D-Link DIR-813 Wi-Fi Router

The D-link DIR-813 Wi-Fi Router provides a robust network range with fast speed. It is built with dual-band technology that provides 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Moreover, it transfers your data at 750 megabits per second to your destination. With the help of its uninterrupted network range, you can stream HD videos, games and multitask simultaneously on your connected devices. Further, it eliminates the dead zones from your signal range. But, it should be kept in mind during its installation that it should not be placed near an obstructed area.

Along with that, the D-link router keeps your important information safe through the WPA-PSK, WPS, WPA2-PSK security protocols. It is built up with three antennas that transmit a seamless range to your devices. If you face any range issue, then you could change the direction of the antennas for better connectivity. The D-link wifi router also works as an extender that enhances the range of your network and provides better connectivity.

Hardware overview

The D-link router has LAN(local area network) ports, Internet port, power port, power LED, Internet LED, WPS(wifi protected setup) LED, LAN LED, WPS button, Reset button.

  • LAN ports – It is used to connect computers, switches, game consoles with an ethernet cable.
  • Internet port – This port is used to connect your broadband modem through an ethernet cable.
  • Power port – With the help of the power port, you can connect the power adapter for the power supply.
  • Power LED – When the power supply to the D-link router, then its LED blinks green light.
  • Internet LED – It indicates the status of the internet port.
  • WPS Button – It is used to connect your wifi devices to your wireless network.
  • LAN LED – It illuminates green light when there is a proper connection to the devices.
  • WPS LED – It shows the status of your wifi connection.
  • Reset Button – It is used to remove the obstacles on your router.

D-link DIR-813 setup

Now, we will explain the D-link wifi router hardware installation and setup in the following manner.

Hardware Installation
  • Initially, unbox your D-link DIR-813 AC750 wi-fi router. Then assemble all accessories: power adapter, router, ethernet cable, wifi configuration card.
  • Afterward, connect an ethernet cable to your router’s internet port with the modem’s ethernet port.
  • Then, connect the power adapter to the power port of the D-link router.
  • Now, you can connect your computer or laptop through wired or wireless. If you connect it with a wired connection, then connect an ethernet cable. While pressing the WPS button of your router for wireless connection.

After the hardware installation, you will have to set up the D-link router.

D-link ac750 configuration

These are the steps that you should follow to set up your router:

  • Firstly, open a web browser on your computer or laptop.
  • Enter the D-link router IP address or d-linkrouter.local in the address bar.
  • Then, the D-link login window will open.
  • Type the username and password of your D-Link DIR-813 Wi-Fi Router.
    If you want to create a new password, then leave it blank in the password field. Click on the login.
  • Moreover, choose your internet connection type from the drop-down menu: DHCP, PPPoE(DSL), or Static.
  • If you choose a DSL(PPPOE) connection, then enter the username and password of PPPoE that is provided by the ISP(internet service provider).
  • But, if you choose Static IP, enter the IP information DNS settings.
  • Then, create a username and password for enabling the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands for wireless connection on your laptops, mobile phone, and tablets).
  • Now, click on the connect button.
  • Finally, your D-link router is ready to connect to the internet connection.

D-link Wireless Security

If you want to secure your confidential data, therefore you should enable the wireless security feature. Now, we will explain in the following points how to enable this feature:

  • First of all, go to the internet web browser.
  • Then, enter the internet protocol address of your D-Link DIR-813 Wi-Fi Router.
  • Further, tap on the wireless setup on the left side of the screen.
  • Afterward, a new window will open. Enable WPA/WPA2 wireless security feature from the security mode.
  • If you want to enable the WPA/WPA2 wireless mode, you could select it.
  • Furthermore, select TKIP, AES from the Cipher mode.
  • Then, enter the wifi password in the network key field and click on the Save button.
  • Now, your confidential files, documents will be secure.

DHCP Server

DHCP means a dynamic host control protocol that automatically provides an internet protocol address to your connected devices with the D-link AC750 router. As a result, it makes your administrator work easier and faster.

Internet status

Do you want to check the internet status of your D-link router? If yes, then follow these steps:

  • Firstly, go to the web browser of your computer or laptop.
  • Then, enter the IP address of it.
  • Afterward, enter the username and default password of the D-link wifi router.
  • Then, an administration page will open.
  • Select the internet status option.

DHCP Reservation

The DHCP reservation is a special feature on the D-link DIR-813 Wi-Fi Router. It provides the same IP address on your computer or any connected device. Now, obey these important points to enable this special feature:

  • As we discussed earlier, go to the web browser and enter the IP address of your D-link router.
  • Enter the username and default password of your wifi router for login.
  • Select the DHCP client reservation list.
  • Type your computer name or you can select it from the list.
  • Then, type the IP address that you would like to assign on your computer or device. But it should be kept in mind that this IP address must be within the range of your DHCP IP address.
  • After that enter the MAC address of your computer, laptop.
  • Click on the save to save this special feature.

Enable Web filtering

Web filtering is a technology that allows or blocks viewing specific websites on your client’s device and prevents their browser to load from these sites. You can enable this feature through the configuration settings.

D-link wifi router not working
Is your D-link router not working? Let’s know its main reasons.

  • The internet connection would be disrupted.
  • Sometimes, the improper setup is also a reason for its not working.
  • Outdated version of the firmware of your D-link DIR-813 Wi-Fi router.
  • The power adapter might be faulty.
  • The power plug might be damaged.

These are the major reasons that your D-link wifi router is not working. Therefore, to overcome from these issues. Follow these troubleshooting points that we will explain here.

D-Link router troubleshooting steps

If your router is not working, consequently you must follow these troubleshooting points:

  • Make sure your internet connection is working. If it is not connecting, then contact your ISP( internet service provider).
  • Upgrade the obsolete firmware of your D-link router. These are steps to upgrade the firmware:
  • Navigate the web browser of your computer or laptop.
  • Then, type the website of your D-link router in the address bar.
  • After that, a new window will appear on the screen. Type the admin name and password of your wifi router.
  • Click on the login.
  • An administration page will appear and click on the update firmware.
  • Check the power adapter, if it is faulty replace it.
  • Unplug the main switch of your router and again plug it.
  • Check out the ethernet cable. If the ethernet cable is faulty, then replace it.
  • Install the compatible operating system of your computer or connected device.
  • Ensure that you have entered the right password and admin name during login.

D-link AC750-Review

The D-link DIR-813 Wi-Fi Router builts with new technology that keeps your network range faster and smooth. I have purchased the D-link wifi router from Amazon and I have never faced any major issue yet. Moreover, 7.48 x 5.24 x 1.25 inches are its dimension size and 8 ounces its weight. Along with that, if you are a cinephile, so with the help of the D-link router you can stream your favourite movie. You can stream games, HD videos on different devices simultaneously. If you have any doubt or queries regarding the D-link wifi router, just read the manual guide of it, which provides full-fledged information.


Question: Does the D-link DIR-813 come with a power adapter?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a power adapter and an ethernet cable.

Question: Does it use tri-band technology?

Answer: No, it uses dual-band technology.

Question: Does the D-link router have a reset button?

Answer: Yes, the reset button is located on the backside of the router.

Question: Can I connect the network of the D-link router through wifi?

Answer: Yes, you can connect its network through wifi on your devices.