Garmin Drive 61 LM GPS Setup, Troubleshooting, And Review

Garmin drive 61 GPS(Global Positioning System) is a Satellite-based navigation system. Its use is used to find out the location of anything. This GPS is made up of many satellites. Generally, the Garmin drive 61 LM GPS is simple to use, with a dedicated global positioning system navigator with a bright 6.0-inch dual-orientation display. It works 24 hours in any weather. This GPS technology was first used in the US army in the 1960s. But now this technology has become common, it is seen in mobile phones.

Whenever an app asks for location permission in a mobile phone, you have to turn on GPS. Nowadays, the Garmin drive GPS 61 technology is mostly used. It is used in every smartphone, in airplanes, in railways, in buses, even in automobiles.

The Garmin drive 61 GPS installation is simple. It is mostly used to find a way, so it is used in transport. With its help, we can find the way. We can easily find the distance of any other location from our location. This GPS works by connecting the satellite.

Installation of the Garmin drive 61 LM GPS

GPS is a simple technique to know the location of any place. If you also want to know the location through GPS, then you have to install it in Proper Manner.

  1. If you have to install GPS in your car, then you have to get the GPS out of its box.
  2. Then, check the following instruments that come with the GPS like power cord, manual, etc. Then you can read the Garmin 61 LM manual and follow the instructions.
  3. Here, set the Garmin drive GPS in the car dashboard and you can use suction power to mount your device on the dashboard.
  4. Peel film off button of the suction cup.
  5. Then, utilize the power cord then comes with the LM GPS device and plugs it into your vehicle cigarette lighter and others into the GPS.
  6. Now, turn ON the power of the GPS and verify the LED status.

Similarly, the installation process of GPS 61 LM has completely ended. You can also follow these steps to install your GPS.

How to use the Garmin drive 61 LM GPS in a mobile phone?

The Garmin drive 61 GPS is the best way to find out the location. It is used to see Google maps, then turned on GPS. So that Google map will tell us which way to go, how much time it will take to reach, how far it is from here, this is called navigation. If you have an Android phone, you can use GPS, let us tell you about its installation.

  1. Firstly, for GPS installation, it is necessary to have WiFi and Internet connectivity in your phone.
  2. Then you have to download and install Google Maps on your mobile phone. If you already have a Google Map, then it should be updated.
  3. Here, open the Google Maps app and accept all following on-screen instructions.
  4. Now, tap the “search bar” section and type the location like Petrol Pump, restaurant, bank name, ATM, station, school and college name, Temple hospital, police station, stationery, and other locations.
  5. As soon as you enter the location and search it. Then the location of that place will come in front of you.
  6. Tab the “direction” in the drop-down list. Then, tap “start”

Manual of the Garmin drive 61 LM GPS

The Garmin drive 61 global positioning system comes with the display size 5.36W x 2.83 H inch (13.6 x 7.2 cm). It is easy to understand with driving directions utilizing recognizable landmarks. If you want more information about it so that you can use this device properly and you can get to know about the feature then read Garmin drive 61 lm Manual. This manual is of very small size but it contains all the information about the 61 LM GPS like GPS product dimension is 0.8 x 6.7 x 3.7 inches.

The weight of the Garmin 61 drive is 9.6 ounces, 61 lm GPS model number is 010-01679-0B, Garmin drive batteries is required the battery of the GPS is 1 CR2 battery, ASIN: B01MQXKUA1, the specific features of the GPS is Live Traffic and Parking Info; Lifetime United States Maps; Multiple Driver and Safety Alerts, display feature is wire-free, components of the Garmin drive is a USB cable, Vehicle suction cup mount, Quick start manual, Garmin Drive, Vehicle power cable, etc.

Steps of Garmin drive 61 lm GPS setup

The GPS navigation system is mostly used in all countries. It takes you to an accurate location. If you want to Garmin drive 61 lm setup, then it is very simple. Here, I will tell you some steps about the setup of GPS.

  • First, turn on your GPS navigation system and then verify the LED status. If the LED lights up red then the connection is poor, you can verify the connection. When the LED lit up the green light then you can do the setup.
  • Then select your location in the screen drop-down list and tap “ok”.
  • Also, select the language which you prefer and then tap “OK”.
  • Here, display a “license agreement” page and there are two sections below “reject” and “accept all”, then you can tab the “accept all” section and also tab “agree”.
  • Now, display the settings menu on the Garmin drive LM GPS screen, then tab it to set up the Garmin drive navigation system.
  • There are many options in the setting menu, but you can tab the “maps & vehicle” section.
  • Here, tap the “vehicle” option in the map and vehicle section, then change the vehicle type and tap “save”.
  • Then, tap “driving map view” and set the 3-D and then tap “save”.
  • Tap “map theme” and set the preferred theme.
  • After all these settings are done, you have to click on the section of the “apply” to save these settings.

Thus the Garmin drive LM GPS navigation system setup is successfully complete. You can also try these steps of setting up your Garmin GPS system without any interruption.

Troubleshooting steps of the Garmin drive LM GPS not working

The Garmin drive GPS is the best source for finding out the location. But sometimes the Garmin drive 61 lm GPS not working, and they show many issues. But don’t worry you can easily resolve this issue with the troubleshooting steps.

  • Initially, the suction cup does not stay on the windshield, to fix this issue, clean the suction cup with the dry cloth and then again mount the suction cup in the right manner.
  • The GPS navigation system fails to start, to resolve this issue ensure your key is turned on to Ignition Position.
  • Verify the power cable is properly connects to the GPS navigation system. And then, verify whether the battery is charge.
  • Sometimes the Garmin drive GPS navigation system has no sound input. The troubleshooting guide is to make sure the connection between the GPS and speaker is properly. Then, you can verify the navigation system is not mute position.
  • The Garmin drive 61 LM GPS not find the location, ensuring that you are updating the GPS map.
  • Many times the GPS screen is not working, to resolve these problems, go to the menu and select the system option. Then finally select “Calibration”.

How to update the Garmin drive 61 LM GPS?

If you update Garmin drive 61 GPS then you will get a lot of new features and your GPS will work well. There are some steps of the Garmin drive 61 lm update.

  1. First and foremost, to update the 61 lm GPS, you have to connect the GPS to the computer with the help of a USB cable.
  2. Here, the green light is lit up, which means Garmin is properly plugged in.
  3. Launch the preferred web browser on your computer and type in the browser address bar.
  4. Then, display a Garmin GPS page and then click the section “download for window” and after downloading the window open it and install it.
  5. Presently, you can appear on the page “Garmin express” and then click “started”.
  6. Then, you can add the device by clicking the section “add device”.
  7. On the page product registration, you can input the device name and click “next”.
  8. Click the section “update available” and accept the term and condition.

Now the update process of the Garmin drive is complete. You can seamlessly enjoy the new features of the GPS.

Garmin drive 61 lm GPS review

In my scenario, the Garmin drive GPS 61 LM is the best navigation system to navigate the location. It is a guide to find out the location. This Garmin GPS can easily mount the car with the suction cup. The Garmin drive 61 GPS comes with the latest technology display and the display size is 800 x 480. There is a battery inside it which lasts for 1 hour. It has a feature of direct access that simplifies navigating to complex destinations, such as restaurants, hotels, airports, petrol pumps, or shopping malls.

The installation of the Garmin 61 lm navigation system is effortless. You can easily use this device for example, just like you have to go somewhere, you should turn ON the power of GPS and set your location in it, and click on Start. Then, it is an accurate guide for your location. Thus, the Garmin drive 61 gps is an extremely superior device for navigating the location.


Does Garmin drive 61 USA lm have a voice & how do you find the icon?

Obviously yes, the Garmin drive 61 lm has a voice because it includes the feature of voice command. If you want to find its icon, then you have to go to the GPS screen and turn on the voice command. Then, you can select the language by going to the settings in which you want to hear the voice command.

Garmin smart drive 61 lm how to disable phone calls?

To disable the phone calls, go to the setting and select the “wireless network”. Then, choose the phone name used for hands-free calling. The suggestion is your phone may connect to hands-free calling and data using two different names. Then, clear the Phone calls tick box.

How to download voice to Garmin drive 61 USA lm?

To download the voice of Garmin 61 drive GPS then, go to the touch screen setting and select the option “volume”. In this section set the desired language and click “apply”.

How to set Garmin drive 61 to English?

To set the Garmin drive 61 GPS LM, power ON the GPS and tap the setting icon on the GPS screen. Then select the language section and tap the “English” language in the drop-down list.

Why does my Garmin 61 lm GPS not work?

If your GPS does not work, then you should verify your Garmin drive is fully charged. If it is charge then you can check the power button of the GPS is turn on.

Why is my Garmin drive 61 lm GPS not getting a signal?

If your GPS is not getting the signal then, navigate to Settings and then select the section “location” and then ensure Location is ON.

How do I hard reset the Garmin drive GPS?

If you want to hard reset the Garmin drive 61 USA then, power off the device. And then, hold the power button for some seconds, when you did ask, press the finger to the bottom of the screen and continue to hold it. Afterward, display a message, erase all data then tap OK.

Why is my Garmin drive 61 lm not connecting to WIFI?

Make sure your Garmin GPS device is up to date. The latest version can be here. Then, you should verify the device software is also up to date. Make sure the Wi-Fi network was added correctly in Garmin Express.

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