Heath Zenith SL- 7366-02 Wireless Doorbell Kit

The Heath Zenith SL- 7366-02 is manufactured by the company “HeathCO LLC” in the USA. The item was launched back in July 2006. It sells for around 22 U.S. dollars (plus shipping charges) at www.amazon.com (AISN B0002Y5K7Y). The Zenith will be delivered to you within 2 weeks depending on your delivery location. The Heath (Model Number- SL- 7366-02) weighs around 1.6 ounces and has 4 * 6 * 2 inches (chime) and 1.06 * 0.87 * 2.48 inches (transmitter) dimension structure.

The SL- 7366 requires a 5 Volts Alkaline battery for the transmitter (included in the whole kit). It has also received a review of 4.3 out of 5 on all the online shopping websites. The Heath Zenith comes in a single color variant which is “White”. Attaining a rectangular-shaped plastic body build, the chime has a sound wind passage on the front body panel. A volume controller is constructed on the back for sound adjustment, access door for tuning is also provided below the push button below.

Push backward to open the access door and view the 1, 2 switches(ON, OFF) for tuning. The wireless push button consists of a switch for ringing, two screw bolt holes are also constructed for his body fitting with the wall. However, a limited warranty of 1 year is provided with Zenith. Do read the warranty card carefully, as there are certain norms pertaining to device failure that they don’t cover.

Unboxing the Heath Zenith SL-7366 doorbell kit

Being small and unique the package arrives in a tiny shaped box covered up with plastic. Remove the covering to glance upon the real material kept inside. Although the Zenith box doesn’t look too informative, it has maintained the branding and quick feature printing. Tipping off the lid, you can view the whole kit placed altogether. First comes up the white plug-in doorbell chimes, followed by the push button/transmitter.
Consists of a battery provided by the company (free of cost), and a hardware pack bundled inside for placement. It contains some screws and tapes. Make sure you use the company-given battery on the transmitter, using different batteries of different voltages can damage the SL- 7366 permanently.

Reviewing the Heath Zenith SL- 7366-02 doorbell system

Many days, people lookout for a sound that soothes their ears, while someone asks to enter the house. As a person taps onto the button, they expect to hear a soft sound inside the house. Forget the harsh tones, that you are tired of hearing every day. It buzzes your ears and makes you feel irritated at the same time. This smooth sound comes out of none other than the Heath Zenith SL-7366 wireless doorbell chime. This product is a perfect match for people who want to adjust their volume range depending on their home size.
The melody note sweeps its way out of the wireless chime placed at the desired location. As the SL- 7366 consists of a transmission range of almost 100 feet, I recommend you place it in the middle part of your house. This will provide a proper dismissal of sound notes to the entire house surrounding so that everyone can hear them from anywhere. If you have a bigger house, turn the volume up, and if a smaller one turns it down. Avoid placing the Heath Zenith at the front, as many people will face problems hearing it at the back of the house.
A white cover is also designed to mask the Zenith wireless doorbell chime from top to bottom. It protects the inside gadget from spider webs, dust particles, water, heat, etc. No doubt about the product as comes in quite cheap and is of the best quality among his competitors. Even the pairing, handling, and usage of the Heath SL is a piece of cake for normal people. The touch of the button is quite smooth and feels catchy among the visitors. However, keep away from smaller children as the sound (75-decibel maximum) can hamper their ears permanently.
Battery pricking is harmful as well, and playing with it also causes disconnection with the wireless chime. Before purchasing the product do go through the Heath Zenith SL- 7366-03, Avantek CB-11, Avantek d-3w, TeckNet TK-WD003, TeckNet 71000, Sado Tech Model C, Amicson wireless, etc. available in the online market for quick alternatives.

Installing and tuning the SL- 7366 wireless doorbell kit.

  • Insert the battery on the push button. Open its back using a screwdriver and put in the battery according to the plus-minus settings.
  • Place the wireless plug-in time nearby the transmitter temporarily and provide it a stable power connection. Note: Pairing is pre-set by the company itself beforehand. Tap the button on the transmitter once, after waiting for 45 seconds of battery installation.
  • You can hear a “Ding-Dong” sound coming out of the wireless Heath Zenith SL- 7366-02 chime. Adjust the volume according to your preference. Furthermore, set it permanently in the desired location (center of the house). Set the push button to the front, back entrance door at noticeable placements viewed by visitors.
  • Re-tune the wireless chime by selecting your desirable tunes. The 3 notes are “Ding”, “Ding-Dong” and “Westminster” are available altogether. They can sound 2 varied tunes, not counting the pushes on the button. Switch 2 is for setting the tunes and switch 1 is for applying them. Try messing with them (UP/DOWN and ON/OFF) to select the willing tune on switch 2. Then, push switch 1 to ensure the choice is previously set. Note: Other/extra buttons will act similarly according to the original button. You are done setting up the tune place them permanently now to start their daily work.


How to solve the chime-ringing issue on the Zenith SL- 7366?

Sometimes, the chime doesn’t ring or even if it does, it rings a single time and stops. Not installing the push button battery properly can cause the issue, make sure you have done that correctly as described earlier. Check the battery if dead, do replace it if it’s not responding. At times the chime may not receive power as well. Keep in mind to check the power prong working status before switching on. Lastly, notice the syncing procedure is followed accurately. Failure In Sync will deny in connection with the chime. To sync them together, remove the chime from its place. Switch it off for 45 seconds > press push-button for 30 seconds and provide wireless chime power altogether. The “Ding-Dong” note ensures re-syncing back again. The process is completed, but if you can’t understand it watch helpful videos at www.hzsupport.com.

Solving the false trigger issue on the Heath SL- 7366-02?

Before moving forward, check if the chime’s wireless network connection is intervened by any other device. This becomes the main issue that causes those chime sounds, proposing false triggers. To reset the Heath Zenith SL- 7366-02, doing that will refresh the system. It cleans all the junk files, false commands memory, etc., and refreshes various other settings. Re-sync it together to get back on track right away. Note: Keep far from small children, their intrusion can create the issue sometimes.


Chime not working with new active battery on Heath Zenith SL-02 doorbell?

Keep away the chime and push the button far from any metallic substance. Steel or any other metal substance can create a reduction in transmission range. Make sure you place it on a cemented or wooden wall frame. If you don’t have one, install a square-shaped wood piece and try fitting the chime there. Concrete plates do the same issue too, go through the above indicators to redo it. Last but not least see the location the push button and chime are placed. Moving them too far apart can create disconnection. Fit them closer for active network connectivity.

How to Reset/Factory Reset the Zenith SL- 7366-02 chime?

If your doorbell SL- 7366 is creating certain connectivity issues, reset the device fully. In order to restore connection, detach the plug from the chime and see that the chime and the transmitter are put off before. Take a 30-second halt after that. Now thumb and hold the push button with one hand while providing the power source to the chime on the other. Do this in between 20 seconds and as the “Ding” sound is heard, you can be assured that the device is set back to default. To reset the SL- 7366 normally, remove the battery from the chime. Reinstall it back again and re-sync it.

How to mount the wireless SL- 7366 chime and transmitter?

To mount the transmitter, you can either avail the screw option or the tape option. Open up the back with a screwdriver and slide the given screws inside the crafted holes (up and down both). Use a small hammer to pin down the screws on the wooden frame and put back the covering afterward. On the other hand, you can also make use of the double-sided tapes included in the box. The tapes are not that much reliable, as they peel off after some time and can’t handle rough touches at all. They can be utilized to change quick locations if desired by the owner without any wall damaging. Installing the chime is even easier as attaching the tapes is the best choice. They are mostly untouched, due to the height difference and don’t jitter at all.