E31T2V1 Modems Login, Troubleshooting and FAQs

About E31t2v1 Modem

To understand this particular topic you need to know what a E31T2V1 modem is and how does it work. If you need cyberspace inside your living space it requires a modem. A modem is what leads the Internet into your living den. It begins and continues a committed connection to your ISP (Internet service provider). As analogue data comes in from the Internet the modem modifies the incoming analogue signals into a digital signal so that a computer can understand them. The modem also modulates outgoing digital signals from a laptop into an analogue signal as it goes out onto the web. This is what a modem is (which means modulator, demodulator). What a modem does is that it regulates outgoing data from E31T2V1 modem computer and extracts the incoming data from the internet.

Routers Supporting the E31t2v1 Modem

Now the router part which comes in after the modem. There are various types of routers, there are routers that are used in occupations and major corporations and then there are the smaller routers that are used in homes and small ventures but they normally do the similar thing. For today’s article, we only need to be familiar with the small office/home router. Now a small router always consists of a built-in switch with multiple ports for you to connect multiple devices using an Internet cable connection. It is unnecessary to use a router if you have only one device for web usage, rather just plug the device network cable directly into the modem and have your Internet access.

Types of Modems

The most common ones are cable and DSL modems. You need to choose the right type of modem cable, regardless of what type of internet you use. Modems are associated to your home using a fibre optic cable. The corporation that provides you with cable TV, provides you with this too (such as Airtel TV which is quite famous in India). DSL modems are connected using a regular mobile line which is given by internet providing companies. Many times when your Internet service provider sends you a modem, which can also be a modem router combination (consists of a modem with a integrated router attached inside).
Hubs and switches are a needy thing for routers and E31T2V1 modem. As most routers have a built-in switch permanently fitted in them, there isn’t any need for switches if you already have a router. A small router consist of four ports integrated switches for you to connect four Ethernet cables for your wired devices. The only reason left for you to add a switch to this network is that if you need more wired connections for your devices, you just need to connect a switch to your router and then add more connections to the switch. The process completes itself as the Internet is routed into the private network which first reaches the modem and then it goes from the modem to its router with the integrated switch preapplied and then passes it to all of its computers.

DOCSIS Technical 3.1 E31T2V1 spec sheet

  • Two RJ – 11 ports and one RJ – 45 GB port.
  • Compatible with both 1.5 (NCS) and 2.0 (IMS/SIP).
  • Cable connector supported (F).
  • It weighs around 450 grammes.
  • The production company is technical DOCSIS.
  • Dimensions are one 12.28 *7.48* 4.65 inches.
  • The speed given is 400 Mbps in normal daily users but sometimes 8 in less engagement you may get even more speed as it notably extends the network capacity with the power to transmit up to 50% more data over the spectrum with this it proves it’s higher capacity on the existing networks.

Customer feedback and reviews are undoubtedly well although consists of certain fair problems but those are repairable. The product provides a remarkable level of experience as it has reduced network delay on information traffic growing in the house networks. On the other hand, it improves the responses of apps (games, worksites). Using the enhancements and attachments given on the product increases the cable modems energy efficiency through advanced/high tech energy management protocols.

Logging into the E31T2V1 modem page

    • Go to Google and then type default gateway which is “”.
    • Put in the default credentials for the modem (Username stays blank, password is “admin”). ➢ The first page after redirection/login shows the status and the software information in it. The page contains hardware and software versions with various default addresses and specifications of the E31T2V1 modem that you are using.

After that comes the connection menu where you can know about your operation status/start up procedure of the modem home downstream and upstream which are not backed by the cables. Mostly the information helps you know about the duration of the system and its expiry date.

  • Comes up the password menu where you can change your user ID and passkey as per your will or you can restore the factory defaults.
  • Apart from the diagnostic part and event log which shows the device information and your activity status the initial scan is a very chief topic to discuss. In the initial scan, you can manually set the boundaries and frequencies in the option channel ID for it. Click apply to see the effect.
  • Switch mode lets you switch the current model of the modem to have the setting you want to use. Change from IPV4 to IPV6 pass through. You can also back up all your requirements in the next menu.

Important Dropdown menus for checking working status.

Network menu

The network menu lets you change your LAN network subnet (shows IP address which is assigned by the ISP to you). Click on “no” to stop your DHCP server and then click apply if required. You can renew your LAN lease connection from there. The option to select the static IP is also there if your ISP provides it (put in the subnet for it to start working). On the computer section, it shows how many devices are connected via your modem and if you want you can disconnect those devices out of your modem too. The menu also shows DDNS where you can put your hostname for the E31T2V1 modem. FTP diagnostics where
you can change your servers IP address and choose your speeding structure for either downloading or uploading format in your device. Time information is also provided but is not needed.


It’s not mandatory to talk much about it as the fireball function remains untouched mostly (for the basic home users). It’s just a guarding technology that provides support to your system.

Advanced features

Here, by default all the services are drawn in and only two things are not enabled that is “remote configuring management” and the “UPnP Enable” otherwise all the services are on and active. IP filtering lets you block the particular device based on IP addresses that is configured on devices or assigned by the cable modem. You can also block some specific modem by typing the IP address of that modem and click the “enable” option and “apply” button, in this way the individual device won’t get Internet access. The same goes for the Mac addresses as well. Port filtering leads to blocking off the devices connected via LAN. Port forwarding gives you the freedom to run different services on your Internet-connected devices. Share the connection that gives the local IP address to let it access the Internet on the device.

Parental Control Menu

This is an important menu, maximum used by parents which works perfectly fine for them. If they don’t want any particular word to get searched in their linked device, based on the keyboard then they can filter it. By clicking the enable option and putting on the keyword on the list it enables the option. So for example, if I want to search for the keyword “Facebook” which is banned by my parents in the modem, then I will neither see it nor the keywords possibly relating to it. They can also block any URL (uniform resource locator)/domain or a website.

Wireless menu

Consists of an inbuilt wireless cable modem which consists of those features provided in it. You can switch on or switch off the interface ask per your choice. In the primary network, you can also change your networks name (as in your wifi’s name/SSID) and your password for accessing it as well.

E31t2v1 Modem FAQs

Update the firmware on E31T2V1?

Firm wares are not updated on the E31T2V1 modem, without the Internet service provider (ISP) pushing the updates. After several tests, it finally happens.

Does getting a new modem helps if your previous one is showing a problem?

Stay with your ISP if your current modem is showing disturbance. If the modem has a problem then it’s their headache to replace it or not yours. If they resolve your concerning issues then you may buy your hardware to make it even more compelling.

Speed issues?

Many people complain of a speed reduction during download and uploading their files ( such as videos, music). The problem is in the software development part of your modem. Update your software in the software section in your modem login.

No responses after plugging in the router?

Sometimes the router shows no Internet connection after the E31T2V1 modem is attached. Simply reset your router to get everything back on track.