Elgato Stream Deck

Are you a gamer? Do you like exploring many things at a time? Then this device is for you. I am talking about the Elgato’s Stream Deck. This device allows you to access multiple functions at a time. It is a customizable control pad, or you can simply say a keypad. You can assign any task while playing a game. For example, if you wish to listen to songs or go to any webpage while streaming, you can simply press a key, and here you go. It looks like a rectangular device having 15LCD keys with different images are displayed to be triggered.

Whatever command you wish of, like switching scenes, launch media, and so on, you have to press the key, and without disturbing your current function, you can go to another one. This device is used to control the cameras as well while you are streaming. You can have a live chat when you are playing. The face cams can be mold as per your requirements.It is a handy device for you if you are a serious gamer.

How will you setup Elgato Stream.Deck?

Let us know more about the device and its setup. You can attach the Elgato stream deck with the help of a USB extension cable. The power will get transfer to the stream deck through the USB cable from your PC. You can use a cable of 1 meter or shorter length to get enough power. Now your device is connected to your PC. You have to install the stream deck software to your window. For this, go to Elgato’s website and download the software for your window. After installation of the software, you can see a window on the screen. But how will it work? For this, the pattern needs to be set.

On the screen, you will see a popup window of the stream deck user interface, go to the right corner to check the list of the application you are going to use. Once you select the functions you are not going to use and press done, it will minimize the tasks that you will not apply. The screen’s window shows you the keys to the service you will be adding to it and performing later. Now go to system, drag open, and select the applications you need—set up all the apps in the same way.

If you want to reset any application, you can select the folder, right-click key to reboot. The same key is useful with copy and deletes function as well.

How to update Elgato Stream Deck firmware?

The firmware update is not needed in the latest device. There is a hidden advanced setting option that leads you to update the firmware. But firmware update may harm Elgato gaming. Do not perform the firmware update command unless and until the system demands it. It is explicitly being shown for troubleshooting purposes. While holding down the Control key on the keyboard, you press the Settings button in the device section of Elgato Game Capture HD generates the popup box for advanced settings in the window. Press the Update Firmware button, While Elgato Game Capture HD is connected to your USB 2.0 bus. Until the update is competing, DO NOT UNPLUG the unit.

Elgato Stream Deck- How to fix”This app isn’t verified” error?

We all are very familiar with this error. While trying to log in many times, you must have seen a message that says, “This app isn’t verified on Elgato Stream.”

In case you face “This app isn’t verified” message when logging in for Stream deck, you have to click on ‘Advanced’ menu> ‘Go to Elgato Stream Deck(unsafe)>(proceed with the authentication process). You just have to follow this process, and your problem is solved.

How to fix the “Elgato Remote Control plugin is missing” error?

Sometimes you may find the message “The Elgato Remote Control plugin is missing, please reinstall Stream Deck, then try again.”

This error may occur due to the difference in the app version. You can solve this error with some steps:

  1. Firstly, make sure you have the latest version of OBS and Stream Deck.
  2. Quite the older version of OBS and Stream Deck.
  3. Lastly, launch the latest OBS and Stream Deck version and reinstall it.

This way, you can deal with this error.

How to use Elgato Green Screen for a video conference call?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to hide the background during the video conference call. This becomes essential if you are working from home or not at the present place to take the video calls. Hiding your background is possible using the green screen. Also, factors like lighting and the quality of the green screen are equally important. Elgato green screens are a good option from a quality point of view, as it provides a flat green panel for the best results. The lighting plays an equally important role. Using two Elgato essential lights coming at you from about 45° angle will give you the best effect. Also, it can be controlled by the software so that you can get whatever look you want.

Now your setup is ready to make a call. You need to start a webcam. For the best result, you can use a real camera with Elgato to link, giving you more clarity. Many software has green screen removal. You can go with any of them you wished of. For example, you can download and install OBS and then download OBS virtual camera. You need to follow some steps, and your video call setup is ready.

Is Elgato Stream Deck not working with OBS?

The Elgato Stream Deck can be used with the OBS studio. One can perform all the functions using OBS. You should have OBS installed previously to your PC; you install Elgato Stream Deck, and no other steps are required. You need to confirm the Elgato Stream Deck plugin is visible in OBS studio. Just make sure the plugin number and elgato stream deck number is the same, which will be found in the preference window. Inside the OBS studio, you can create Scenes, mixer audio, record, stream, and source. Theses are the subfolders you can keep under the OBS studio.


1) Where can I find the stand for this stream deck Elgato?

A: The stand is not available separately. An adjustable stand comes along with Elgato Stream Deck.

2) Could stream deck is used as a switcher between multiple webcams? Kind of like a live newscast?

A: Yes! You can set keys to toggle different scenes and sources in OBS (and potentially other live video programs) to be used as a switcher. We use it for live streaming on Facebook, and it is excellent!

3) Does Elgato.stream deck require a separate power cord, or does it draw power over USB?

A: The only thing included in the stream deck, USB cable attached, user manual, and the stand. So the best guess is that it is done running on USB power. From what I’ve seen in YouTube videos, there is not an auxiliary cable for power.

4) Is there a list of programs that the Stream Deck is compatible with?

A: Probably somewhere. It has an excellent library of common streaming platforms and software used in production. Check some YouTube reviews. Works with Slobs twitch Philips hue nano leaf Spotify google media player YouTube voice meter and many more

5) Are any extra features if you pair with an Elgato capture card?

A: Yes, there are many extra features if you pair Elgato Stream Deck with an Elgato Gaming capture device. This article goes over those features in-depth:

6) Can I use a stream deck to control lighting inside my pc case?

A: You can program the buttons to functions of your RGB control.

7) Can I use it with an Elgato hd60s to stream console gameplay?

A: Stream Deck can be used together with an HD60 S to give you more control over your broadcasts such as switching scenes, muting audio sources, queuing up graphics, playing sound effects, etc.

8) Does this need the app to run, or does it store the macros within the device for playback?

A: It needs the app to run.

9) Can the stream deck only open websites in new windows, or can it switch between free website windows or open tabs in a browser?

A: I believe only separate windows unless you can key bind the tabs and then run the key, binds as a button on the stream deck, but you’re running a crucial and a stream deck slot.

10) Does this have an internal battery?

A: No, it doesn’t. You just plug it into a USB port, t, and your all set.

Elgato Stream Deck Review

It doesn’t matter whether you are a gamer or a streamer or not. I found the Stream Deck pretty handy. I am not using things for a longer time, but I am already started liking this device. Loved its function that the keys are labeled electronically and change the accommodate the multiple services. The keys perform tasks verily like launching a file, opening a folder, or actuating a photoshop tool with one press. This is the main element that I like most. I am a non-gamer, and I bought it when I saw it in a sale. The hardware of the device is so good. It feels and looks like a premium product. It is a sample of an excellent piece of use of technology. I was curious about the buttons of the device. But with the help of a subfolder, it accesses you with more than enough buttons. The software is easy to understand and install. I appreciate the product.