CradlePoint Router Login with Default Password

Routers are a networking gadget that dispatches the data to the programming devices. CradlePoint Routers are one of the must-haves. With the exceptional features and specifications, CradlePoint routers are Wireless Routers designed for the succeeding generation. With the 3G and 4G networking programs, these Routers are accomplishing all the requirements of their clients without any difficulties.
CradlePoint Routers comes from an impressive manufacturing company and is divulged by many users.
Let’s dig into the features, setup, login, plus troubleshooting of CradlePoint Routers.

Features of CradlePoint Routers

  • USB ports and Ethernet ports available.
  • Wireless access.
  • Separate SSID Network Public, Private
  • Security
  • “Turn Wi-Fi into WAN” Mode available
  • Wireless “N” Wi-Fi with 300 Mbps network.
  • About 600- 700 ft of Wi-Fi network Range.
  • 32 Wi-Fi connections at a single moment.
  • With unique QoS preferences plus Security Settings.
  • Four Ethernet ports to attach to your devices.

Setup of SIM CARD

For the workings of the router, you just insert the SIM into the CradlePoint Routers.

  • You will locate the SIM slot at the tail of the Routers.
  • Remove the bolts that are fixed at the door.
  • Stick the SIM in the direction that is illustrated on the router.
  • Close the portal with the bolts and power on the router for the network connection.

Configuration Process Of CradlePoint Router

The Setup procedure of CradlePoint Router is effortless and can be done effortlessly without any difficulties.
Let’s have a glimpse of the Setup Process of CradlePoint routers.

  • Firstly, Log in to the modem’s Configuration Web-Page.
  • Now, Select the “Network Settings” option from the options mentioned.
  • Select the “Wi-Fi or Local Networks” option from the menu.
  • Now, Select the ‘VLAN Interfaces’ from the picks.
  • Decide on the ‘WAN’ option.
  • Tap on the “Edit option” now.
  • Choose the ‘Port 0’ and discard from the WAN.
  • Select the “Lan Row” and now tap on ‘Edit Option’.
  • In the Port, select Port 0 and choose untagged, then deliver the settings.
  • Spot and click on a checkmark adjacent to the ‘Primary LAN’, Edit.
  • Choose the IPv4 Settings option.
  • Set an IP Address: plus the Router Mode into the Standard Model.
  • Now, connect Ethernet Cable from the LAN Port on the Router into any Cradlepoint Router’s Ethernet ports.
  • Refresh the PC’s IP address again if required.

The configuration process of the cradlepoint router is now perpetrated.

LED Lights of CradlePoint Router

The CradlePoint Routers are designed with the LED lights which state the working process of the routers. All the CradlePoint Routers have the LED lights that state it’s a working system.

  • Blinking Blue: No Sim.
  • Solid Blue: Carrier is Rejected.
  • Blinking Red: No Modem Connection.
  • Solid Red: Offline
  • No LED Light: Powered off.
  • Blinking White: WAN is online but does not pertain to NCM.
  • Solid White: The router is connected to NCM.
  • Blinking Green: The router is connecting.
  • Blinking Yellow: The router is in the procedure of resetting.

Login Process with Default Password

  1. Open the Web Browser.
  2. Type the default IP Address
  3. Reach out to the Router’s login page and enter the username and password.
  • Default Username: admin
  • Default Password: blank

After typing the username and password, make sure that you are connected to home Wi-Fi.

You are now connected. In this case, if you forgot the Username and Password try to Reset the router by pressing the reset button for 15-20 seconds.
If you still have any doubt regarding the Reset process have a glance at the below information.

Reset Process of CradlePoint Router

1.Via the ‘RESET’ button
  • Firstly, locate the Reset Button on the Router.
  • Detach all devices that are connected to the Cradlepoint router, except the power cord.
  • Power ON the router and press the Reset button and hold for at least 15-20 seconds.
  • Here, holding the reset button, the router’s LEDs start blinking.
  • The process of resetting is now completed,
  • Now, release the Reset button.
  • It takes about an ample of time to finish the rebooting process, then you can go with the configuration process.
2. via NetCloud Manager
  • Firstly, Log in to the NetCloud Manager.
  • Secondly, By opening the ‘Devices Tab’ select the ‘Cradlepoint’s endpoint’.
  • If the endpoint is not yet removed, remove it by clicking ‘Move’ then Parent Account and tap on ‘Ok’.
  • Click on ‘Configuration’ and now select ‘Clear’.
  • Now, Click on the Commands and choose the ‘Restore to Defaults’ option from the above options.

You are now done with the process of Reset via NetCloud Manager.

Firmware Update Process of a CradlePoint Router

It plays an integral function in the working of a router.
Firmware Update executes the necessary objectives of hardware.
By updating the firmware, they produce some changes in the program that are basic to foster the CradlePoint routers to run proficiently by fixing all the issues and promising security and programming.

  1. Firstly, visit the site:
  2. Choose the ‘Netcloud’ box from the options.
  3. Discover the Netcloud OS column on the page.
  4. Now click on the Download NCOS Firmware link visible in the options.
  5. You will be presented with the options of Firmware with the modem firmware as well. Update the firmware process. The modern firmware is of the 7.1.0 version.

The Firmware Update process will upgrade the CradlePoint router with developed operations.

Issues and Resolutions of CradlePoint Routers

1.Issue: Why is the Endpoint indicating In Remediation?

If your Endpoint is registered under NetCloud’s account and is linked with a subscription I.e, through ‘In Remediation’,
Then the Endpoint exhibits “In Remediation” for the expiring date or the days remaining for the subscription to expire.

2.Issue: How to approach the Firmware Updates through the NetCloud Subscription when expired?

As mentioned earlier the NetCloud OS version 7.1.0 is the modern version.
The coming version does it all without an active subscription.
Though, for the modern versions, a functional NetCloud subscription is a must in accessing all the new traits and functions.

3.Issue: Access wireless router to PC.

1.First, Connect your PC via cord to the CradlePoint router.
2. Now, open Web-Browser and enter the address:
3.Type the default username: blank
And default password: Last 6 digits of MAC Address which is available at the bottom of the routers.

4. Issue: Where can I find the IP address and password of the router?

Wi-Fi SSID is available on the Settings page.
Wi-Fi Password: Available on the Settings page.

5. Issue: How can I rewrite my IP address?


  • Log in to the CradlePoint router’s Page.
  • Choose the Networks and then click on the IP Networks from the menu.
  • Now, Select the LAN and then Edit it.
  • Choose the IPv4 Settings and set the IP Address.
  • Click on the Save tab.


CradlePoint Routers are compelled to deliver you with secure 3G, 4G, plus 5G networks without any bugs. Coming from satisfactory manufacturers, CradlePoint routers/modems are fulfilling all the needs of the homes, offices, etc.
Designed with the SIM slot option, the Wi-Fi connections are seamless. You and your family can enjoy the connections of CradlePoint routers. Stream, browse, play, watch. With high-security features, secure all the networks.CradlePoint routes are the best to grab your hand on.
With wireless and wired broadband Internet connections access all the aspects. Guard all the connections with the IP address and Password. CradlePoint modems are available with both private and public mesh connections. Guest connection is also accessible.

Some of the best models of CradlePoint Routers

  • CBR400
  • CBR450
  • CTR500
  • MBR 90
  • PHS300
  • PHS300s
  • MC100E
  • IBR650