking at its gains.

Moreover, it’s a free world and you can certainly look for other options or can view the Clyn extender videos on Amazon to get an immersive experience. Take a glance at BrosTrend Wi-Fi, Netgear EX6120, TP-Link AC750, loom extender, UPPON booster, Superboost Internet booster, rockspace dual-band extender for quick alternatives.