GOSUND WiFi Smart Bulb ‎WB4 Setup, Troubleshooting, Reset, Review

In today’s modern era, everything that works on electricity has started running through the use of the internet. Recently the one which is trending or used a lot by people right now is an amazing GOSUND WiFi Smart Bulb. Gosund smart bulb WB4 Smart Light Bulbs comes with the Color Changing Dimmable function which is included in this LED WiFi Bulbs. You can easily convert the LED smart bulb light colour by saying to Alexa and Google Home voice command assistant. The peculiarities of this smart bulb included the RGB Multicolor, Warm White A19 E26 75W Equivalent Bulbs, and it uses the 2.4GHz WiFi network connection. It works without using Hub and another support system.

The Smart Bulb WB4 is an energetic wireless light bulb that falls in the suitable advanced category. It is granting the capability to control the Gosund Smart Bulb remotely by your handsets application or using voice commands assistants like Alexa & Google Home. You can efficiently configure the smart light bulbs inside your home and also finish these Gosund smart bulb setup or management processes directly by understanding Gosund smart bulb user manual instructions. Simply, use the smart life app or Gosund smart bulb app for controlling these all smart light bulbs 4 Pack.

Peculiarities of the Gosund Smart Bulb

The Gosund smart bulb WB4 supports Alexa and Google home connectivity. Other than this, it also comes with more special peculiarities, which are mentioned below, let’s know about it.

Assist with the Voice command:

Gosund Smart bulbs control very efficiently using the various voice command assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. Simply, furnish an ingenious voice command such as say ” Hi Alexa, switch on the downstairs light”; “Hi Alexa, fix the light to sky-blue”. Excellent for saving time while your palms are entire or in a darkened apartment.

Entirely based on the Remote Control:

Maintain your Gosund smart light bulbs via the Gosund light bulb app or smartphone App. Through this app, you can control the power status of individual light bulbs and also command the bulbs anywhere. You can easily use this app, without the requirement of trouble concerning going on home and neglecting to switch off the bulbs. This is only combined with the 2.4Ghz WiFi connection.

Produce the Warm White and RGB multi-colour Gosund work lights:

This is a Gosund smart bulb that has contained a dimmable sixteen warm white (2700K) A19 E26 75W Equivalent Bulb, and RGB million colours multi lights. Just, establish your solicited colours and illumination to formulate a heterogeneous ambience light for functions, parties, dating, slackening and additional occurrences via your handsets or smartphone remote App.

Let’s set the Timer & Schedule with the Remote controller:

Use the smart bulb app, to generate a timer or schedule for your smart lights which supports your periodic system. Whenever your smart lights are off, then you apprehend it’s time to move to the bed. In addition, you can additionally anchor a preparation to switch on lights of this device toward a particular time to concoct an extraordinary environment.

Excellent Energy Saving smart bulb:

The Gosund smart WB4 smart Wireless bulbs are implemented amidst an E26 bulb foundation and also an 8W equivalent to 75W illumination. This is perfect for lessening the energy that is using up to 80% without squandering lustre or colour variety. The lifespan of these smart bulbs can around endure 20,000 ampere-hours.

The above-mentioned information is mentioned concerning Gosund WiFi WB4 smart bulb Alexa light bulbs features. Deliberately, read these features to know about their features.

Installation of Gosund Smart Bulb

Imitate the below specifying circumstances for installing this ‎TanTan Gosund smart WB4 bulb with the step-by-step guide.

(i) Essential Safety Information of Gosund Smart Bulb WB4:

Before establishing the GOSUND smart LED bulb, you have to read and understand all safety precautions, including:

  • Before installing the smart LED bulb, consider Switch OFF the light power switch for regulating or controlling the light power socket. After this, you can use this for endeavouring to displace the light bulb.
  • To protect from the risk of electrified shock you could not strive to dismantle the bulb.
  • This is not proper for usage with conventional surface dimmers.
  • Becoming convenient in a running environment within-20°C and 40°C (-4°F and 104°F).
(ii) Unboxing and Hardware installation of Gosund WiFi Smart Bulb ‎WB4:

If you are thinking about “How to connect/setup GOSUND smart bulb” and do not know how to connect it, then some steps have been given below for its setup. You can fulfil your wish by following them.

  • To install a Gosund smart bulb, first of all, take the smart LED bulb out of its packaging box and read the Gosund smart bulb manual instructions carefully.
  • Make sure the electrical power supply is disconnected from the power plug. Now, you connect this bulb to the electrical bulb holder.
  • Switch the electrical power of this smart WiFi bulb up to three times rapidly to prepare the bulb light.
  • Now, it is flickering and works in discovery mode.
  • If the Gosund Smart Bulb E26 has already been started, then now you connect it to its app emulating the process given below.
(iii) Connect Gosund light bulb to the GOSUNG app:

Follow the below points, If you are thinking about “How do I connect/pair my Gosund light bulb to the app”. There are some steps:

  • Now, you have to connect this bulb with its mobile phone’s app, you have to install this bulb application on your phone.
  • To install the GOSUND app directly, scan the QR code that’s given in its manual or else you can install the Gosund Light Bulb App from Play Store.
  • When the Gosund Light Bulb App is installed, launch its app and accept all terms or conditions by following Gosund Smart Bulb instructions and click on the Start logo.
  • Click on one option from the sign-up or login option. If you are a new user then click on sign up to create a Gosund smart light bulb account.
  • Register your account by putting two credentials in its sign-up box. Insert in the admin username field your Email address or mobile number and in the password field put your new password.
  • By using these two credentials, you can effortlessly have to do Gosund smart light bulb login or activate its registered account.
  • Now, tap on the plus (“+”) sign option on the Gosund smart app top right corner for adding or Gosund smart bulb pairing with this app.
  • Choose the Gosund smart bulb name from the list according to ist model number and click on it and let’s start pairing your smart bulb with this app.
  • This is favourably combined with your Gosund smart light bulb app with pairing mode.
(iv) Connect Gosund WiFi LED smart bulb with the 2.4Ghz internet connection:

Here are some points for connecting Gosund smart bulb with the network connection:

  • You have to choose your local area wireless network with the 2.4Ghz band frequency through this app.
  • Pick up your WiFi device SSID network name from this app presenting the current active WiFi network name. Enter the accurate wireless password in the network password field to connect your Gosund smart bulb with the internet.
  • Then, click on the confirm option and still wait for a few moments for the Gosund smart bulb installation/configuration process to succeed.
  • You have to tap on the done option and after this control this bulb numerous settings through Gosund smart bulb setup page.
  • Now, connect the Gosund smart light bulb with Alexa. Let’s follow the below steps for controlling your smart LED bulb with Alexa.
(V) Connect Gosund Smart WiFi Bulb With Alexa Google Home Assistant:

There are some steps if you are thinking about “How to set up Gosund smart bulb with Alexa” then follow it:

  • The Gosund Smart Bulbs expressly a WiFi Light Bulb that Works with Alexa and Google Home.
  • Install the Alexa app on your handsets and inaugurate it to connect your smart bulb.
  • Let’s start the app and click on the sign-up option to pair the smart bulb with this voice command assistant.
  • Type your Email address in the username prompting field and in the next field put its password after the verification.
  • Now, add your smart bulb with Alexa Google home assistant. First of all, go into the Alexa device menu section and choose the skills.
  • Set the settings of the skills section < search < smart life app < enable it.
  • Now, move to the Alexa home screen and from its menu, you have to choose the smart home and click on the add device.
  • Pick up the Gousund smart bulb name and pair it with your Alexa using the pairing mode.
  • This is successfully connected with the Alexa, you can use it for switching on and off the light of this bulb with the voice command.
  • With the Alexa app, you can also change your light colours. Use the Gosund light bulb Alexa commands like Say to Alexa, “Hi Alexa turn on the light blue/red/green etc.
  • Lastly, the Gosund WiFi smart bulb setup with Alexa successfully finishes.

These above-mentioned steps are given for the Gosund smart LED bulb installation. You can read these steps carefully to make your device easy to configure.

Gosund smart bulb user manual

Gosund smart bulb manual contains instructive or directional information regarding Gosund Smart LED Bulb. By opening this user manual you know about some basic query answers that are implied by you such as How to set up a gosund smart bulb with google home? How to connect the Gosund light bulb to Alexa? What should I do to reset the Gosund light bulb? How to use the Gosund light bulb? How does the Gosund smart bulb turn off and on? Why does my smart bulb keep turning on? Do smart bulbs use power when off? Why does my Gosund smart bulb flicker/blink/flashing?

Why does my Gosund smart bulb keep offline? Does Gosund work with Google home? Does the Gosund light bulb operate google home? Why is the Gosund smart bulb flashing? How do I use the Gosund smart bulb music sync? Can I use the Gosund smart bulb socket? How to use the Gosund smart bulb music mode? How to operate the Gosund light Bulb Siri? Understand the Gosund light Bulb manual directions and use this bulb effortlessly. If you can’t understand any erudition from this Gosund smart WiFi LED Bulb user manual then you can acquire such information from here.

Gosund WiFi light Bulb Setup

There are some steps if you are thinking about “How to set up a Gosund smart bulb”. Follow these below-given points for its easy setup process.

  • Use the Gosund smart bulb app after fishing up the gosund light bulb setup with Alexa.
  • You can install the Gosund app from https://us.gosund.com or use the play store application of your mobile phone.
  • Use the gosund light bulb MAC address to activate the Gosund smart LED light bulb login account.
  • To the Gosund smart bulb music sync, you are using the gosund light bulb music mode and pair your smart bulb by using this Gosund bulb.
  • Run into the Gosund Smart LED Bulb Settings home screen < keep encryption on the Gosund light bulb Alexa commands like you are using only funny Alexa commands for lights.
  • Set the colours through its settings section for this smart LED WiFi bulb.
  • Use the factory default setting for the Gosund light bulb reset. If the gosund light bulb is offline or the smart bulb blinking slowly, then you are simply resetting the Gosund Bulb.
  • If the Gosund smart bulb is not connecting to the internet connection then you should modify the network setting of this smart LED bulb. Use only a 2.4GHz frequency band connection for connecting this bulb with the internet.

These above-mentioned steps are given for the Gosund smart bulb Setup. Follow the above-mentioned tips thoughtfully for its peaceful setup.

Gosund Smart Light Bulb Troubleshooting

To troubleshoot the Gosund smart bulb, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

1.) Gosund smart bulb not turning on:

Follow the below-given troubleshooting tips for this issue:

  • If your Gosund smart bulb is not working, then you should completely turn off the power of this bulb once.
  • Now, after some time you restart its power, the Gosund light smart bulb flashes and reconnects it to the network from wi-fi as well.
  • Lastly, verify that it’s working well now which means the occurring issue is solved now appropriately.
2.) Gosund Smart bulb won’t connect with the internet connection:

Here are amazing tips for solving your Gosund smart bulb offline or not connecting causing issues.

  • Reset Gosund WiFi Smart WiFi light bulb.
  • Make a bond between your Gosund smart Bulb with the 2.4Ghz network connection.
  • If the Gosund WiFi LED smart bulb is not connecting, then you have to check that you connect the correct internet device network connection.
3.) Gosund smart bulb not working with Alexa or Google Home:

Let’s understand the below mentioned Gosund smart bulb troubleshooting tips:

If gosund smart Bulbs is not working with Alexa then first of all make the internet connection of your mobile phone.
While your mobile phone does not have a network connection, then this bulb will not work with Alexa at all.
Combine this Gosund smart WiFi LED bulb with the internet connection and check that it is working satisfactorily now.

4.) Gosund smart bulb won’t reset:

You can get from below its troubleshooting tips if the Gosund smart bulb won’t reset.

Connect with the electrical power or with the internet connection of this bulb repeatedly.
Also, reinstall the Gosund smart bulb app on your mobile with the latest version.
If the Gosund smart bulb blinks slowly then it’s not reset appropriately. So, combine with the perfect and stable network connection for solving this issue.

5. Gosund smart bulb keeps disconnecting:

Follow the below gives points for solving this issue:

  • If the Gosund smart bulb keeps flickering or flashing that means it is looking for the network connection.
  • So, you have to use the Gosund app and combine this with the internet connection again.
  • Attach the electrified wire with this internet smart LED bulb to solve this occurring issue.
  • If the Gosund smart Bulb turns off and on then you should reset it.

These are the Gosund WiFi Smart LED Bulb troubleshooting tips which are mentioned above with a steps-by-steps guide. Let’s carefully follow these points for solving your smart bulb issues.

Gosund Smart Bulb Review

If you are thinking about “what are the features of the Gosund smart bulb” or thinking about buying this then let’s check from here the Gosund WiFi LED bulb review that is presented or mentioned below with its proper details.

Information regarding Gosund smart LED WiFi bulb:

Gosund smart LED WiFi bulb is a smart remote control application. You can accomplish your smart light bulbs via a smartphone App. let’s know about the information about this device power status of apiece light bulb and regulate the bulbs everywhere, neither necessitate trouble about neglecting home and forgetting to switch off the lights. This is only combined with the 2.4Ghz WiFi connection.

Special features of Gosund smart light bulb:

It has eight miscellaneous Scenes & DIY Mode, Voice control device through Alexa and Google Home, Dimmable 0-100%, works with only with the 2.4Ghz wi-fi connection, no hub expected, App control, Turn on/off, Warm Light +Multicolor (16million colour), Timer, Schedule, Gosund smart bulb Group Control, etc.

Specifications of Gosund smart LED WiDi Bulb: Assembled Height:

‎6 centimetres, Assembled Length: ‎10.8 centimetres, Assembled Width: ‎6 centimetres, Item Weight: ‎9.1 ounces, Style: Modem, Item Package Quantity: 4, Color: ‎Multi-colored, Included Components: ‎Bulb included, Shape: ‎A19 E26, Type of Bulb: LED, No batteries required, Color Temperature: ‎2700 Kelvin etc.

Dimensions of the Gosund smart light bulb:

‎4.25 x 2.36 x 2.36 inches

Gosund smart bulb warranty/price:

let’s check its information through its user manual or verify from amazon Gosund smart bulb price, etc details. Gosund smart Bulb UK Price is also checked from an online website.

Manufactured by the Gosund smart bulb:

TanTan, ‎WB4-4, ASIN: B08CXSJNLC.


Is there a way to activate the Gosund smart Bulb lights?

Yes, you can activate the power of this Gosund smart Light Bulb using Google Home or Alexa.

Do the Gosund smart bulbs have a built-in mic for music mode or do I have to use a phonemic?

There is a Gosund smart bulb music mode meanwhile using the Smartthings app, which uses your phone’s microphone to modify colours.

Are the Gosund smart bulbs considered shatterproof?

It has the corresponding standard expression and texture of enduring LED lights (metal base, followed by a thicker plastic funnel thing), with a lighter/thinner plastic bulb.

Can the Gosund smart bulb be used in outdoor porch lights?

It’s excellent to be responsible to coordinate the colour and brightness (60-80%) when the bright lights are not necessitated, and catalogue on and off times in the twilight.

Does cold temperature affect the Gps And smart LED bulb?

No, the cold temperature affects the Gps And smart LED bulbs.

Can the Gosund smart bulb operate with Ifttt for trigger-based situations (e.g., if it’s continuing to rain, proceed my light blue; if my doorbell rings, flash red)?

Yes, this works. Just, save to Alexa” hi Alexa say my this works or turn on its light etc.

Can I command a colour changeable scene by Alexa on 4 Gosund smart bulbs at 1 time?

Yes, you Can command a colour changing scene within Alexa on 4 bulbs at 1 time.

Does Gosund smart bulb work with the android app MagicHome?

Yes, the Gosund smart bulb works with the android app MagicHome.

How comfortable is Gosund to fasten up to 2.4Ghz?

Just, use the wireless connection via the Gosund app and connect this with the 2.4Ghz band network connection.

How to set up a gosund smart bulb with google home?

Go into the Google home menu option and pair the bulbs with the Google home. After this, you can assist with Google home.

How to connect the Gosund light bulb to Alexa?

You can connect the Gosund light bulb to Alexa using the Alexa app.

What should I do to reset the god’s light bulb?

Go into the settings menu < choose the factory reset < lastly, reset this smart bulb device.

How to use the Gosund light bulb?

Just read the user manual directions for using the Gosund smart bulb.

How does the Gosund smart bulb turn off and on?

You can use the Gosund app for turning on and off this smart bulb.

Why does my smart bulb keep turning on?

This is kept tuning on due to a slow or weaker network connection.

Do smart bulbs use power when off?

No, this is not using the power while the Gosund WiFi LED smart Bulb powers off.

Why does my Gosund smart bulb flicker/blink/flashing?

This is flashing to show that it is working yet but looking for a network connection.