Gazingsure door alarm system

The Smart Gazingsure door alarm system is powered by 3AA batteries which do not need any electric outlet to get started. Just simply screw the mounting bracket on the wall. Then hook the receiver to hang on the wall and you are ready to use the door alarm system. The system starts working immediately after the technical setup because it is too easy and simple. You can easily operate the doorbell alarm system from a long distance. It provides support to an extended 1000 feet working range. So whenever any guest comes at your door it will notify you with the help of its official doorbell app.

The Gazingsure smart doorbell camera provides you a smart memory function in which it helps remember your precious memories with its power outage. Also, it ensures that it would not delete your personal touch without your prior acknowledgment. The doorbell is portable as it can be carried in your backyard or garden. It instantly gives you a notification when anybody arrives at your doorstep.

Incredible Features of the Gazingsure door alarm system

The Gazingsure door alarm system helps to expand the battery of the system within seconds. Also, it has high-performance transmitters that provide low power consumption and works between -4 °F to 140 °F and resists numerous rigid weather conditions. It is the smart video doorbell that helps to deliver a rich and crisp sound with five adjustable volume levels that you easily choose from the fifty-two melodies. The door alarm system has many incredible features. Let’s discuss those features further.

Memory function

The Gazingsure door alarm system has fifty -two melodious sounds and a twenty-nine mm stereo speaker. You can also adjust the volume level with a maximum setting of 110 dB. Choose from the available list to set a mesmerizing sound on your device. It has a great memory function which helps to remind you of the last sound and volume even after you replaced the battery of the device. It is convenient and has an easy to use design for the users to get a much better experience.

High range transmitters

It has two transmitters and multiple receivers. It can easily meet your requirements as it can be easily run with any other home device and supports long-distance working ranges easily. Also, you can install the device in two simple ways from the mounting wall or self-adhesive. It is based on the needs of the users. It can be used in houses, shops, warehouses, hotels, classrooms, offices or any other preferred area.

Durable and Waterproof alarm system

They are durable in nature and have waterproof transmitters that can withstand even harsh and moderate environments. It can also work at a temperature of -5° F to 150° F. The transmitters face the harshest weather conditions. But it is recommended to the users that they should install the device under the shelter, not in the direct rays of the sunlight.

Easy portability and mute mode

It can be easily carried anywhere. It directly gives you an indication of when anybody arrives at your door. You can also put the device on the silent or mute mode which cannot disturb the sleeping baby and the maximum level of the volume can reach up to 110 dB that can be audible during the parties.

Enhanced and Convenient battery life

The Gazingsure door alarm system has a 230 mAh battery life which has an ultra three years long lifespan. It helps to save from the purchases and frequent replacements of the battery. It is also driven by 3AA batteries that do not take more power and can be installed easily.

Installation of the Gazingsure door alarm system

The Gazingsure alarm system has weatherproof technology which can withstand various harsh environments. So you don’t need to worry about its working condition. Just follow the right pattern of its installation and enjoy the door alarm system for years. Here you will get the answer on how to install Gazingsure and the right steps of installation of the door alarm system are as follows:

  • First of all, remove the back bracket. With the help of your fingers push up or push down the doorbell. Push down when you are removing the door bracket. This will be done before the installation of the door alarm system. Puch up when you are removing the back bracket from the wall after the installation of the alarm system.
  • Recharge the battery

    After that, check the power supply system. You have to go through the hard wire of the power outlet. Properly check the wires and if there is any breakage or damaged wire then change it immediately. Then put the battery system in the door alarm. Recharge the battery of the system if it is down or less than 5%. It can be dead easy.

  • Now fix the chime connection of your doorbell. Before doing this step, make sure that the doorbell is connected to your phone then you have to pair the chime with your doorbell system. First of all, press or hold the volume key of the chime.
  • After that, the chime started ringing. After its first or second sound press the doorbell button. If the chimes are playing sound then it is perfectly connected to your doorbell. If the sound does not come from the chime, then remove it from the wall and install the battery again in the chimes and try the first and second steps again.

Congrats! For the successful Gazingsure doorbell installation alarm system at your home.

Manual of the Gazingsure door alarm system

In the Gazingsure doorbell manual, you will get to know about the product details in brief. It tells you about its technical details like the manufacturer of the door alarm system, item weight, package dimensions, battery backup, material, its unique shape, power source, installation methods, sound level, the requirement of the battery, cell life. On the other hand, you will get to know about the installation steps, configuration steps of the product, about app and login details. Everything you will get in the manual. You can download it from its official website or you get it from the Gazingsure door alarm system. In case you lose it or you do not get the manual along with the product. In that case, you can download it. Just follow the Gazingsure instructions properly to get a better experience with your product services.

In case you have got any problem then you can ask the Gazingure customer support team. Just drop the query on their mail and they will reach you out to solve your problem regarding the Gazingsure door alarm system.

Effortless Setup Steps of the Gazingsure door alarm system

The setup of the Gazingsure alarm system does not require any technical support. It just requires some major steps after the installation of the alarm system at your home. But first, you need to install the Gazingsure app on your mobile devices. Open the App Store on your phone and search for AnyHome app on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store. Otherwise just scan the QR code and install it on your device Here are the following steps of the Gazingsure doorbell setup are as follows:

    • Before you start the setup process, make sure that you have installed the AnyHome app on your phone. The device with which your device is connected should have a 2.4 GHz network because the alarm system is not compatible with the 5 GHz network device. Also, ensure that the battery of the alarm system is fully charged. If you use a low battery inside the system then it will soon drop the connection and will stop working.
    • Now open the AnyHome doorbell app on your mobile device and tap on the ‘+’ icon to add the camera feature on your mobile app.
    • Now select the camera setup option. In case you have multiple cameras, the app will allow only one camera to be added at that particular time.
    • voice prompt

      Now make sure that before setting up the door alarm system you will hear a voice prompt regarding “ The camera is now ready to begin pairing with your system”.

    • In case you do not receive or hear the voice prompt of the device then perform the reset operation. Hold or press the reset button for 2-3 seconds and release the button when the LED indicator of the system is turned off which directly indicates that the device is now ready to configure automatically.
    • Now a screen appears on your device in which it automatically fills your WiFi network details and you have to enter the password only. After that tap on the sound wave configuration option to adjust the volume level of the chimes.
    • Now the device will start emitting the sound waves to your mobile. Make sure to maintain the 30 m distance between the device and your mobile. In case it does not work then restart your device by performing the reset operation with your device and then follow the previous steps again.
    • When you have established a successful connection between your device and mobile app, then you have to create a username or WiFi password for your camera.

Now the setup of the Gazingsure system is completed successfully. It will enter the WiFi list name automatically when you open the app on your mobile device. Now, it is ready to use.

That’s it. You have successfully accomplished the door alarm system at your home

Easy Troubleshooting Steps of the door alarm system

Here are some major troubleshooting tips for Gazingsure device users.

What will you do when your doorbell alarm system is not working properly?

In that case, when the Gazingsure alarm system is not working properly. Then ensure that your device is getting proper WiFi access. Otherwise, you can try with another device to visit the Gazingsure official website. Also, check your mobile device for WiFi connection. To resolve this issue, unplug the power cable of your router for 20-30 seconds and then reconnect the router again.

What will you do when your doorbell constantly shows you offline?

When your Gazingsure doorbell is offline, it shows you with your connected device. Then you have to check all the wires that are connected to your system. Make sure that wires should not be broken and the LED light of the router flashes green. Ensure that your system is getting proper WiFi access.

Why is the doorbell system not connecting to the WiFi?

If your Gazingsure alarm system is not connecting to the WiFi then check the WiFi connection. Check whether there should not be a problem with your WiFi. Unplug your wireless router for 20 seconds and then replug it. Then turn off your doorbell system as well and after a few seconds reconnect with the router again and check all the functions of the device.

So here are the steps to troubleshoot those problems in which the users are facing the most problems.

Review of the Gazingsure Doorbell alarm system

Here is the review of the Gazingsure doorbell system user. The Gazingsure Doorbell alarm system works well. It has an impressive volume system with easy installation methods. In most cases, the chimes of the alarm system are overdone but it has the customize desirable chime system which is quite awesome. You just need to command the strip to hang on the wall and do some basic settings with the installation of the device and it starts working well. You can use screws and transmitters and you are done with the installation process. This is cost-effective as well. The transmitter of the device is used as a standard coin cell and the receiver has 3x AAA batteries which can be used for 3 years easily.


Q1: Do the lights of the devices flash when the button is pressed?

A1: No, the alarm system does not have a lightning function. Even the device cannot be seen in the dark.

Q2: What about the dimensions of the doorbell alarm system?

A2: The dimension unit of the device is approximately 1-1/2 x 3 in. So that it can be mounted on the walls easily.

Q3: Can the battery in the transmitter be removable?

A3: In the manual, it says that the battery lasts up to 3 years. But in some cases, it can be worked for more than 3 years. It can be removed by 3AA batteries for the first time when you are replacing the batteries of the device.

Q4: Where is the list of different chimes?

A4: The list of the different chimes can be found in the user manual. There you also get to know that how you will set those chimes on your device.

Q5: Does this device require you to buy another transmitter or will it work with the same receiver?

A5: You don’t need to buy another transmitter for your device. Just purchase two receivers of the same version and you can find them on their official website as well.

Q6: Will it work with Amazon Alexa?

A6: No, the doorbell system will not work with Amazon Alexa.

Q7: Does this device safely hang on the wall?

A7: Yes< this device can safely and securely hang on the wall. You can easily install the transmitter with three-meter adhesive tape or mount a wall. You don’t need to worry about stealing as well.

Q8: Does this device need a wire outlet?

A8: No, the transmitter already has a built-in battery and the receiver requires you to plug in the power outlet.

Q9: Can the signal of the device pass through the walls?

A9: Yes, the signal easily passes through the walls. It is made for covering distances easily.

Q10: Is this device connected to the wireless camera?

A10: No, it does not connect to the wireless camera.

Q11: Is this device waterproof?

A11: Yes, the device is waterproof. But it is recommended that you do not install this in the direct rays of sunlight. Place the device at that place where it can get shelter so the harsh environment does not affect the device easily.

Q12: Can you add your own favorite sound to this device?

A12: No, the device already has fifty-two melodious sounds. You can choose from the given list but can’t use your own sound on that device.

Q13: What is the size of the receiver?

A13: The receiver is very compact in size. It is about three inches wide and two inches tall.

Q14: How to turn on the alarm device?

A14: The device has powerful batteries inside the device and pushes the button unit outside the device. Insert the batteries inside the device and switch on the power of the interior unit. The pushbutton automatically activates the outdoor unit.

Q15: Does this device make a buzzer noise?

A15: No, I don’t think that they have a buzzer sound. Even they have a ding dong sound as well. You can choose any sound from the given fifty-two sound list.