EDUP AC1200M Wireless Router

The EDUP AC1200M Wireless Router is manufactured by the “EDUP Co. Ltd” company in the USA. The product (Item Model Number- EP-AC2937) got launched last year in October 2020. The unit costs around 67 U.S. Dollars and can be purchase through (ASIN- BO8LL13DLW) website. Both the systems are available in a single colour variant that is “White”. However, the brand received a #494 ranking in the Whole Home and Mesh Wi-Fi System Department across the map.

Due to its recent release, the AC 1200 wireless router was only able to collect 3.4 stars out of 5 in the review section of the buying link. But as the matter of fact, the customers loved the product and they have shown huge positivity towards it as well. The company provides a 1 Year warranty on the EDUP router. Note: The policy towards their warranty claim is a bit tricky, make sure you read all the norms carefully before activating one. For more queries, drop a question in the inquiry box at, and they will get back to you immediately.

Structural design of dual-band EDUP Wi-Fi system?

Both the main router and the secondary router and made up of the finest quality fibre. The white body panels are shaped like a miniature box, with “EDUP” branding printed on them. The package weighs around 2.12 pounds and has a 4.3 * 4.3 * 2.7 inches dimension set up. The back has 3 ports built on it, the DC-IN port for the power adapter, LAN and WAN ports for a modem connection. The reset indicator and sync button stay beside them for attaching the network.

Nevertheless, the front has 4 LED indicators for showing activity on syncing, Wi-Fi, web flow and power on/off functions. They flash in 2 colours “Blue” and “Orange” simultaneously. The bottom is supported with a hard structure, to avoid the device from slipping off from its placement area. At last, a fan is given inside for cooling down the system. The vent is constructed on its left side, which allows continuous airflow all the time. To know more about the EDUP home Wi-Fi, drop a call at 323-248-1976. They are available from Monday to Friday (CST time) on all business days.

Unboxing the home Wi-Fi system from EDUP.

The parcel can get delivered to you within a single day, try this option if you have a prime membership on the buying site. The company has plenty of warehouses globally, so the stock is always available on demand. Tear up the wrapping and take out the multi-coloured boxes from it. The casket has multiple information printed on its body, surrounding all sides. Both the main and secondary router comes out first. Each has an individual power adapter (Average Charging- 5 Volt/1A) and a yellow Ethernet cable for connection. Find the user manual for guidance beneath all of them. The bill is very important, as it’s the only source for claiming a warranty on the EDUP, keep it safe and secure for future purposes. If anything, other than this is missing from the order, let the Amazon executive service know about the trickery.

Installing the Whole Home and Office EDUP system.

  • After unboxing, place both the routers closely beside the modem. Provide them with a stable power connection and see if the power LED blinks or not. After 1 minute, attach the Ethernet cable on the main router at one end and the modem on the other end. Note: If you have a direct broadband connection, then slide in the cable on the WAN port directly.
  • Go to your smartphone and visit the “Wi-Fi” option on it. Click on the displaying EDUP AC1200M Wireless Router and connect to the signal. Open “Google Chrome” and type in “” in the address bar. Give in the login credentials, SSID- 5.8G-love life, Authentication Mode- WPA2-Personal, Encryption Type- AES, Pass Phrase- 11223344. Click “Save and Apply” on the settings and you are done registering the device.
  • Change the wireless router name and create a strong password for it as well. Your main mesh system is activated and ready to work. If you wish to use the secondary router too, tap the AP button on it and wait for some time. If the sync LED light flashes blue, it means that the pairing is successful. Now, you can place it in the desired location, far from the primary router, to extend your range. Extra: To differentiate from your main and secondary router, see the syncing button AP and IN positioning on both the routers, as described in the manual.

Features of EDUP AC 1200 M wireless router.

  • The EDUP Wi-Fi system is one of the fastest routers in this range. Their 1200M dual-end mesh works on both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bandwidth. The minimum speed starts from 300 Mbps, an average of 867 Mbps and Max speed of 1200 Mbps is allotted. The extender also supports Gigabit Ethernet Technology (10M /100M /1000M).
  • The MU-MIMO high-tech technology allows multiple devices to gain access over the EDUP routers. It makes the system work smoothly even in a congested locality and high network traffic. More than 70 devices can connect to this mesh system at one time, due to its Web-Based Management System.
  • The EDUP AC1200M Wireless Router even runs seamlessly on roaming. Both the routers can together cover up to 8500 square feet area around the house. Although using a single router in case you have a smaller room, one can cover up to 3000 square feet distance itself. The gadgets stand compatible with Wave-2 specs and IEE 802.11b, a, n, g and ac series gateway.
  • Of course, it’s password protected with WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK encryption. The DHCP server grants access to static IPs, PPPoE and WAN interface functions. Works on both wired and wireless connectivity, along with a key matching/pairing mesh system.

FAQS and Troubleshooting.

How to update the firmware on the EDUP EP-AC2937 Wi-Fi system?

Only the login website will upgrade your software if required. Due to the unavailability of the smart app, the company pushes updates and security patches half-yearly through the site. Once the URL is revived, you can view the changes by refreshing the screen. Mostly there are no major changes but if there is one, you will be notified on that basis earlier. Updating the firmware clears all junk files and bugs inside the system.

How to reset, restart the EDUP mesh system?

Restart or refresh option will be coming soon with the app, till then log out and in the device during non-usage hours. To completely reset the device, use a pin to hold onto the “RST” button on the EDUP’s back. Hold it for 30 to 45 seconds, until you see the blue light flashing. Your EDUP AC1200M Wireless Router is put back to its default settings, reconfigure your Internet service from the beginning. Note: This will totally erase your personalized settings as well as your login credentials from the server. Hence, it also clears all the cache memories, viruses of any kind and other issues from the server too.

How to fix the connectivity issue on the EP- AC2937 mesh Wi-Fi?

Firstly, check if the power connection is set properly or not. The power should be unstoppable and constant throughout the usage hours. Secondly, your Internet Service Provider should supply an uninterruptible web-flow during the setup process. Hampering the net service, during that procedure can create such trouble. Have a look, if the EDUP AC1200M Wireless Router are placed too far away from their mentioned distances, they may not tend to respond. Keep them within the range around the area, to experience a dynamic speed for web surfing.

How to solve the problems while connecting the secondary router with the primary router?

Once the main router is up and running, you need to follow the exact same process as described in the installation procedure earlier. Keep them nearby, while the sync is on, if an orange light is displayed on the secondary router, it means that there has been some disturbance during the process. Re-do the steps correctly, to maintain the blue light indication on the router. Also keep an eye out, on the secondary router placement, make sure the blue lights keep blinking even after changing their location.

How to solve the slow, unstable EDUP routers problem?

On a starting node see if the device is responding properly or not. As the 4 antennas are inside the body panel, make sure the routers are not tampered with. If the sides and top of the router are broken or dented, their antenna won’t function correctly. Also, place the mesh system at a higher level above the ground, this ensures equal signal distribution throughout the whole compound. Do see, that you are using the correct frequency bandwidth on the device, use whatever signal gateway (2.4G or 5G) your modem and ISP supplies. Using too many stagnant devices can create such trouble as well. Turn off all the wireless devices Wi-Fi, Bluetooth whichever is not in use currently. Lastly, if you have maintained all these pointers, you are nothing to worry about.

EDUP Wi-Fi mesh system showing troublesome errors with the PC?

First, check if the Ethernet cables are attached tightly to both the router and the PC. Any loose connection will result in no network service on the devices. Secondly, the PC should have an updated system, the latest Windows 10 or 10 pros. Download fresh drivers as well, EDUP AC1200M Wireless Router helps in smooth Internet surfing and connection as well. Third and final, see if the USB ports are capable enough to channel such a powerful connection. Old or weak ports are unable to support the wired connection to the laptop.

EDUP Wi-Fi not visible in Windows 10 computer?

Open your PC and launch command prompts via the windows button, search engine. Type in reg delete ”HKCRCLSID{988248f3- a1ad- 9170- 676cbbc36ba3}/va/f” and then click “Enter”. Again type “netcfg- b-u dni_dne” and click “Enter”. Restart your system once after this, the available hosts will now be showing on your Wi-Fi tab. The VPN used by windows protectors prevents some IP addresses from being detected on the system. Doing this, clear all barriers from it and the Wi-Fi system comes back to normal settings. Extra: The device protection won’t be hampered due to this.

How to acknowledge what’s wrong with your wireless EDUP mesh router?

The best way to find out this issue is that you can typically test numerous devices Wi-Fi networks. With this, you can determine the exact problem is with your router or with your connecting device that showcases such accessing errors. Try linking with different devices such as laptops, mobile, TV, etc. If everything is in working condition, then ask your ISP whether the problem is from his end or not. Only they can fix the web flow interference errors on the server.

Reasons to buy the EDUP whole-home mesh AC1200M Wi-Fi system?

  • Most inexpensive product among its competitors in the bazaar.
  • Superb security protocols are followed. Supports high-end services in case of password encryptions.
  • Blazing fast Internet speed up to 1200 Mbps, reaches all corners of your house.
  • The range of 8300 square feet is the largest area coverage provided by the one and only EDUP brand.

Review of AC 1200 EP-AC2397 EDUP home Wi-Fi routers.

The generation has been cruel, different companies are launching various products in separate price ranges. They aren’t providing us that much time, to choose between those several options. Either one product is missing something or one has some extra features, depending upon the cost. No worries as today I am here to help you out. Bring home your favourite home Wi-Fi mesh system by EDUP. The brand supplies 2 AC 1200 routers (primary and secondary) along with some accessories. The only company in the market with such a unique idea, totally out of the box thinking. Most routers have a satellite or an extender whose job is to simply extend the range, up to some point. But in this case, you can actually use any of them as an actual router and enjoy all its features.

The range extension is extremely far, besides its competitors (up to 8300 feet square feet). The 70 plus devices allowance it’s also an upgrade, you can literally throw a party full of people and grant them guest login access. However, it’s fully password integrated, so that only you can control the system via the login page. All it misses out on is a smart app that can help in accessing the device easily and quickly (to be launched soon).

The reason for you to purchase this product is in front of you. Enjoy a hassle-free Internet connection with superfast services on your phone. Other than that, you can always take a look at Amazon eero 2, TP-Link Deco S4, Google Wi-Fi, Netgear Nighthawk, Asus Zen Wi-Fi AX6600, meshforce mesh Wi-Fi, Linksys AX4200, Tenda nova, Vilo system, etc for quick alternatives. Feel free to contact the tech support team, regarding anything by mailing them at [email protected].