GRT WiFi Extender

The GRT extender extends your existing wifi range up to 3000 square feet away. Do you want to enjoy the uninterrupted network range? But, the router is not able to provide a proper network range; the GRT WiFi Extender is the best option to boost up your network range. Moreover, the GRT extender provides dual-band technology that provides 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz network frequencies. The compact size of the GRT extender could be easily adjusted in a small space, and its 4 antennas provide a better and faster network range in wide space.

Even a layman can easily install it because the installation process of the GRT extender is very easy and quick. The mindblowing quality of this GRT extender is that it provides AP mode; meanwhile, your wired devices could be combined with the wireless ones. Moreover, by just clicking on the WPS(wifi protected setup) button of your GRT extender, the router could be connected by pressing the WPS( wifi protected setup) button. But, if your router does not have the WPS(wifi protected setup) button, then you will have to login into the router, go to the setting, select the wifi option and click on the WPS( wifi protected setup) option.

Astounding features of the GRT extender

These are the following astounding features of the GRT wireless extender:

  • The GRT extender provides a 1200Mbps network range. Moreover, its dual-band technology, 2.4Ghz, provides a better and longer network range, while 5 GHz gives the fastest network speed but in a short area.
  • The GRT extender extends the existing network range and eliminates the dead zones in your bedroom, garden, and offices.
  • This WIFI extender provides a special feature, parental control, that restricts the network range from the hands of intruders.
  • Moreover, this extender provides 802.11n 802.11bgn wireless communication standards through which you can connect your GRT wifi extender with any router.
  • With the help of this network booster GRT extender, you can stream videos, games, etc., without any network issue.
  • The compact size and the facility to connect 28 devices of the GRT extender also attract customers to buy this amazing product.
  • The installation process of this extender is easy and fast. If you face any problem to install it, so could take help of its manual.
  • The GRT extender’s antennas provide a 360° full-coverage network range.

The above-mentioned features of the GRT wifi extender are the newest and most advanced, which makes your GRT extender very useful and unique.

Manual of the GRT wireless extender

In this, we will discuss the installation process, setup or configuration, issues, troubleshooting tips, reset process of the GRT extender. Thus, all your doubts will be clear with the help of reading the manual. The GRT wifi extender has the following buttons and ports:

  • WPS(wifi protected setup) button
  • Reset button
  • Power button
  • Ethernet port

Therefore, if you want to know more details about the GRT extender, you should read the mention below which provides all details about the GRT wifi extender.

GRT WiFi Extender Installation

Firstly, unbox your wireless signal GRT extender. Then, you will start the installation process of your extender. Thus, these are the steps of the GRT extender that should be followed at the time of installation:

  • The first and most significant step is to plug your GRT wifi extender near the router. So, it provides a proper and uninterrupted network range to your computer, laptop.
  • Then, turn on the power button of your GRT extender; along with this, press the WPS button of the wifi extender and router for pairing these devices. When your router does not have a WPS(wifi protected setup) button, then you have to log in to the router’s account, click on the wireless connection, and select the WPS(wifi protected setup) option.
  • Check out the WPS LEDs are starting green lights or not. If LED lights start blinking green light, it indicates both devices have paired, and vice versa it does not blink green it means, your router and GRT extender are not paired to each other. Therefore, again repeat this process.
  • After completing the WPS(wifi protected setup) pairing process, you can check out the wifi setting of your computer and laptop whether the network range is properly connected or not. If the wifi network is connected, but the range is not able to properly connect to your computer and laptop due to the more distance between your router and GRT extender. Therefore, you should be placed them near to each other for a better network range. Now check again that the GRT extender is properly provided network range; if yes so you could enjoy your 2022 Wifi Extender interrupted range.

All these installation steps of the GRT extender are very simple and fast; thus, it consumes less time than yours.

Setup or Login procedure of the GRT WiFi Extender VIA GRT application

The GRT application of your extender is the easiest way to access and manage the settings on your mobile phones. These are the following steps of the GRT Wifi Repeater setup through the GRT application:

  • The first step is to install or download the GRT application from the play store.
  • After completing the downloading process, open this GRT application on your mobile phone.
  • Login to this GRT application and a new window appears, then allow permission to access with your wifi extender and log in to the IP address of your extender.
  • Then, enter the GRT WiFi Extender user name and password.
  • Now your extender is ready to connect with your mobile phone application.
  • From the setting of this GRT application, you can change the features of your wireless repeater.

Grievances at the time of GRT extender setup

Infrequently, GRT Wifi Extender not working during the setup process. There could be many reasons for this issue that create problems at the time setup.

  • Internet issue creates a problem at the time setup.
  • The improper setup of your router and GRT extender.
  • Forget the password of your wifi extender.
  • The IP address might be wrong.
  • The outdated firmware of your GRT extender.
  • The operating system might be not supported your wifi extender.

These above-mentioned grievances create problems at the time of setup of your GRT WiFi Extender.

GRT extender troubleshooting

Sometimes, the GRT Extender LED light not flash, and other problems also create hindrances for your wifi extender. Do you want to solve this issue? Let’s discuss the troubleshooting tips to resolve these problems.

  • When your wifi extender power LED light is not blinking, it indicates that your extender is not working or connected. So you should again connect your wifi extender to your router and computer, laptop.
  • The internet issue also creates a problem that’s why the LED started red light; if you want to resolve this issue, contact your ISP(internet service provider) that is 24X7 available.
  • Due to the faulty ethernet cable of your router, the GRT WiFi Extender is not able to receive the network range; meanwhile, the LED lights flash a red light on the extender. Therefore, change the faulty ethernet cable of your router.
  • The outdated firmware of your wifi extender creates problems, and the extender does not work properly, so update or install the updated firmware of your GRT extender.
  • The operating system might not support your GRT extender, and this is the other reason for blinking the red LED light. Update your computer’s operating system that supports the GRT extender.

Just read and follow these significant troubleshooting tips to resolve all your issues regarding the GRT WiFi Extender.

Reset the GRT wifi booster repeater or extender

Are you facing any major issues with the GRT extender? If you adopt all the above troubleshooting tips to resolve your issues and still your issues are not solved, the last option is to reset your GRT extender. These are the steps to reset your WiFi GRT Repeater, and you should follow these mentioned steps step by step.

  • Firstly, find out your GRT extender’s reset button that is located on the backside of your router.
  • Then press this reset button of your GRT extender with the help of a sharp object or pin and hold it for at least a few seconds.
  • Release this reset button, and now you could see your GRT extender reset process has been completed. Reset makes your GRT extender like a new one.

Reset will change the existing setting of your GRT extender; therefore, set your extender setting with the help of your computer, laptop.

Review of the GRT WiFi Extender

The GRT wifi extender provides stunning features like parental control that restricts the intruders in your current wifi network. 7.56 x 3.86 x 2.52 inches are its dimensions, and the weight of the GRT extender is 5.6 ounces that is very light weighted. You could easily handle its weight and place it anywhere, but it should be placed near your router. The dead zones problem that restricts the network range could be resolved by using the GRT WiFi extender. The GRT wifi extender consumes less time for installation. The mind-blowing fact of the GRT extender is that it provides 180 days return warranty and lifetime technical support of its technician. The four antennas of the GRT extender help you to provide a better network range if you face network range issues, so by changing the directions of these antennas, the range could be stable.