Dremel Digilab 3d20 3D Printer

The 3D printer got manufactured by the “Dremel Co. Ltd” company which is based in China. The product (Item Model Number – 3D20-01) is available in a single-colour variant that is “Grey”. The item costs around 637.77 US Dollars and is available for sale at www.amazon.com (ASIN- B00NA00MWS). I know it sounds too pricy for a 7Year old product, but it surely comes with a premium working class that amuses everyone. Moving on, Dremel provides a 1 Year of industrial warranty on this unit, which means if anything happens to the printer within that time frame, the company will take full responsibility.

Nevertheless, the brand received a 4.5-star rating out of 5 on its purchasing link. Out of those 743 comments, most were positively appealing towards the Dremel printer. Videos are also shared in form of reviews, take a quick sneak peek for understanding the product well. Although, for more information about the product, give a ring at 1-844-437-6533 phone number and a legal agent will accompany you further. They are available from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST (M to F) on all yearly working days.

Unboxing the Dremel Digilab 3D printer.

Shipping this product is quite a task due to its weight, besides the Dremel can only be shipped within the US free of cost. Other than that, transporting the shipment to another country will cost you more than half the amount of the main printer. Due to on-demand production, the time interval for shipping the unit is not mentioned properly yet. Anyways, once you tear off the plastic cushions from its body, you will notice a brown box coming out.

You have to appreciate the packaging done by the company itself before sending us the product, maintaining all safety precautions and regulations. Rip apart the cardboard, the main Dremel 3D20 come out first followed by the instruction manual and quick start guide kept at the top. Tools such as filament spool, spool lock, power cable (heavy charging – 120V), USB cable, SD card, build tape, object removal tool, unclog tool and levelling sheet are also given with it.

To get these accessories, take out the thermal stuff from inside the printer and you will them lying at the far end. Keep the bill safe, it’s the only way to claim a warranty on the Dremel printer. Finally, if anything is missing from the box itself, contact the Amazon customer service spokesperson immediately and report him about the fraud.

Structural view of Dremel 3d20 printer.

The idea builder has a metal body frame supporting all the tech materials inside from the 4 sides. The box-shaped grey body panel has multiple vents for hot air ventilation on 3 sides, besides a multi-functional LCD touch screen for generating orders. Apart from that, the “DREMEL” branding is pasted in front along with some quick information. The ports for power, USB, SD card slot, etc. are constructed at the right side of the machine, with various safety instructions printed on it too.

Anyhow, the printed weighs around 15.4 pounds and has an 18.5 * 13.39 * 13.78 inches dimension setup. A glass window is also provided at the front, which acts as a door while placing a product inside and taking it out. It’s transparent so that you can view the progress of the sample creation. The bottom is guarded with an aluminium frame, that helps avoid the device from falling off from places. The base grips are strong, so even if it falls no harm reaches to main machine inside.

Taking of which, the filament holder is attached inside the machine, besides the 3D creator, blue light is instigated once the work status is activated. To get an extra detailed view of the Dremel printer, visit the official website of www.digilab.dremel.com and select this device.

Features of Digilab 3D20 printer by Dremel.

  • Although being too old, the Dremel still provides top-class functionality in its segment. The device is very reliable for school students with projects, hobbies and tinkers. It’s a home-based printer that is easy to install and set up, only the weight becomes an issue for a normal person.
  • The 3D20-01 is specially optimized for engineered printing. The printer is quite efficient in creating a print within a short time period. Print a few samples, from the web or create your own designs on the CAD software. Making up your own prints brings your brainy thoughts to life #makersgonnamake. This is the motto that’s is been strictly followed by the company itself since 1932.
  • The Dremel makers ensured that the printing quality stayed superior and finest, no matter the time taken and filament required. For add-ons, you can also purchase colourful PDA filaments from the same site at 60 US Dollars (white, black, etc.). The production quality has stayed on the top for the past few years, no matter which model you purchase from the brand.
  • The LCD screen is ultra-active and has a full-screen touch-responsive display. It allows the user to enable commands via that interface and print accordingly. You can also customize and modify the settings as per your choice. While printing, the interior temperature remains stable (max- 230 C, 397 F on the extruder), the enclosed design and non-heating plate ensure that all the UL safety protocols are maintained.
  • The Dremel stand is compatible with Cura, Slicer, Slic3r software, which allows you to design anything and let it print independently. The company as supplies the kit in a pre-assembled format so that you can print your first design instantly.

Installing the Dremel idea builder 3D20-01 printer.

  • Place the product at a specific location and avoid any kind of further movement from its position. Due to its weight, the Dremel requires 2 persons to fix it in the correct direction. Provide it with a stable power source (Electrical input rating – 60 Hz, 1.2 amp) and pre-attach the board separately beforehand of the installing. (Note: Generally, requires an electrician to create that heavy-duty circuit board).
  • Load the filament inside the printer, and power on the device. Now, visit the touch screen of the extruder and click “Next”. Hit “Finish” once the filament comes out of the extruder slowly, you are done with the basic part of the printing process. (Note: The print size is a much important thing to notice, a product larger than the machine itself won’t be printable at all).
  • Insert the build plate into the Dremel’s surface bed and the SD card into the SD card slot. Make sure you have some pre-listed ideas created earlier so that you can print some samples and test out the device. Utilize the user interface and click on “Build”. Select any file from your SD card that you want to print. Once you tap onto the image the 3D printer will showcase an estimated time frame within which it will create the print.
  • Various information such as temperature details, time limit and product management parts are displayed on the LCD screen. You can view the item creation from a safe distance, due to extra heat emission. Once the print is finished, let it stay for 5 minutes to cool down and then take it out. The printed item gets stuck on the build plate and is not easily removable. Try using a knife or something to separate them and then have fun with your product.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

What are the safety precautions, that are needed to be maintained while using the Dremel idea builder?

Make up your mind to place the product in such a location that remains permanent for at least a long time. Once a print finishes, let the machine rest for half an hour so that it cools down properly to begin the next project. Open up the glass panel only after the print is done, otherwise, if an accident happens the heated filament (at high temperature) may damage human skin as well. Never keep personal belongings close by the printer, this disrupts the process and things like paper and clothes can also get sucked inside the printer.

Keep everything neat and tidy nearby the Dremel printer, give it a thorough dusting before its every usage. This cleans up all the rest of the filament lying on the build plate inside as well as the walls of the printer. (Extra: Keep it in free space, so that the air suction and disposal remain smooth). Cut the power immediately, if you see sparking around the machine of any type.

How to reset, restart and update firmware on the Dremel 3D printer?

Unfortunately, there is no such way to reset or restart the Dremel 3D20. The models above this range such as Dremel 3D40 or 45 has these functions. The Dremel 3D20 is the base or you can say the starting model of the Dremel printer series. As it’s old, during those days these features weren’t even established, and things like software updates didn’t come to light as well. The device runs basic tasks, given through the touch screen and that’s it. Besides, you can kill power and let it rest for at least some hours so that it gets time to cool down as well regain strength to resume its destined job.

How to solve the object sticking and not sticking problem to the build platform?

Objects getting stuck to the build plate on the Dremel is quite natural. This ensures that the machine is working properly and also creating a firm, stable object. Do check the nozzle positioning on the printer, if it’s too close to the build platform then this problem might occur. Adjust the first and, second layer height according to your model from the settings menu and then try printing.

On the other hand, filament not sticking to the build platform is a bigger problem. Firstly, see if the platform is cleaned properly or not, the plate should be free of any kind of debris. Secondly, check if the filament tape is broken, torn, cut or not and if the build platform is levelled correctly at a certain alteration. Thirdly, keep in mind to check your nozzle, which might be too far from the build plate. Repeat the same process as earlier and adjust the layer settings. Keeping an eye on these things will definitely solve all your problems.

Filament requirement and related issues/questions?

Always use Dremel PLA filaments, they are recommended by the brand itself. Moreover, the company uses advanced filaments made of Nylon and is purely compatible with the 3D20-01. Using non-branded or other company filaments can lead to void in warranty status as well damaging the nozzle completely. Each filament spool has a length of 175 meters and can be of various colours along with material safety data sheets (MSDS) certification.

For example, a whole spool can print up to 33 mouses and not more. Remember, always store the extra filaments in a cool, dry place, check if the temperature/humidity of that area is not changing much. This keeps the filament structure in proper attire for a longer time.

Reasons to buy the Dremel 3D20-01 3D idea builder?

  • Most affordable Dremel product, although being a base variant it still functions accurately and accepts order fluidly when compared to other brands in the market.
  • Purchasing this product will get you tremendous help from all places. You can chat, mail or call the customer service people if required. Also, take a look at Dremel video tutorials on both the official website and youtube to understand the machine a little better.
  • Make creatives on the large (9 * 5.9 * 5.5) build plate, at an ultra-resolution of 100 Micron. To load your designated print files, use the gcode file to run the various programs such as Cura, Craftware, Repetier, etc.

Review of the 3D20-01 Dremel Digilab printer.

The idea of bringing your thoughtful presentations to life is everyone’s dream and to fulfil those dreams, Dremel introduced their first-ever 3D printer in the market. The Dremel brand (active since- 85 years) were the first to bring such colours into our life. Since then, every other brand in the market started copying the item and created a similar machine adding some features over the top. But as a matter of fact, the quality of the production remained unchecked resulting in a huge massacre.

The idea builder is Dremel’s most reliable and low-cost 3D (base/starting variant) printer for people with 3D passion, hobby, school projects or industrial diagram usage. Even without previous experience, you can easily design ideas based on your imaginations. The Dremel printer arrives in a totally assembled format and includes a half kg spool of Dremel filament inside of it. The manual, guide and exclusive customer service agents will assist you in any way possible if you get stuck somewhere.

Maintain the unit at a much lower cost or no cost at all, depending upon your usage, also take full advantage of the 4/4 LCD touch screen given on the Dremel. The printer is designed to print with PLA filament onto a non-heated build plate that uses black/white build tape, to bring your thought to life. Buying this product is completely in your hands, my job is to inform you of the features that come at a particular price point. Anyhow, you can take a look at Flashforge Adventurer 3, ELEGOO MARS 2, ANYCUBIC PHOTON Mono, R QIDI TECHNOLOGY, DREMEL 3D45, etc. for quick alternatives. Send inquires through the dropbox facility at the official website, if there are any.