This pandemic has given people a lot of technical challenges, one of them being access to the internet. Since everything like schools, colleges and even offices opt for online modes. Having an internet connection became essential for everyone in order to move about their lives. You may have an internet connection, but do you have a strong router. Why settle less for a router? With the Cudy AC 1200 GIGABIT Dual band Wi-Fi router, you don’t have to worry about your connection anymore. Enjoy high speed internet without being interrupt by buffer screens. An easy to use router that does not require any professional help for the Cudy WR1300 AC1200 router setup.

Can easily connect to multiple devices and has wide range that ensures connectivity. The Cudy AC1200 router can be use for gaming as well basic tasks thanks to its dual bandwidth channel. This dual bandwidth channel allows you to simultaneously stream high quality videos as well as game and connect to multiple devices.
In this article we will see the Cudy WR1300 AC1200 installation, the Cudy WR1300 AC1200 router setup and the Cudy WR1300 review. This way you will know whether or not if you need to buy this router.


  • AC1200 Wi-Fi Router (Gigabit)
  • Power Adapter
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Installation guide (Cudy AC1200 Manual)


  • The Cudy AC1200 Wi-Fi Router provides two bandwidths to the user. One 2.4 GHz channel and one 5GHz channel. The 2.4GHZ channel is suitable for basic and simple functions like browsing and smaller tasks that do not require high speeds. Whereas the 5GHz channel can be use for High Definition video streaming and is highly suitable for gaming. The 5GHz channel allows 4K gaming and can be simultaneously use to stream videos. The 5GHZ channel gives up to 867Mbps which provides buffer free use of the internet.
  • The Cudy AC1200 Wi-Fi Router contains Gigabit Ethernet ports as well as a USB 3.0 port. The router contains five gigabit ethernet ports for wired connections which allows the user for up to ten times faster speeds than a normal router containing fast ethernet ports. You can connect you 4K TV, NAS, Gaming setup, Console to the AC1200 and you do not have to worry about network disconnection at all.
  • The Cudy AC1200 Wi-Fi Router has very powerful Dual Core CPU. The powerful CPU ensures your 4K streaming in your mobile device, Smart TV’s and you gaming setup is smooth and buffer free. Having a 16MB Flash and 128MB DDR3 RAM inside, the Cudy AC1200 router will always perform faster and has the ability for expansion of its functions.
  • The Cudy AC1200 Wi-Fi Router has 4 High Gain Antennas which provide for longer ranges than a normal router. These antennas give a boost to the connection sensitivity and enable connections from farther distances. These High Gain Antennas can virtually pierce through wall and provide you with fast internet continuously.
  • The Cudy AC1200 Wi-Fi router is equipped with pre-installed VPN clients. These VPN clients enable safer and secure connection. These VPN clients provide very high encryption while transferring data, and makes sure that there is no data leak or loss.


The Cudy AC1200 setup can be done in your mobile device as well on your personal computer. The initial Cudy AC1200 setup is very easy and simple. The Cudy AC1200 setup does not require any professional help and can be done by the user itself.


  1. Connect the power adapter to your router and supply power to it.
  2. Connect all the require WAN ports of the router to the internet.
  3. Using an ethernet cable or network cable, connect the LAN ports.
  4. After making sure that power is supplied to the router via the LED confirmation, you can now connect it to the internet
  5. With this the initial Cudy AC1200 setup is complete.


  • In your mobile device, open the Wi-Fi settings and search for the name of the Wi-Fi of the router. The name of the router as well as password is provide on the label on the backside of the router.
  • Then open the browser in your mobile device and type in the IP address Once the webpage opens, click on Automatic detection.
  • If you are using DHCH to connect to your network, you will have to select your PPPoe to connect.
  • You will have to input account username and password for Cudy router login.
  • Once that is done, you will be prompt an interface that shows the connection has been establish.
  • Here you can also change setting base on the needs of the user.


  • If you are using Wi-Fi on your personal computer, you will have to connect to the router. The router name and password are given in the label locates in the backside of the router.
  • If you are using ethernet, make sure the cable is connect properly and then proceed.
  • Now open the web browser in your computer and type in the default IP which is
  • Once the page opens you will be prompt with an interface. Here click on Automatic detection as it is recommend and wait for a while.
  • If you are using DHCH to connect to your network, you will have to select your PPPoe to connect.
  • You will have to input account username and password for Cudy router login.
  • Make sure you do not forget this username and password as it is essential for the Cudy router login.
  • After that you will be prompt a page that shows connection has been establish.
  • You can also change the settings depending on your needs.

For more information, refer to the Cudy WR1300 manual.


Ever since the pandemic began, I have been having internet issues. Network traffic was probably the cause of it. I thought I had to upgrade to a better internet service but it turns out my router couldn’t handle the intensive loads. So naturally I went on the internet and start looking for routers. And somehow, I stumble upon this router and I was sold once I read the reviews and features. Once I got the Cudy WR1300 AC1200 Wi-Fi router, I only made the connections and setup. The Cudy WR1300 setup is relatively easy and it did not require much connections.

Anyone with basic knowledge can setup this router. Once the connections had been done after following the Cudy WR1300 manual I was able to connect my devices. I must say, I was highly impress by it, I could connect to the network from a place where my previous router could not connect. It has very wide range and even though my room is far away from the router location, I don’t have any network drops from anywhere in my house.

My children have no problem with their online classes and turns out this router is good for gaming. I am absolutely satisfy with this router and I recommend it. I give this router 4.8 out of 5 because it is that good. There were negative Cudy WR1300 reviews, but do not go to believe that. Most of them seem fake and I do not trust it at all. This router is very easy to use and does not have an app to control it which makes it even more easier.


Cudy router WR1300 not working?

Ans. Try restarting your router by switching it off and then turning it on.

How to Reset the Cudy WR1300 router?

Ans. Press the reset button that is locate in the backside of the router for 7 second. Your router will be reset to factory settings.

Cudy WR1300 AC1200 not working?

Ans. Make sure your LAN cables are connect properly. Then switch your router off and then turn it on.

Can I install the router even if I do not have a computer?

Ans. Yes you can install this router using your mobile device.

Why is my Cudy router WR1300 not working properly?

Ans. You can try resetting your router and then follow the installation instructions from the Cudy WR1300 manual.

How is the initial Cudy WR1300 setup done?

Ans. Connect the power adapter to the router and connect WAN and LAN ports of the router with the network cable.

I forgot my username and password for the Cudy router login. What should I do?

Ans. You will have to reset your router and do the Cudy AC1200 setup once again.

What is the default IP address to connect to the router?

Ans. The default IP address is .

How do I search for the Wi-Fi name in my Wi-Fi setting of mobile device?

Ans. The router name and password is given on a label on the backside of the router.

Why can I not find the Wi-Fi name on my device?

Ans. Make sure the router is power and that there are no loose connections. During the initial setup, please be near the router location for optimal results.