Starlink Puts 1TB Data Cap Limit Under Fair Use Policy? Is it Fair!

Does starlink have data caps?

If you are planning to buy starlink you might be wondering “does starlink have data caps? Then the answer to this question is yes, but let’s learn in detail how it works. In Starlink’s recent announcement they have put a 1 TB (terabyte) soft limit.

Why Did Starlink have to put data caps?

Starlink rolled out its fair use policy because they observed a small amount of people were using a really high amount of data. This was causing slow internet speeds for the other users also in the same region during peak hours (7am-11pm). So, to provide all with quality Internet speed, Starlink had to curb the ones who were causing others to suffer too. Let’s know what the Starlink fair use policy is and how it works. 

What is Starlink data cap Fair Use Policy?

Here Starlink will provide unlimited data to all their residential/business/maritime clients in US and Canadauntil they reach the threshold limit of 1TB. This data cap limit will be calculated by the data used during 7am-11pm (peak hours) each day. 

So until they reach the 1TB threshold limit they will be under priority access. Under this they will experience faster Internet as usual. Once you exceed this priority access limit mentioned in your data plan, you will be switched to Basic Access.

Under Basic Access your internet speed will reduce and more priority will be given to those who are still in Priority Access. So, even after the 1TB data cap limit you are still entitled for unlimited data but with slower speeds. Also if you live in an uncongested region then you won’t observe any slower speed even after reaching the starlink threshold.

How to Track Starlink Data Usage and buy more priority access

It is really simple to track your monthly data usage via starlink app or starlink account. Moreover, you can additionally purchase priority access via starlink app or starlink customer portal from Feb 2023. You just need to select the option of automatically charged for more priority access whenever you reach the threshold limit. 

The charges for Additional priority access is $0.25 per GB used for residential customers.

What are Starlink data caps for Residential, Business fixed, and Mobility and their add on prices?

Lets learn about the data cap limits of all these plans and the cost of getting additional priority access-

Starlink Standard Residential

Priority Access Data Limit (peak hour 7am-11pm)1TB

Additional Priority Access- $0.25 per GB

starlink data cap for residential

Business Fixed

Priority Access Data Limit (peak hour 7am-11pm)- for 500 service plan is 500GB, for 1000 service plan is 1TB, for 3000 service plan is 3GB.

Data Rate after Priority Access Exhausted-  1Mbps Upload, 1Mbps Download

Additional Priority Access- $1 per GB

starlink business data cap


Priority Access- for Recreation service plan is priority access not available, for Commercial service plan is 1TB, for Premium/Maritime service plan is 5TB.

Data Rate after Priority Access Exhausted- for Recreation priority access not available, for Commercial and Premium/Maritime it is 1Mbps of upload/download.

Additional Priority Access- for Recreation priority access not available, for Commercial and Premium/Maritime it is $2 per GB.

starlink mobility data cap

Amazing Add-on in Fair use policy

If you travel a lot then in some of the service of starlink you will see the options to buy add-on. This can be very useful for a selected few who are frequent travelers around the globe.

The first one is Transcontinental data, in this you will be able to access the internet on another continent from your service address.

The second one is ocean data, which lets you access the starlink internet while you are in the ocean.

Final words

As per Ookla too the speed of Starlink Internet degraded due to 10% of its customer base who were using way more than usual. This was interfering with other users’ speed in that region. With Latest starlink data cap, common users won’t suffer from congestion.

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