GE 19247 wireless doorbell

The GE 19247 wireless doorbell is a liable wireless doorbell. To operate the wireless doorbell you need a GE-branded Battery AAA battery. Also, the CR2032 cell is available in the box for the GE Push-button. If it is not included in the box then you will have to buy the Push Button separately. You will also put the cell into the Push Button and turn off its cover carefully as per following the GE wireless doorbell kit 19247 manual instructions. It is an ingenious wireless doorbell chime kit that also comes with one battery-operated receiver.

Moreover, the GE wireless door chime always notifies you when your guests arrive on the doorstep. Natively, receivers provide your notification approximately up to 150ft. range. You can keep GE wireless door chime 19247 pairing a maximum of up to four push-button. The Doorbell chime kit offers you two melodies one is ding dong and Westminster. You can use both sounds to customize multiple thresholds separately. In addition, the push button is easily installed and it is a pre-paired device with your receivers. You can modify the sound level with 4 volume settings to more personalization.

GE Wireless Doorbell Kit 19247 features

The GE 19247 wireless doorbell push button and receiver allows you to warm welcome your doorstep guests with the exclusive wireless technology. It brings the many features it is follow as:

  • It brings the one push button with CR2032 battery, mounting hardware tools, and also the battery-operated receiver to transmit the doorbell sounds up to 150ft. coverage area.
  • Also, the GE Wireless Doorbell chime offers you to set for your different adduced push buttons in a different 2 melodies Westminster and ding dong.
  • Moreover, the GE Push button installation process is too precise; it is pre-paired with the receiver. You do not need to pair it again.
  • You can effortlessly finish the GE wireless receiver and push button mounting process by following the mounting instructions manual.
  • The GE wireless doorbell chime is operated with 3 AA batteries. You can effortlessly know about guests arrival anywhere by using the GE doorbell chime kit. Every push-button is paired with the receiver automatically.
  • The Push Button easily paired more than four receivers. It has a modest styling and traditional captivation of this brilliant white doorbell chime kit make it a must-have for DIYers, business owners, homeowners, builders, etc.

Therefore, these effective features make the working of the Doorbell chime great and effective. Obtain all the info regarding its features from above.

Amazing points for the GE Wireless Door chime kit 19247 Installation

If you have recently bought the GE WIreless doorbell chime and want to know “How to install the GE 19247 doorbell chime?”. Follow the below-given points for the GE Wireless Doorbell Kit 19247 installation.

  • Unpack it and take out the 2-melody Door Chime, mounting instructions & Quick installation guide, and the GE wireless door chime 19247 manual.
  • Take the GE wireless battery-operated doorbell kit and begin using it as per user manual instructions.
  • Use the small flat blade screwdriver, 2 Phillips screwdrivers, and 1/16″ and 3/32″ drill bit, etc.
  • Read all the GE wireless door chime 19247 instructions through its manual.
  • The GE wireless door chime kit 19247 works with two components. One is a transmitter (Push button) and another is the receiver (chime).
  • If you wish to know “How to install GE 19247 wireless door chime?”. Then, you will have to first mount it and press the push button to run the device appropriately.

Steps to the GE 19247 Doorbell Push button battery installation

Here are the following points for the GE wireless doorbell kit installation, it is such as:

  • First, take the push button and remove its front cover.
  • You will press the push button housing slot of the button with the flat blade screwdriver.
  • Insert the Push Button CR2032 battery into the battery compartment only with + side up.
  • Ultimately, turn off the push button cover back until the selection of the melody is finished.

Most Vital Note: Netivaly, the Push Button and GE doorbell chime have been already paired with each other at the time of production. Once the battery has been pre-installed into the receiver and transmitter, you might be directly pressing the GE push button. Ensure that the Push button is made to run the chime accurately.

Why does my GE 19247 Wireless Doorbell chime not sound?

Here are the following tricks to fix the GE wireless doorbell with no sound issue. These steps follow to fix it.

  • Firstly, locate the melody selection button inside the push button.
  • Hold the melody selection button until you will hear the selecting sound.
  • Release the button after listening to the selected melody.
  • After the GE wireless door chimes 19247 pairings, you have to start to operate the device. Finish the GE wireless door chime set up and solve the no sound issue.

Adjust the Volume of the GE wireless door chime push button

Use the below-mentioned points to adjust the volume of the GE 19247 wireless doorbell, it is such as:

  • To adjust the volume with the four types just hold and release many times of the push button.
  • Press now to listen to the melody sound.
  • You should choose the one melody while it’s playing.
    Designate the selected sound level.

Mounting instructions for the GE wireless door chime 19247 push button

Here are the following instructions to mount the push button. These instructions are such as:

  • Foremost, you have to remove the front cover of the Push Button.
  • Now, you have to find a perfect location in your home to mount it.
  • Ensure that it is not too far away from the chime. It may keep 150feet away from the chime.
  • You should now mount the chime where you would like to place it.
  • After this, hold the push button to run the working of the device.

In case, if the GE Wireless doorbell chime not working

Use the below-given points to fix the GE Wireless Doorbell Kit 19247 not working issue, it is such as:

  • When the doorbell chime is not working then you will have to reset the chime.
  • Press and hold the posh button until you do not hear the sound.
  • Surely the Push button is switched on appropriately.
  • Also, insert the batteries in the battery compartment of the push button to fix the error.
  • Begin its power again and ensure that the issue is fixed yet.

Guide for the GE Wireless Doorbell Kit 19247 Troubleshooting

Here are the following steps to fix the error of the GE wireless doorbell kit, it is as:
In case, the GE Wireless Doorbell Kit does not work precisely then you will have to reset the settings once clearing it.

Steps to clear the chime settings
  • Hold the Push button for a while to clear the settings of the doorbell kit. Once you have installed the third battery, you might release the GE wireless door chime pairing button. The settings are changed now.
  • The GE Wireless doorbell did not ring due to four issues. The issues are the push button, the chime, and the transformer is not connecting with the power connection. So, connect the wireless doorbell device.
  • When the GE 19247 wireless doorbell is not pairing correctly then pair it again after installing the batteries into the battery compartment. The GE 19247 wireless doorbell button replacement is also available.