Do you possess more than one garage? Have your garages more than one garage doors? eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener will work with all garage doors. You only need to pair them to the Smart Life app and simply name the Garage door 1, Garage door2 and you can open or close and check them independently. Then? Why will you remain busy in opening and closing the garage doors, when the eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener is easily available to give you relief from this troublesome daily work? Be smart with an eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener.
It makes your old shabby garage smart. A universal adapter connects the existing openers and connects two wireless apps so that you can control them from anywhere wireless. It does not intervene with your existing garage door. On the contrary, it redecorates your existing garages.


The manufacturer of this smart garage door opener is eKyro which is a US based Company. This plastic-bodied smart garage door opener weighs only 12 ounces. The instrument is white colored, matte-finished. The switch is of push-button design, while the display uses LED. It is cost effective and costs only $38.95 but works on nearly all platforms like Amazon Alexa, Hey Siri, Google Home. It comes with Angle Brackets, Adhesives, bolts, nuts, screws, and sensors.
The device is an AC-powered, Wi-Fi-enabled unit equipped with a two-wire relay for activating the door to open and close and there is a sensor for monitoring the state of the door via a corresponding magnetic contact sensor that communicates the door’s state to the Smart Life app.


With this instrument, you can control the garage door’s opening and closing, set a countdown timer, and even view a record of history and timestamp activities.There will be no headache when you are away from home whether you have closed the Garage Door or not . Just say “Alexa, close my Garage Door” or “Hey Siri, close the Door 1” It’s done. You can concentrate on your work fully having a peace in mind.

  • You should not pay extra monthly fees for this Device.
  • It does not require any battery and is run by 120 voltage and 5 amp power, thereby saves your wallet.
  • You can give access to your friends and family members to your garage, with the Smart Life app. This is a very beneficial side of e-kyro Garage Door Opener.

However, this device is only for indoor usage. Because the sensors should not be wet in rain water
Its Widespread Integration with most of the smart devices matters most. It is fully integrated with Amazon Alexa, Hey Siri, Google Home. Its 2.4 ghz long WiFi reaches 3x further 5 ghz for better long-distance performance.


eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener is well-matched with most of the smart devices. Let us discuss how they could be set up with the eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener.
Before integrating the eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener with other devices, the first and foremost work is to configure it in Smart Life App. Download The SmartLife app from “Play Store”. Download and then install the Smart Life app. First time user Sign Up. Account setting is not difficult. Do it with your e-mail or phone number.→Give password→ Log in.

Message comes SmartLife would like to find and connect to devices on your local network. → Allow. →Message→ “ SmartLife would like to access your locations”.
Choose the option allow where using apps. New Pop-up→ “SmartLife would like to access your Home Data”→Opt for Don’t allow. “SmartLife would like to use your Bluetooth” Say OK. This is necessary for scanning purpose. The Smart Life shows message: Add Device, No Device found. It means device button is not blinking rapidly. Press hold it down till it blinks rapidly. A pop-up comes Device to be added.→Go to Add. →Choose WiFi and enter password. Next Garage door is linked.


First, Link eKyro Smart Garage Door Opener with Smart Life. Then connect Smart Life to the “Google Home” app. Give a PIN in SmartLife. It will allow “Google Home” to share data from Smart Life. Delete all the memory cache from Smart Life. Modify the device name in “Google Home,” . Check the Open, Close status with Google Home.


Ascertain that eKyro Garage Door Opener is linked with the “Smart Life” app. Then, in the Alexa app, add the “SmartLife” skill. In the Alexa App, rename the eKyro Garage Door Opener device. Configure the Garage Door Opener’s PIN in the Alexa app.
This will enable to use of the data of “Google Home” It is necessary for “Open by voice.” Alexa can be used to check the status of your garage door. Clean the Smart Life cache if necessary. In the case of multi-door systems, the name of the garage doors should also be changed such as door1, door2 etc.

Click here to download Alexa App


Smart Garage Door openers can be integrated with existing smart home devices. Numerous smart garage door openers are compatible with IFTTT (if this, then that) services. IFTTT is a robust network that connects a variety of smart devices, such as sensors and apps. As the title suggests, you can create your own rules and arrangements to ensure that if this happens, that happens. It creates schedules using IFTTT that are completely customizable .
When installing this smart garage door opener controller, don’t forget to close your garage door.

  • Install the wifi door control system in close proximity to the door opener. Connect the two low voltage wires to the same terminals on your opener as the two wires from the wall button.
  • Attach the sensor and cable to the wall near the door frame. Additionally, mount the other sensor without the cable to the door in order for it to move along with the door. Assure that the two sensors are within a 3-5mm distance of one another, as this will indicate that the door is closed.
  • Using a USB charger (not included in box), power on the controller and hold down the small button (right eye) for approximately 10 seconds until the red light flashes rapidly for pairing.
  • After adding the device to the smart life app and configuring the wifi, you can begin enjoying your smart life in a few simple steps.

How to Use eKyro Garage Door Opener in Android Phone?

Having a garage door opener on an Android is easy. Go to the Home screen of android and select the Widget. Then select SmartLife located at the bottom. The Garage Door is seen. If you hit once, the garage door opens and hit another time, the door is closed.

How to Use eKyro Garage Door Opener with SIRI?

At the bottom, there are three markings. Hit the middle sign. There are a lot of program names. Press Tap to Run automation which appears left upper corner. →select + from the right upper corner. →
Select run the device. → You will see garage door
Switch : ON
↓ Save
As soon as you hit Save, Message appears→ ADD To SIRI. You will also find ADD To SIRI at the right upper corner. Hit it for door opening. Repeat the process for closing.


Decide a time when your garage door to be closed.
You may share permission to the people of your choice through.

  • Share SmartLife credentials. – While sharing all of your Smart Life credentials is convenient, it is not secure.
  • Share device independently. – You can share the system with the persons you like, and also can remove him if you wish. It is secured.
  • Share an entire home.- Sharing an entire home with another person is an excellent way to securely share multiple devices. Additionally, home sharing will share any devices added to the shared home in the future. You can set your own time for closing the Door of the Garage.

Automating the scheduled tasks, include a condition that verifies whether the door is open or closed. Configure the timer and the sensor to be checked prior to closing. Include alerts for when the garage door is left open. There should be recognition of automated multiple-opener schedules.


You may need an app named “Smart Life” to support the unit. Add the e-Kyro smart garage door opener to the app and it is immediately found in “Google Home App”. With the Google Home App”, you can have full control and can check whether the garage door is closed or opened. You can also set a four digit PIN in the Smart garage door icon by hitting the bell or alert icon→ “set password”.

The E-Kyro Smart garage door opener is well-matched with Alexa, Google Home, Siri, iPhone. You can open the garage door by speaking like “open my garage door”.


The eKyro Smart garage door opener is a truly an intelligent device. You will not face much difficulty with it.The minor issue discovered is easily resolved.

Problem of Adapter.

If the device is connected properly still not working, it may require an adapter. Don’t worry for that. Incompatible opener adapter now easily available

Problem of Network Connectivity.

The Smart Life shows message: Add Device, No Device found. This is because the ekyro Door Opener device is not blinking rapidly. Normally, it should blink twice per second. Then Reset the device.

To reset, press hold the reset button till it blinks rapidly.
Hit Other → hit wifi → hit Confirm Device blinking rapidly →Give password →Confirm connecting. Sometimes you may see the message Device not responding, Retry. This may be because of

  • Incorrect Password
  • Not close enough to the wifi router ( the distance should be 1′-2′)
  • Connected to 5ghz network. Only 2.4 Ghz is mandatory.
Close ( at left upper corner) and Reset the device again. To do so, repeat the process again.

Press hold the reset button till it blinks rapidly.
Hit Other → hit wifi → hit Confirm Device blinking rapidly →Give password →Confirm connecting.

Now message comes in green colour:
Device found
Device added successfully.

Hit Done.


Q.How does eKyro work in conjunction with multiple garage doors?

Ans. Each garage door requires a separate ekyro garage door opener. You must pair them with the single Smart Life app and assign them unique names such as Door x, Door y, and so on. And then you can independently open, close, and inspect them.

Q. Is there a warranty period offered by eKyro?

Ans. Yes. They provide a one-year warranty, but if your device fails after that time period, we will still send replacements.

Q. When will they release an update to include support for Home Kit?

Ans. Yes supports home kit opens with Siri watch.

Q. What is the range with wifi?

Ans. eKyro product has a pretty reasonable range since it utilized 2.4ghz. But walls, obstacles, materials can interfere greatly depending on it.

Q. Can the sensor handle exterior condition?

Ans. Although the sensors are primarily intended for indoor use, they can be used outdoors due to their solid-state design. Using it outdoors may reduce the sensor’s lifespan. Care must be taken to keep the device protected from rain.


In today’s world, Customer service has been so important especially with something like this that involves home security. eKyro is reputed for its Customer Care with professional, knowledgeable, courteous, friendly and honest individuals. Their superior support and immediate response far more important than saving a few dollars. Knowing that you can reach them any time and know that you will get a response is a value you can’t put a price on. Their Customer support is excellent and the installation videos couldn’t be any better.


Now let us hear what people say about eKyro’s product and their service.

“I cannot rate the Alexa integration as I don’t have an Alexa device, but I can give the Google Home integration five stars. And like getting the alerts on my phone and being able to ask if the door is still open from the comfort of my upstairs bedroom. I also used the app to schedule the door to close at 9 pm in case I forget….” [1]

“Super product, easy installation, great price, peace of mind when away, and the best customer support I’ve experienced in a very long time.
I rarely write a review but this experience was so great that I feel I need to share it in hopes that it will help others. I was looking to automate my garage doors along with some lights and cameras around the house and narrowed my choice to a couple of inexpensive garage door controllers from eKyro and another company who had something similar for a few dollars less……” [2]

“It’s easy to install. It took about 15 minutes.

The time feature is nice. One can write a very simple program that will ensure the door is closed at a specified time. In my case, the program reads to the effect, if it is 7 PM an the door is open, then close it, otherwise do nothing.’
”It’s nice being able to see the state of the door (open or closed) on my phone especially during those rare events when I leave home in a hurry and then have regrets for not making sure the door closed.” [3]

“ Setup was quick and easy. We already had devices on the app, so I was glad that all I had to do was add the garage door as an additional device. Asking Alexa to open or close the garage door was nice, but asking if the door was open or closed was a real plus. It was a surprise when she responded “checking, hang on” and then gave me the status. When asking her to open the door, she asks for a user defined 4 digit code. Another nice security feature. . I will be purchasing another for our second garage door. If you have a garage door you should have one of these….” [4]

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