A Doorbell is the initial requirement of every household. ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells will notify you when there is any visitor at your doorstep. Elepowstar provides a combination of 3 receivers and 2 doorbell buttons (transmitters) that provide better 1000ft long-range connectivity. You can easily set up this doorbell in your bedroom, basement, garage, outside, etc. It is waterproof and weatherproof that protects from dust particles and rain or water droplets. Moreover, you can raise the volume level up to 5 adjustable volumes. Along with it, 58 ringtone facilities are the best feature. You can mute its volume level during sleep time.

Further, you can adjust its volume from 25dB to 110dB. It can be effortlessly installed without any complicated wiring system. You can mount it with screws or use an adhesive patch to stick it on the wall. While ringing the doorbell button, its receiver glints blue light. It uses a CR2032 battery and it extends the life of your doorbell up to 3 years.

Elepowstar wireless doorbell- specifications

These are the ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells technical specifications that make it distinct from the other wired doorbells:

  • Dimension- ‎6.61 x 3.74 x 3.39 inches
  • Protection standard- IP55 waterproof and weatherproof
  • Weight- 13 ounces
  • Battery- 112V
  • Operating temperature- -4⁰F to 140⁰F
  • Wireless range- 1000ft
  • ASIN- B081RQZ1ZG
  • Battery life- 3 years

Elepowstar doorbell manual

If you purchase it the first time and you have any queries regarding the ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells, then read the manual guide. The manual guide will give your all answers to the following questions:

  • How to install the Elepowstar doorbell (transmitter) and receiver?
  • Is it have different ringtones?
  • How to insert batteries in the doorbell (transmitter).

Elepowstar doorbell instruction

Before its installation, the following instruction should obey:

  • Do not insert the doorbells near the hot temperature or heat.
  • You can add an additional receiver with the transmitter.
  • Clean the surface of the wall before sticking it on the wall, so the doorbell (transmitter) easily sticks on the wall.
  • Plug the receiver into the socket correctly.

Installation of the ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells(transmitters) with receiver

Now, we will explain its two installation methods in the following mentioned steps:

Install with screw
  • First of all, unbox the ELEPOWSTAR doorbell kit and assemble all its accessories: 3 receivers, 2 doorbell buttons (transmitter), Screws, and double side tape.
  • Then, choose a suitable location to place it.
  • Make two holes with a drill on the wall.
  • Then, open the front cover of the transmitters with the help of a screwdriver and mount it on the wall.
  • After that, insert the batteries in the transmitters and close the cover of the transmitter.
  • Further, plug the receivers on the power socket. You can modify the volume and ringing tone of the doorbell according to your choice.
Install with adhesive sticker

If you do not want to make a hole on your wall. Then, with the help of double-sided tape, mount your doorbell (transmitter).

  • Initially, remove the double-sided sticker and paste it on the wall.
  • Then, paste the transmitter on it.
  • During pressing the doorbell button, the receiver will blink blue light that indicates it is ready to pair.

But, it should be kept in mind during pasting this sticker that the wall should not get dirty.

Elepowstar doorbell not working

Is your doorbell not working? Then, you should know its reasons. We will explain its major reasons in the following steps:

  • The battery of the transmitter would be damaged or dead.
  • There may be an issue with the doorbell button.
  • The other electrical items might be interfering with the signal range of the doorbell and receiver.
  • The power socket of the receiver might be damaged.

These are the reasons that restrict the working of your doorbell.

Troubleshooting tips to fix the issues

Now, we will calibrate the above-mentioned issues. Just follow these troubleshooting tips to resolve it:

  • Firstly, remove the dead battery from the transmitter and insert the new one.
  • Move the main doorbell(transmitter) closer to the receiver. The more distance between these will hinder the range.
  • Check the chimes.
  • Make sure the transmitter is properly connected with the receiver.
  • Plug your Elepowstar receiver into another power socket.

The above-mentioned troubleshooting key points will surely remove your above problem.

ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells review

Elepowstar ip55 wireless doorbell is very easy to install as compared to wiring doorbells. Even a layman can install it. The compact size of the doorbell is easily adjusted anywhere. Moreover, its remarkable features attract the attention of the customers to buy it. You can change its ringtones according to your convenience. I have purchased it from amazon. I never faced any major issues yet. You can even install it in warehouses, hospitals, homes.

Question- Is the ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells operate with the internet?

Answer- No, the Elepowstar doorbells operate with the battery.

Question- How do we change the ringtone of the doorbell?

Answer: Follow these points:

  • Initially, push the music button of the receiver to choose your favorite bell tone.
  • After that, press the volume button for around 5 to 7 seconds until the receiver will make a ding sound.
  • Then, after a while, hear your favorite ringtone.
Question- Is it waterproof?

Answer: Yes, the ELEPOWSTAR Door Bells are waterproof and weatherproof.

Question- Does it need any wiring for installing?

Answer: No, it can be installed without any wiring.