Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This device helps you to make sure that the floors of your home are clean every time they get dirty. Coredy R580 is a Robot Vacuum cleaner that does the work of cleaning the home. You can use this device to clean the floors of your home without your physical efforts. As it is a Robot Vacuum cleaner it does the whole work of cleaning by itself.

There are many features available on this device. You can easily control it with the help of wi-fi connectivity. There is an application also provided for this device to configure it, you can download this app on your mobile phone to easily control this Vacuum cleaner. You can also control it through your voice, as this device has the ability to work with Alexa. This working ability with Alexa makes it easier to control with our voice.
This vacuum clear has the ability to support both the dry and wet function of mopping. Whether the floor is wet or the floor is dry you will be able to clean it with this device. You can also clean the carpets that are in your home. It not only cleans the floors but carpets can also be cleaned with the help of this Vacuum cleaner.

Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Setup

If you have purchased a Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum cleaner. Then you must know the process to set up it and use it properly. If you are not aware of the process of the setup of this device then follow this article.
Here we will know about the process of the setup of the Coredy R580 Vacuum cleaner. By following the process given below you will be able to complete the process of the setup of this device properly.
So, now we will start the process,

Starting the device
  • First of all, we will take the charging cable given with this device. Then we will connect the charging plug into the socket to provide the supply of power.
  • Now, we have to keep the dock of charging on the surface that is hard level and opposite to the wall.
  • After doing this, we will have to place the charging dock at the position from where it is 6 feet away from the front and 3 feet away from the sides.
  • When we will complete the process of positioning, then we have to install the brushes on this device. To do this we have to take the side brushes and then attach them to the bottom of this Vacuum cleaner by pressing the brushes in the provided slots.
  • Once we will complete this step, then we have to activate the robot. To do this we will have to place the vacuum cleaner on the charging dock.

After you will do this, then at that point, you will listen to some sort of sound and then the power button will flash, and the vacuum cleaner will be ready for use.
To start the process of cleaning you will have to find the button used for power on. Then press that button once to start the robot and then again to start the process of cleaning.

Using the “Coredy Robot” application

We can also control this Vacuum cleaner with the help of the coredy robot application. To start, first, we will have to download this application and install it on our mobile phone.
One more thing needs to be clear that, our mobile phone must need to be connected with 2.4 GHz network. If not, then the app will not run on our device.

  • To get started, we have to first download and install the application on our device. If we are using android then we will get this app on the google play store and if iPhone then we will get it on Appstore.
  • After we will do this, then we have to make sure that our robot vacuum cleaner is flashing in blue color to proceed further.
  • Then we will have to create our account on this application to proceed to the next steps. After we will create our account on this application, then we will be able to add our device to this app.
  • When we will create our user account, then we have to find the option provided for “add device” and then tap on it to open its menu.

We will have to find the name of our device in that menu and then add it to the application. After adding the vacuum cleaner to the application, we will be able to control it via coredy robot app.

Coredy R580 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Troubleshooting

If you are facing some sort of problem while using your robot vacuum cleaner. Then you can solve the issues with the help of the process given here.
If there will be some error in your Coredy R580 Robot vacuum cleaner then you will be able to know it with the help of two times sound and then a message. This will be shown by your robot if there will be some error. You can identify the problems with the help of the indicator provided on the robot.
If you will observe that the indicator is turning red or beeping in red color, then there is some sort of problem. The first thing you should try to solve these issues is to reboot your robot vacuum cleaner. Many problems get solved just after rebooting the system of the vacuum cleaner.

An indicator according to beeps

If the indicator’s red-light beeps for one time, then the front driving wheel of your robot is stuck. In this situation, you should clean the driving wheel and restart your vacuum cleaner to solve this problem.
If the indicator’s red light beeps two times, then the side brush of the vacuum cleaner is stuck. To solve this, you have to clean the brush that is stuck and then reboot the robot again.

If the indicator’s red light beeps for three-time, then the fan of the vacuum cleaner is stuck. At this point, you need to remove all the garbage and dust from the dust bin of the robot vacuum cleaner and then start the device again to solve this issue.
At last, when red color light beeps four times. Then the main rolling brush of robot is stuck. To solve this problem, you have to take the rolling brush out and clean it. After cleaning again, you have to put it back and restart the robot vacuum cleaner.


1. Is there an option for auto cleaning mode in coredy R580 robot vacuum cleaner?

Yes, there is an option available for auto cleaning in this vacuum cleaner.

2. How many types of cleaning modes are present in this vacuum cleaner?

There are four types of cleaning modes present in this vacuum cleaner. Auto cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode, edge cleaning mode, and single room cleaning mode.

3. Can we operate this vacuum cleaner with a mobile application?

Yes, there is a mobile application provided to operate this vacuum cleaner.

4. Is it necessary to download the mobile app to operate this device?

No, you can operate coredy R580 robot vacuum cleaner without the app also.

5. What is the name of the application to operate this vacuum cleaner?

The app through which we can operate this vacuum cleaner is coredy robot app.

6. Will this device fall down from the stairs while cleaning?

No, this device will not fall from the stairs.

7. Can we clean the carpet with this vacuum cleaner?

Yes, we can clean the carpet with this vacuum cleaner.

8. Can we connect coredy R580 robot vacuum cleaner with the wi-fi?

Yes, we can connect this device with the wi-fi.

9. Is it necessary to connect it with wi-fi to use it?

No, it is not necessary to connect this vacuum cleaner with wi-fi to use it.

10. Can we connect this vacuum cleaner with Alexa for voice control?

Yes, the feature to connect it with Alexa is available for voice command.