GALAWAY G1208 WiFi Extender setup, troubleshooting, and review

The GALAWAY G1208 WiFi extender is usually a high compatibility wireless signal booster. It works with all types of devices such as 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac standards router, access points or gateways. The GALAWAY wireless signal booster generally delivers the stable signal network connection and reliable network speed using the dual band technology. This WiFi range extender super fast high gain antennas and 4*2dBi External Omni directional antenna can automatically choose the better networking performance location.

Using the AC1200 dual-band technology it can easily extend the existing wifi router speed up to 300Mbps for the 2.4GHz and 867Mbps for the 5GHz. The combined high-gain capacity speed of both of these bands is up to 1167Mbps. You can easily use both of them combined speed for getting the fastest and stable network and reduces the loss of data transmission. Through the WPA, and WPA2 wireless connection you can easily make the Wireless Security.

GALAWAY G1208 WiFi Extender installation

The GALAWAY is a convenient and elegant wall-plugin wifi repeater. Generally, it works with connecting to the existing WiFi router. To install it, follow the below steps.

  • Keep it first near the location of the existing router and plugin it into the wall socket.
  • Then, press the power button to turn on its power.
  • After that, if you have to get a wired network connection then you will connect the Ethernet cable with its Ethernet port. The Ethernet cable comes with Its packaging box.
  • Now, connect your Extender with the router using the Ethernet cable.
  • After connecting to the internet the extender power LED light fully blinks.
  • Now, the GALAWAY 1200 WiFi Extender is fully ready to connect the wifi network on your wireless device such as phone, laptop, PC or tablets which you want to connect to the wifi network.
  • Just, you have to choose that device and Find the GALAWAY wifi extender name in your PC WiFi list and connect to it through the wireless mode.

Thus, the GALAWAY AC1200 WiFi Extender installation process is completing now in a proper manner. By following the above steps, you can also try to access its wifi network on your wireless devices.

GALAWAY G1208 WiFi extender login

The GALAWAY AC1200 wifi Extender contains the intelligent signal indicator LED. It provides better performance by rotating into 360 Degrees that is helpful to providing the full Coverage. To access the web based GALAWAY login page, follow the given steps.

  • Just connect the wifi network on your wireless PC and then open a web browser on it.
  • After that, search the GALAWAY extender ip address in the UPL of the web browser.
  • Now, the web based G1208 wifi extender login box automatically pops up on the screen.
  • To login your device, put the login credentials in the login box such as GALAWAY wifi extender default password and admin username.
  • Then, at last you can click on the “login” option.

So, these are some steps for the GALAWAY WiFi extender login. You can use these easy steps and access your device login page.

GALAWAY G1208 WiFi Extender manual

The GALAWAY G1208 manual usually gives the basic instructions about the wifi extender. Through the GALAWAY G1208 instructions, you can get a basic introduction about it. You must read the user manual of your wireless wifi extender because it gives some basic and helpful information about it. The GALAWAY user manual given along with the packaging box. In this manual have a quick installation guide of the extender. But truly it is just basic, to get the proper GALAWAY wifi extender setup and installation process follow here given instructions and use your device properly.

GALAWAY G1208 WiFi Extender Setup

The smart signal indicator is helpful for the best spot to set up and for the better WiFi. You can easily do the g1208 set up via the browser GALAWAY website. This extender setup is very quick and easy. Here are some steps for the GALAWAY AC1200 wifi extender setup.

  • The G1208 wifi extender configuration is almost finished through any device such as iOS and Android mobile platforms.
  • Just, open the web browser and complete the initial login process of the extender.
  • After that, click into the GALAWAY extender setting option.
  • Then, you can choose a specific option which you want to change the setting.
  • Now, If you change your extender wireless setting, then click on it.
  • After that, change the setting according to given on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, after making the changes you must click on the “apply” option.

Thus, the GALAWAY G1208 wifi extender setup process finishes now. You can use these some easy and quick steps to manage your device.

GALAWAY G1208 WiFi extender Troubleshooting Tips

The GALAWAY WiFi extender causes various problems while you are using it. To fix all types of issues , get the GALAWAY wifi extender troubleshooting guide from the below.

  • If your GALAWAY WiFi extender device is not on or GALAWAY WiFi extender not working , then you can first check your router network connection. IF your router network is not running then turn on its power again and turn on your device again now.
  • Sometimes, your PC network shows the galaway wifi extender no internet, then you can access the wifi network through the Ethernet cable.
  • To fix the GALAWAY WiFi extender not connecting to the internet, surely your location is not proper. You can choose another location and then again connect the wifi network on your device.
  • If your GALAWAY Wifi extender causes the internet to drop, then you can check your device setting menu about updating it. Through here, you can update your GALAWAY firmware with the latest version to get its proper network connection.
  • To troubleshoot the GALAWAY wifi extender connected but no internet issue, you must reset your G1208 wifi extender for fixing it.

GALAWAY G1208 WiFi Extender reviews

After a lot of time, I am thinking about purchasing a network extending device. Many of my close friends and neighbors or many people give the GALAWAY WiFi Extender review. Then, after getting the many suggestions from many people, I finally bought the GALAWAY-US. This is a very elegant and spacious wireless network expanding device. It is installed quickly and its wifi signal easily reaches my bedroom. Through connecting it with my current router, I easily taught my school students virtually using a laptop or computer. My Existing wifi router network signal is pretty weak and slow. Once you set it up, it gives a full network strength and coverage of the network throughout my entire home.


Q1. How do I reset my GALAWAY WiFi extender?

After turning on the power of the LED and WiFi signal indicator comes up. You can use the sim card removable needle for pressing the reset button of your GALAWAY wifi extender. Just, press the GALAWAY WiFi extender reset button for 3-6 seconds. Now, you can wait for a little bit, then the LED lights turn on monetarily or accordingly. After resetting it, you can again configure your wifi extender.

Q2. Can I add some new features through the GALAWAY WiFi extender firmware update?

Of course yes, through the Galaway G1208 Firmware update you can easily add some new features in your extender. To update your device firmware just go into the extender setting through the web browser. Then, update your extender device by following the on-screen instructions.

Q3. How to troubleshoot the no internet of the extended network after the GALAWAY extender is set up properly?

To fix this problem, you have to check that you can not put your router password while you connect it. Then, you can again put the correct password and fix it. Apart from this, you can also change your extender’s ideal location and then again try to connect the wifi network on your device.