DATO Smart Lock L-B400

The DATO Smart Lock L-B400 is an outstanding wireless Keyless Fingerprint and Touchscreen Digital Door Lock. It is an ingenious wireless smart door lock that supports the voice command Google assistance and Alexa. It works with the most secure Bluetooth pairing mode and is installed in an easy way. This is great for Airbnb, Homes, Apartments, Hotels and Offices, etc. Check the Geek Smart Door Lock review on amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. It is available in Silver Upgraded 3.0 version. You can use it very easily without any hassle. The ‎DATAHOME Fingerprint Smart Lock dimension is 8.43 x 7.44 x 3.46 inches. It is powered by geek technology co. ltd.

Along with this, it is made up of ‎Stainless Steel and it is ‎battery powered. Apart from this, the style of the ‎DATOHOME Wireless Smart Lock is ‎Deadlatch. It comes with a ‎3.12 pounds weight. Apart from this, it is operated with ‎4 AA batteries. The DATO Smart wireless Lock was first made available on March 17, 2020. You can use it for business access, home access, and guest access. One of the best features of this door lock is that you can control it thoughtfully with the remote control Geek Smart App on your smartwatch or Android phone. Through this app, you can set a time for Auto-Lock and Unlock & Anti-lock.

DATO Smart Lock L-B400 Setup

Are you pondering about “how do I install the Geek Smart Door Lock L-B400?”. If yes then, let’s follow the below specified guidelines and steps regarding the Geek smart door lock installation.

Most Vital prerequisites for the Dato Smart door lock setup
  • Read the Geek smart door lock manual details conveniently.
  • Need a Geek smart gateway.
  • Good internet connection and Android phone.
  • The Geek Smart L-B400 accessories, let’s take out all of it from the package box.

Unbox the GeekSmart Door Lock

Here the following steps are demonstrated for the Dato unboxing.

  • Open the Dato smart door lock packaging box.
  • Take the Geek L-B400 3.0 instructional manual initially from the box.
  • Apart from this, its box has a punching card, deadlatches, stick boxes, mounting screws, spindles, Dato smart door lock keys, GeekSmart fingerprint lock, etc.

Steps for the Geek smart door lock installation

Here are the following steps for the Geek Smart L-B400 door lock mounting and installation.

  • First of all, read the security instructions through the Geek smart fingerprint door lock manual intentionally.
  • Now, you will start installing the L-B400 wireless smart door lock on your door.
  • Take the Geek Dead Latch and insert them into the door.
  • You have to install it in the direction where the door opens and closes. (In case: The DATO Smart Lock L-B400 does not turn on. Ensure that its handles move suitably. If it moves then use another letch.
  • Thereafter, use a proper attaching Spindle and road as per the basket of the smart wireless door lock.
  • Now, you have to locate the wire via the spindle and ensure that the spindle hole should combine with the interior metal.
  • Now, you will have to put it till you listen to a trigger sound. Thereafter, you might accommodate the way for the “S”.

Attach the screws with the DATO Smart Lock L-B400

  • In this way, you have to install it now to double-headed screws.
  • Kindly you should keep the oblate side screws on upwards and keep the downwards its round side screws.
  • After that, fasten the external handle via the door latch and then you have to install it on the front door.
  • Thereafter, keep loose the screws to disperse them within two parts.
  • Now, you have to install the part first of the Dato smart door lock and ensure that its secure lock button confronts on the upward. Tidy is the revealed wire, kindly insert it into the hole. This way protects all your wires from being destroyed.
  • Use two screws to fasten the wires. Afterwards, install the batteries into the Geeksmart L-B400 battery compartment as per positive and negative poles.
  • Eventually, install the Data Home smart door lock battery cover. Its button must face upward. Lastly, the installation is successfully accomplished.

DATO Smart Lock L-B400 Setup

The Geek smart door lock is exclusively integrated with 5 keyless entryways. You can do the Geek Smart Lock Setup with Passcode, smart lock, RFID Card, FingerPrint, Mobile Application, and Emergency Key. The most favorably valid fingerprint distinction, open the door just in 0.3 seconds and keep up to 120 distinctive fingerprints.

How do I use the Geek Smart app?

If you think “How to connect Geek Smart L-B400 to APP” then let’s follow these demonstrated checkpoints.

  • Initially, you have to install the Geeksmart L-B400 app on your smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Use a play store application to install the Geeksmart app or visit the Geek Smart Keyless Fingerprint Door Lock website through a browser. Type in browser https://www.geektechnology.net and create your new account.
  • Enter all the details and create a Geek Smart door lock login account.
  • Thereafter, you will have to add the device and pair it with this app until it does not trigger a sound.
  • Once it’s attached successfully, set a name for it and also set a password and set your fingerprint to unlock or lock it.
  • Change the settings and apply them. You can use the fingerprint door lock, passcode, keys unlock, RFID Card, app unlock, USB Emergency unlock, etc.

How do I share Share E-Keys Or One-Time Passwords of the DATO Smart Lock L-B400?

To Share E-Keys Or One-Time Password for accessing it by guest, business access, and home access kindly, first of all, create it by using the Geek Smart door lock app. Go into the home menu and choose settings. After this, set the one-time sharing password with your client. In the end, save it. Through the app, you can also check the unlock records. It is the best and most loadable wireless smart door to keep your home secure. The client also uses the door lock with fingerprint and password.

DATO Smart Lock L-B400 Troubleshooting tips

Following are the below-mentioned tips demonstrated for the Geek smart door lock troubleshooting. Let’s emulate it and cope with your smart door lock issues.

  • In case, the Geeksmart app not working and does not connect your smart door lock with the internet connection. Then, you might resolve this issue by updating the GeekSmart L-B400 app. Also, update your router and connect your wireless door lock and phone with the internet again to operate the wireless fingerprint smart door lock with the geek smart door lock app.
  • Geek smart door lock b400 not turning on sometimes. It may be due to a misconfiguration process. Configure the settings again and attach the wires again. Start its power again and set the key to operating it again. Kindly connect the Geek smart door knob suitably.
  • Sometimes, the Geek smart wifi gateway does not connect with the geek smart L-B400. During the setup, kindly confirm that this wireless gateway works normally and its firmware version has been updated. If it is obsolete then update it and then connect its network again with your smart door lock.
  • Geeksmart L-B400 review

    The overall working of the DATO Smart Lock L-B400 is pretty well in comparison to other door locks. It works with smart lock technology. It is a highly secured smart door lock, you can do the DatoHome smart door lock with the five ways. Apart from this, you can easily connect it through the Geek Smart WiFi Gateway internet connection. The Dato home smart lock allows you to access the door lock anywhere with the Geeksmart app. Moreover, the geek smart door lock manual instructs you to control and manage the wireless door lock through any location without any issue. Check all the Geek L-B400 smart door lock reviews on Amazon or another selling platform with its specifications. The geek smart door lock price has not too spendthrift. These are the following features which are comprised in it;

    Geeksmart door lock features
    • You can easily control and manage it by using the Datohome app. You can manage your door lock remotely through any location and provide its access to anybody just by sharing a one time password or key.
    • Apart from this, it is notified on your smartphone or smartwatch app of all the log information about it. The Geeksmart app manifests who opens and closes the door with ist timing. You can make it more secure with an Anti-lock, Erroneous entry alarm, Intuitive locking. It is completely making it secure and fortunate.
    • The Geek smart door lock customer service is also available. The installation of the DatoHome Keyless Fingerprint and Touchscreen Digital Door Lock is too simple and effortless in comparison to others.
    • Apart from this, its designs are like a modern luxury. Satiny feel and appropriate size, efficiently managed by olds and children excessively.
    • It is a Wire-free smart Fingerprint door lock and its design is great. The battery has a long standby for a year.
    • You can get the low battery notification and emergency power supply, just on your smart door lock app.

    Thus, no bother about out of DATO Smart Lock L-B400 battery and lock outdoors. It is a great and very imperative wireless door lock that is used by anybody in an easy way.