Deerdance Smart LED Light Strip

The Wi-Fi LED strip is manufactured by the “deerdance” company in Beijing, China. The product (Item Model Number- JJ-5050-ST-RGB-12-WIFI02) got launched last year in September 2020. You can buy Deerdance Smart LED Light Strip from (ASIN- B08JPGW65T) at the price of 20 U.S. Dollars. I will personally recommend you to get it from other sites, as the price here is a bit hiked.

The RGB is available in a single variant with multiple colours showcasing functionality. It’s a modern classic styled strip light, that flashes 300 different colours while using. The Deerdance strip also has a DC power source output (Wattage- 36 Watts), with typical blade colours.
Surprisingly, the brand provides a 2 Year warranty on the whole item. Of course, there are some technicalities, which you need to go through first before claiming one. Besides, they have received a #160th ranking in the LED Strip Light Department across the countries.

They are also carrying a huge remark of 4.6 Star rating out of 5, in the review section of the purchasing link. The customers are more than satisfied, with the lights and they have flooded the comment box with everything they have got. For more information, visit the website and check out the smart light.

Unboxing the RGB strip light by Deerdance.

Due to the massive production, the delivery and the shipping is quick. Although a huge amount of extra tax charges is required to get the Deerdance to your pinned location. Nevertheless, the package arrives in a black box with small quick details printed on it (surrounding all sides), via the company itself. The shipment is bundled in a risky way and might get broken during transportation. Tearing up the plastic you will see a lot of items kept in separate poly bags, within the cascade. First, the two * 5M long LED RGB lights to come out. Please handle with care, as the adhesive tapes are attached at their back beforehand.

The power adapter (AC Normal Charger- 12 Volts), IR Remote and Wi-Fi plus IR Receiver, arrives next. Lastly, 6 short connectors, 6 long connectors and 30 mounting clips (also given with gum backs) make the way out. The quick start manual is loaded for you, to figure out the installation through the given pictures inside. Remember, you need to keep both the box and the bill together to claim a warranty service from the company. If anything, other than this is missing from the box, notify the Amazon customer service team and complain to them about the fraud.

Structural details of the Deerdance Wi-Fi RGB light.

The long strips weigh around 1.08 pounds and have a 7.36 * 5.83 * 2.91 inches dimension set up. The plastic body panel has a linear shift design with a length of 16.4 feet, on each strip. They all have a glue-like substance given at their back for wall attachment. Every RGB strip has 150 LEDs constructed on it, the material used in creating the Deerdance is of very downgrade quality. Make sure you handle it with the utmost care while changing locations.

The remote has multiple colour functioning buttons given on its front, along with power ON/OFF and Wi-Fi actions. The LED strip connectors have plug-in prongs on both ends, for channelling power. The IR receiver has 4 ports attached to its body, one for power inheriting, one for power supply and the other 2 for channelling charge into the LED strips. If you wish to gain more data about the Deerdance, contact the Tech Support Team for further assistance. Their number is shared in the product manual itself.

Installing the Wi-Fi app-controlled RGB Deerdance lights.

  • After unpacking the gadget, you need to carefully attach those lights to your favourite places. Pick out some spots beforehand, where you want to install the device. Note: Please be careful and confident while doing this job. Usually, it doesn’t require a technician if you are well versed with this generation of devices. Clean up the spots with smudged water-soaked cloth and let it dry before permanently attaching the light strips.
  • Now separate the plastic from the strips back and attach it slowly onto the ceiling, TV, dining, etc. places. Insert the connector with the LEDs at one end and the receiver on the other. Provide a stable power source to the Wi-Fi receiver as well. You are partly done with the process, turn on charging and use IR remove to run some basic functions. Extra: Use mounts and connectors for wall positioning.
  • Lights

    Turn on the lights, change the colours on the RGB to ensure proper working status. Hence, download the “Magic Home Pro” app on your smartphone. You can find it on both Google and App Stores or can scan the QR code given on the IR Wi-Fi receiver. As it’s installed, connect to your home Wi-Fi network. Note: It only runs on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi only.

  • Tap the “Plus” button on the app and click on displaying the “LEDnetxxxxx” network signal. Come back to the main screen and select your home Wi-Fi router, from the available hosts in the area. Type in the authentication password correctly to enrol connection to the Magic Home app.
  • Finally, your device is ready to do its destined job, control it through the app as well as the IR remote. Run some basic features through the app and let the light sync with your ongoing music too. Set your preferences to the app and change them whenever you like. Use voice control, if your hands are too full.

Pros and Cons.

  • Generally, the product gets damaged on its way from the warehouse. The transportation facility is worse and many buyers have reported broken LED strips as well on the delivery of the Deerdance.
  • The strips only respond to a 2.4 GHz frequency bandwidth network. These days most people require fast net service, due to which they only buy 5 GHz compatible routers. The Deerdance won’t work with the 5 GHz frequency, which creates a downfall for many buyers as well.
  • The LED strip build quality isn’t up to the mark too. The plastic body panel, if once attached to the walls it’s very hard to remove. The adhesive is too tight enough and the Deerdance isn’t that capable to withstand a position change, so easily. Keep in mind, before you place the product permanently in a particular area.
  • Hands-Free lighting system, control your RGB via the voice control features. The Deerdance is compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Provide the order “Alexa, Turn the light colour to Red” and it will act accordingly. Besides, it’s also an app and IR remote control.
  • Control your LED strip from anywhere outside the house, by just connecting to the Home Wi-Fi network. Turn on/off the lights before you enter the house and come home to your desired colour sequence. The brightness level can be altered from 1% to 100% (Dim to Ultra Max).
  • Choose your colour from the 16 million colour sequences. The ambient light has 20 dynamic moods from sleepovers to party themes. Also adjust the warmth (cold to warm), on the basis of each light from 2000K to 9000K. Easily attachable on any wall, thanks to the 3M back tapes.
  • For an ultra-vision, the inside wire is gold plated. The Deerdance is compatible with the music system as well. The AI feature adjusts itself to the beats and functions subsequently on that basis. The light show also listens to the set timers via the memory system. Create a weekly schedule on the app and it will abide by simply.
  • The wires are flexible enough which makes them easily rotational and attachable at any place. They can also be cut very easily and fixed at specific spots, wherever you require. Re-connect it, using long/short connectors and mounts to the power source. The premium lights have 5050 LED light chips built inside the strips, which enables 1 Lakh hours of lifespan on the device.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to reset, refresh the Deerdance Wi-Fi light system?

The LED lights tend to get heated up pretty soon, after being turned on. You must let them rest, after a tiresome interval, by plugging out the main power. The restart option is missing from the smart device, so you can do this instead of that.

However, if anything is troubling you like the lights are not working properly, or there is a miscommunication between the app and the Deerdance, you can always reset it. There is a “Reset” button provided with the remote itself, tap and hold on to it for 30 seconds until the LED blinks twice. Doing this puts the Wi-Fi light back to its default settings, the connection with the app and the personalized settings will all be erased from the server. Redo the setup procedure to catch up again.

How to update the firmware on the RGB Deerdance Wi-Fi light.

The firmware update is rarely supplied by the company. Although the security protocols are maintained every 3 months, the software part is mostly avoided. If there is a new inclusion of light features or settings, only then do they send the upgrade through the designated App Store. You can view the latest version through the “About” section of your Magic Home Pro app or ask Google about it. Moreover, the app automatically updates itself, if connected to a strong Wi-Fi connection all the time. The app runs even more smooth and subtle after the version changes, as it clears the backlogs and junk files of all time.

What are the safety precautions that are needed to be maintained, while installing the RGB smart Deerdance LED lights?

If you do not have any previous experience with tech products, then do call an electrician over on prior notice. Wear all safety protection gear, such as hand gloves, shoes, specs, etc. apparel while installing the light. Use specific cutters and instruments mentioned in the guidebook, to separate an LED strip from its main body part. Don’t turn on the light, until and unless you have done setting up the whole strip, in your room.

Maintain a safe distance before switching on the light as some duplicate products have damaged light, which may burst out of nowhere.
Also, keep in mind to handle the lights with ultimate care, they are light in weight and may get broken easily if used rashly. A quick tip: Use spirit to separate the LED light strip from its wall placement, it helps in peeling off the light from its permanent location. Yet again, you need to buy a 3M tape separately to attach it to another location, as the gum will get deactivated due to the spirit.

Reasons to buy the Deerdance million colour RGB light?

  • According to the market evaluation, Deerdance comes in a much cheaper cost segment. Due to high demand, it’s on stock always.
  • Runs on low power and maintenance. Best deal to get when set side-by-side with its competitors.
  • App, voice and remote-controlled, all in one. Choose a light variant from 16 million colours. Easily cut and reconnect the strip using mounts to a different location.
  • Quickly attachable at one place, from dining room to living room to the hallway. Cover every corner and every space with LED strips in your house.
  • Extra connectors and accessories, come in for free. Responsive customer service regarding any troublesome errors is also provided.

How to solve the brightness problem on the voice-controlled RGB light by Deerdance.

Sometimes, the light intensity on the RGB strip falls on one end or gets completely shut down. In such cases, you may think that the LED is fake or has gone dead. That’s not the case here, you need to check a few things before you declare that device faulty. Check if the power supply is interrupted or not, the charging flow should be stable and constant, to maintain the desired brightness level on the Deerdance.

The voltage drops or a single-phase shutdown occurring in the locality can also create this trouble. You must immediately turn off the device until the electricity condition is back to normal, in that area. At last, you can check if all the wiring on the LEDs or the dim area part is connected properly or not. Any fault in attaching the wire ports can create a disconnection between the power supply and the Deerdance receiver as well.

How to solve the LED light automatically turning off/on function problem?

This issue has been reported, by many users over time. Nowadays, it’s quite common and the problem can be solved pretty easily too. The LED lights won’t function correctly if you have a pre-installed dimmer at your house. Dismantle your pre-loaded dimmer and get one compatible with the RGB light. In most cases, this is the obstructive portion, which creates trouble. Other than that, if this is isn’t the error creator, the Deerdance itself is faulty. Replace it with a new one or send it back for repair.

How to solve RGB Deerdance light blinking various colour problems?

Many times, when a customized setting is generated by the user, the RGB showcases this error. The colour changes/reverts robotically and keeps flashing in a different pattern all by itself. To avoid such trouble, keep an eye out for the power supply connection. The power flow should support the RGB light requirement, the length of the light if decreased or increased would subsequently need a less or more power charge. All you need to do is match the Ampere voltage on the strips with the power supply unit. Extra: Get an expert over, if it is too confusing for you.

How to solve the connectivity or pairing issue on the Deerdance with the Magic Home app?

This problem strikes on high-end devices, with typical settings loaded in them. When this error is displaying, quickly go to the app settings. Erase all data and cache memory from the Magic Home app itself and try re-pairing the device. Note: Uninstall and reinstall the app, if this seems too hard. The LED strip once paired again, will now work comfortably, without any stoppage. A per-foot power flow should be maintained by the user as well. A non-compatible supply will make a mess, if not dealt with properly.

Review of Deerdance Wi-Fi controlled LED strip light.

In this era, people are always searching for something extra that can turn on their party animal mode. After a hectic day at work, they want to come home and chill in a soothing environment visualizing what they want. To encourage their thoughts, today I will be introducing the Deerdance LED RGB lights. The only light in the market, that supports more than 16 million colours and is quite user friendly.

The plus point is that the smart device can be operated via 3 typical gadgets (APP, IR Remote and Voice). You can adjust the brightness level as well as the colour temperature according to your needs.
Play your favourable music list and the LED will sync with the beat drops and the pattern of the cord. With amazing viewing angles, the chances of getting a nice photo or video increase. The RGB even makes the room look even more beautiful, apart from the main lights. Have a movie set encounter in real life, by clipping the strips onto the pinpointed locations of your house and setting a virtual dynamic mode on the Deerdance.

If these features don’t satisfy you, I am sorry to nothing else will. This is because every product has its own upgrade and downfall, so we have to choose between the things matching our preferences. Take a look at Govee LED, Cozylady light, Wrrlight smart light, KASA LED strip, LE Wi-Fi LED strip and Nightbird strip for quick alternatives.